Reports claim intelligence officer who died in military prison was involved in espionage to prove a point

Reports claim intelligence officer who died in military prison was involved in espionage to prove a point

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In further developments relating to the death of Captain Tomer Eiges, the Israeli media is reporting that his involvement in espionage was simply to prove a point. According to reports, the AMAN officer, whose death in military prison has sparked huge controversy, wanted to prove he could succeed, leading to his involvement.

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Over the past week, a tremendous amount of controversy and speculation has arisen surrounding Captain Tomer Eiges, the intelligence officer who died in an Israeli military prison. The circumstances of his death were shrouded in mystery after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initially refused to release any details. The IDF also claimed Eiges had not been charged with espionage despite sources confirming that he had.

Officials from the IDF have since spoken out to confirm Eiges had committed what was described as a 'very serious offense'. Senior IDF figures also said little detail was released to protect the modesty of Eiges and his family.

In further developments relating to the case, it is now claimed that Eiges was involved in activities construed as espionage simply to prove a point. According to reports, Eiges was not involved because of any political views or for financial reasons. Instead, he wanted to show he could succeed where others had failed.

Ego and pride to blame for involvement

The report claims the reason for the officer’s involvement was simply ego and pride. His unit was described as one made up of geniuses where officers were encouraged to be creative and competitive.

It was further revealed that Eiges was at first deemed unsuitable for the unit because of his ‘complex and childish personality.’ However, he was then apparently recruited after his application was re-examined because of his capabilities.

The actions of Eiges are said to have caused huge damage, but officers also said that had he not been arrested when he was, the damage would have been much worse. There were initial suspicions that his actions were down to instructions by a foreign agent, but this was ruled out. It now appears that it was all down to professional pride and the desire to prove he could succeed.

Evidence Eiges took an overdose of pills

It is further claimed that there is video evidence that Eiges took an overdose of pills while in military prison. He had been prescribed antipsychotic and antidepressant medication but was only meant to take two pills at a time.

Video footage from the prison shows Eiges taking four pills, double the amount prescribed. It is further thought that Eiges may have been stashing pills in the bathroom of the military cell and that he may have taken additional pills in there. This may then have led to his death, with autopsy reports already confirming the presence of drugs in his system. 

In the meantime, Eiges’ parents have penned a letter to the chief of staff, Lt. Col. Aviv Kochavi. In the letter, they urged the IDF not to bury the truth and put an end to what they claimed was a defamation campaign against their late son.

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