Are you struggling to secure essentials for your summer staycation?

Are you struggling to secure essentials for your summer staycation?

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As rising numbers of Brits plan on a summer staycation this year in light of Covid-19 travel restrictions, there are warnings of a supply shortage of summer essentials. This means that many may struggle to get camping equipment and other essentials for a holiday within the UK.

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Ongoing travel restrictions have resulted in more and more people opting for a summer staycation this year. With Portugal now being moved to the amber list, the number of people deciding to take a break within the UK has risen further.

However, one company has warned of a severe shortage of summer essentials that could lead to many struggling to get the items they need for their trip, or even to enjoy time out in the garden! Officials from the customs clearance platform, KlearNow, said several factors have resulted in the shortage of essential summer supplies.

A combination of factors at play

One of the contributing problems is the six-day Suez Canal blockage in March, which led to goods being stuck on container ships rather than being delivered on time.

KlearNow officials also said Covid-19 restrictions had played a part, as had a growing demand for shipping containers across the globe, the public health crisis in India causing chaos, and that there was even a shortage in packaging materials.

All of this has led to businesses struggling to get adequate stocks of particular products, meaning consumers will face problems sourcing them. Some affected staycation essentials include outdoor furniture and camping equipment.

Demand for these products has shot up as more people decide to stay in the UK this year, and this has further added to the problems being experienced. With all large family events such as birthday gatherings being held outside, demand for outdoor furniture and equipment has risen even further.

Kate Hardcastle, a retail expert, spoke about the situation. She said, "All parties are now outside, so kids need camping gear, plastic tables and toys. Everyone's trying to compete by trying to create the theatre and ambience and space - it's been a horrendous time for retail, and this is just another incredible challenge for retailers to deal with."

According to KlearNow, around 60% of suppliers in Britain have experienced delays with imports over the past few weeks.

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