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Want to see your brand featured on Age Group websites, and reach an audience of tens of thousands UK over 50s each and every day?
Our advertising opportunities mean you can make it happen and introduce your brand to new customers in whichever way you want.

What’s in it for you? At Age Group, we enjoy:

  • Over 330,000 unique pageviews per month and growing.
  • Organic search volume of over 50,000.
  • Thousands of impressions per day from our advertising networks.
  • Hundreds of email newsletter subscribers, who we write to at least once a week.
  • Our social media reach is growing steadily and reaching tens of thousands of impressions per week.

What’s more, our audience is almost an exact 50/50 split between men and women, giving you the ideal opportunity to advertise your brand to as diverse an audience as possible.
At Age Group, we work with you to find the best advertising opportunities for your brand!
Contact us at to discuss your needs, or read on to learn more about what we can offer.

Banner Ads

With banner advertising, you can showcase your brand to every visitor that comes to Age Times! Our left and right banners are sticky, too, meaning they’ll be visible throughout a user’s visit regardless of the page they’re on and the content they’re reading.
Simply send us your creatives to fit our on-site banners and we’ll feature your brand across our site!
If you’d rather advertise on specific content types or articles, we can accommodate that, too!

Sponsored Content

Looking to introduce new customers to your brand or product, but need more than a banner advert? That’s where sponsored content can help you!
With a sponsored article, we’re turning over full editorial control to you. Whether you want to write explicitly about your brand or product or create a fantastic article with a soft introduction to your business, the choice is yours!

Email Campaigns

Our weekly email newsletter reaches x subscribers each and every week, with high levels of engagement and click-through rates.
What better way to put your brand front and centre of the Age Times audience than with advertising space in our email newsletter? Whether you want banners, small ad boxes, or a screen-filling message, we can accommodate you into our newsletters however you wish. We’ll even email our subscribers about you on your behalf if you want a full email to yourself!

Affiliate Marketing

Looking for an ongoing arrangement where Age Times will feature reviews of your product on an ongoing basis? Engage us to become one of your affiliates, and we’ll provide our readers with reviews of your products on a monthly basis using a traditional affiliate marketing model.
For affiliate enquiries, contact us at

Build Your Campaign!

Want to include all these in your digital advertising campaign? Consider it done! We’ll implement your creatives to make sure your sponsored content reaches its intended audience, while maximising your presence on Age Times by using banner ads and email advertising to ensure as big a percentage of our audience as possible knows who you are!

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