7 must-read books about Covid-19

7 must-read books about Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world and sparked debate among health experts, political leaders and, of course, within the public. In a world where access to information is easy and voicing one's opinion becomes part of public discourse, the pandemic has become one of the most widely discussed topics.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world and sparked debate among health experts, political leaders and, of course, within the public. In a world where access to information is easy and voicing one's opinion becomes part of public discourse, the pandemic has become one of the most widely discussed topics. The pandemic is a hot topic amongst authors, with many books published on the virus itself and various views on the social and economic issues that have come about because of Covid-19. Here are the top seven books about the pandemic we think you should give a read.

1. Covid-19: The Great Reset

The Great Reset is an explorative take on the social and economic impacts of Covid-19. Klaus Schwab’s and Thierry Malleret’s work looks at the root causes of the social and economic crises that the virus has brought about. The authors analyse the need for a “Great Reset” thanks to the disruption of today’s systems. The book calls on individuals to take their lives into their own hands and plan for the future. It takes a critical view of the global systems in place even pre-Covid, exposing fundamental flaws in global structures. 

2. Intensive Care: A GP, a Community & Covid-19

This book is the personal account of a GP working in rural and urban areas during the Covid-19 crisis. Gavin Francis follows the progress and spread of the virus in a chronological account. Here, he looks at the health effects the virus has on his patients and the social impacts the lockdown has had on the vulnerable. The book details the lives of people he encounters, including an anxious teenager, an isolated care home resident, a struggling furloughed worker, and a homeless ex-prisoner. Francis' work is the story of his experience. It takes a critical look at the consequences of the measures put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Outcomes driven by the government’s actions and procedures put in place by NHS management are portrayed through quotes from emails and letters from first-hand sources.

3. The Covid–19 Catastrophe: What′s Gone Wrong and How to Stop It Happening Again

This critical take on the global response to Covid-19 scrutinises scientific policy and the measures in place to cope with pandemics. The author, Richard Horton, is the editor of The Lancet, a renowned medical journal. Horton exposes the assumptions about the virus made by many Western Governments and their advisors. The book discusses critical factors that led to Covid-19 becoming a global pandemic from its origins in Wuhan, China. In a time when human beings are meant to be the key influence on our surrounding environment, Horton draws on the impact that Covid-19 has had on social and economic systems, arguing lessons need to be learned from the pandemic, and warns that more preparation is required should it happen again.

4. Covid-19: The Greatest Cover-Up in History―From Wuhan to the White House

In this exposé, journalists Dylan Howard and Dominic Utton take on an investigation to reveal the incompetence and mismanagement of, primarily, the Chinese, UK, and US governments. Focusing on the first six months of the Covid-19 outbreak, the book takes the view that these nations, among the hardest hit worldwide, fundamentally failed to look after their citizens. Further to this, Howard and Utton argue that leaders put political agendas above the lives and health of their nations' people. This work resembles that of a thriller novel; however, the story is embedded in factual reporting about what is being called the “most horrifying scandal of our age”.

5. Covid-19: The Pandemic that Never Should Have Happened, and How to Stop the Next One

In this narrative, experienced emerging diseases journalist, Debora MacKenzie, delves into past pandemics and what we should have learned from them. She demonstrates that despite the warning signs at the early stages of a potential outbreak, little was done to stop the spread of Covid-19. Covering everything from public health failure, governmental misconduct, and steps to be taken to prevent the same scale of crisis ever happening again, MacKenzie provides a thorough, well-informed take on the path of the virus that shook the modern world.

6. Covid-19 and World Order: The Future of Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation

This work consists of a series of essays written by a group of public health experts with a view to gaining a holistic perception on the scale of the impact Covid-19 has had on all aspects of life. Experts from the fields of medicine, economics, international security, technology, ethics, democracy, and governance give their views on the human race's future after the pandemic. Brought together by Johns Hopkins University, this book provides food for thought about what may become the new norm, and what will have to change within our systems and everyday life.

7. Dead Epidemiologists: On the Origins of Covid-19

In a series of articles, interviews and commentaries, put together by Rob Wallace, this book explores the truth behind the pandemic and delves into factors that have led to the appearance of new diseases. The book takes on views from ecologists, geographers, activists, and epidemiologists to establish the root cause of Covid-19. It offers a prognosis of what may be still to come. Although research continues, there seems to be the persistent problem of an inability to understand the nature of this virus and other new diseases, despite epidemiologists' findings over the years. This book gives a voice to the experts who warned against new viruses and demonstrates their research where they unravel the true origins of Covid-19. 

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