Top Spotify playlists for working from home

Top Spotify playlists for working from home

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Working from home (WFH) is thoroughly on the agenda and is likely to become more and more common.

Studies suggest that as much as 50% of the UK population are working from home currently and that this could rise beyond 60% by 2025. Even if vaccines help to severely limit the future spread of COVID-19, WFH is here to stay.

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Working from home (WFH) is thoroughly on the agenda and is likely to become more and more common.

Studies suggest that as much as 50% of the UK population are working from home currently and that this could rise beyond 60% by 2025. Even if vaccines help to severely limit the future spread of COVID-19, WFH is here to stay.

Working from home means adapting to working from home and believe it or not, it takes practice - not everyone will take to it straight away.

It’s very different to travelling in and out of your office or place of work and comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

One big advantage then? You’ll be able to put on your own music, grab a cuppa when you want to and work to the beat of your own drum!

Spotify Playlists For Working From Home

The benefits of listening to music whilst working are clear and evident. Some studies show significantly elevated concentration and creativity when we listen to music.

Music allows us to synchronise with our work whilst helping us shut off from the outside world. The state of musically-induced enhanced concentration has become known as the ‘Mozart Effect’, but even if you’re not a fan with classical music, you can reap the same benefits by listening to any music.

Using Spotify Playlists

When working from home, it’s best to use playlists to keep the music rolling, so you don’t need to constantly look up new tunes. Spotify is the world’s leading music streaming service and is an excellent resource of playlists covering virtually every genre.

Here are some Spotify playlist suggestions to get you started with your work-from-home journey!

1. Work From Home Classics

Working from home can be very relaxing. You have your own space and time, and with some soothing music, you’re well on your way towards the ‘Mozart Effect’.

What better way to induce the ‘Mozart Effect’ than with some soothing classical music?

This playlist contains a broad mixture of instrumental and vocal music. It’s predominantly acoustic music with classical numbers added in. Perfect for classical and acoustic music fans!

2. Work From Home - Morning Focus 

A primarily acoustic playlist, Morning Focus contains a lovely mixture of piano instrumentals, instrumental jazz and ambient music.

It’s very soothing indeed, so soothing in fact that you might need to counterbalance it with some extra-strong coffees, so you’re not too relaxed!

3. Work From Home

Jumping forward into the 21st century, this pop-orientated playlist is designed to get the blood pumping! It’s perfect for those who need to be very upbeat, engaged and present when working from home, rather than too relaxed.

Contains many radio modern classics, but without the ad breaks!

4. Work From Home

Another modern playlist, this time with more electronic music classics with the likes of Showtek and Lady Gaga.

Turn the bass up!

5. Work From Home Jazz

For something in between blaring pop music and super-calm ambience, this jazz playlist with classics from Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Pietersen is sure to get the work-from-home ball rolling.

It’s a great combination of upbeat little numbers and soothing, chilled out classics.

6. Upbeat Work From Home

Fancy something eclectic? With songs from Gorillaz, The XX and Coldplay, this playlist is engaging and motivating. It’s generally pretty upbeat but not too loud or brash, perfect when you need space to think as well as work.

Working From Home

Want pop classics from the early to mid-2000s? This playlist might be the one for you!

With classics from Usher, Jenifer Lopez, Will Smith and Timbaland, this playlist is energetic and packed full of recognisable sing-alongs and some long lost classics to boot.

7. Working From Home

If you get too easily distracted by pop tunes or other louder, more energetic music, then this playlist contains plenty of acoustic guitar and piano to keep your head clear.

Many tunes are fully instrumental too, which is excellent for when vocals would otherwise be distracting, e.g. when you’re hopping on and off calls.

8. Study Beat - LoFi Hip Hop

You don’t have to be a fan of hip-hop to love some of these lo-fi beats. They’re simple, elegant and motivating with plenty of creative ambience and musicality.

LoFi hip hop also has a great beat or rhythm for typing on your computer.

9. 80s Music Hits - Best Songs from the 80's Playlist 

80s music lovers, roll up! 80s music with its anthemic synths and powerful vocals can be perfect for maintaining your morale when working from home.

The more songs you know, the better, and you are guaranteed to recognise the vast majority of these epic classics!

10. 70s Music

Rolling back another decade, this 70s playlist contains yet more classic hits.

Many of these tunes from bands and artists such as ABBA, The Carpenters and Bee Gees are power-packed and perfect for your work from home energy levels!

11. 50s Music

This 50s playlist will put a spell on you, featuring some of the best tracks from the heyday of jazz and soul. Nina Simone, The Everly Brothers, Marvin Gaye and Elvis team up to provide this excellent playlist for 40s, 50s and 60s music lovers.

Choosing the Right Music for You

It’s best to pick music specifically for your work style and mood. This will likely change day-by-day, so it’s best to arm yourself with as many great playlists you can.

Luckily, with Spotify, it’s easy to find and save playlists for later listening. Sometimes you might want to crank up your speakers, other times you might be better off with headphones.

Experiment and find your work-from-home groove!

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