Dawn French’s image used to flog dangerous diet pills and Gwyneth Paltrow closes London Goop store

Dawn French’s image used to flog dangerous diet pills and Gwyneth Paltrow closes London Goop store

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Dawn French revealed her images had been used to sell "dangerous" diet pills online.

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Dawn French revealed her images had been used to sell "dangerous" diet pills online. The Vicar of Dibley star lost seven stone in 2014 through healthy eating and exercise but insists she doesn’t want to become the poster child for diet culture. The pills cost between £20 and £30 and claim to quickly burn fat, though there is no evidence supporting their use from nutritionists.

She told The Sun: “I think this might be the fifth time I’ve had to shut down these s****y scoundrels — using my name illegally to sell their crappy pills. It infuriates me. It’s a total rip-off. What a stinky way to exploit trusting folk who might well already be in a pickle with their self-esteem. I can’t stand that I am associated in any way — and none of us know what actually is in these pills. So much damage can be done. It’s truly dangerous.”

Gwyneth Paltrow permanently closes London Goop store after £1 million in losses

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop reported losses of £1.09 million during the pandemic, leading her to confirm the London store won’t be reopening. The Sliding Doors actress opened the store in Notting Hill in 2018, but it has been closed since October due to lockdown restrictions.

An insider told The Sun: “These losses are abysmal. The pandemic didn't help and now Gwyneth won't be reopening the store.” Despite the devastating losses, the brand is still estimated to have a net worth of £191 million, with the majority of operations now in the United States. However, Goop is also reportedly being sued for $5 million in damages after a Texas man claimed a Goop candle exploded in his home after he lit it.

Brad Pitt wins joint custody of his children with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt won joint custody of his and Angelina Jolie's children after a judge dismissed her abuse claims. The couple has been in a legal battle since filing for divorce in 2016. It was revealed earlier this year that Jolie had made allegations that Pitt had been abusive to their son Maddox. No charges were ever brought against him.

The judge ruled that Jolie’s testimony “lacked credibility” and determined they must split custody of their children equally. Jolie is now reportedly attempting to have the judge disqualified from the case. An insider said: “Brad is thrilled with the decision after all of this acrimony. All he has ever wanted was equal access to the children, who he loves very much.”

New Disney release Cruella to hit screens today

Cruella, the eagerly anticipated prequel to Disney classic 101 Dalmations, hit cinema screens across the UK and Disney+ Premier Access today (Friday 28 May). Set in the late 1970s, the film will follow the early life of villain Cruella de Vil, played by Emma Stone. The film is thus far being met with largely positive reviews.

One reviewer wrote on the releases: “Cruella is packed full of energy, action, punchy performances, incredible style, delightful dogs and one of the best soundtracks in modern film.” On top of La La Land’s Emma Stone, the film also stars Emma Thompson, Emily Beecham and Mark Strong.

Lady Gaga to play ‘Smelly Cat’ duet with Lisa Kudrow in Friends: The Reunion

Lady Gaga has confirmed she will be guest-starring in the long-awaited reunion of hit show Friends, singing a 'Smelly Cat' duet with Lisa Kudrow. The song was the best known of Kudrow's character Phoebe Buffay’s original songs in the show. Lady Gaga reportedly “jumped at the chance to do it” and was the top choice for the director.

Director Ben Winston said: “We went through a few names, and we both agreed that Gaga, if we could get her, would be the ultimate one because she associates with and feels close to Phoebe in so many ways, as Gaga says on the show.”

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