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7 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Winter

As winter is approaching, what should every girl have in their wardrobe?

If asking yourself what to wear this winter, here are some ideas.

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7 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Winter
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As winter is approaching, what should every girl have in their wardrobe?

If asking yourself what to wear this winter, here are some ideas.

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Tall Leather or Faux Leather Boots

There’s nothing to ruin one’s mood faster than when getting cold or wet. That’s why wardrobe must-haves for winter include boots!

First up, a pair of tall winter boots that keep your feet and legs warm, even when opting for a shorter jacket.

This year, modern equestrian is a big trend, so tall leather, or faux leather, boots are definitively in style.

A Warm Coat

Some coats are designed for fashion, some for functionality, such as an outdoorsy sports jacket. Neither is particularly well-suited when going to work or a function, wanting to look good and stay warm. Thankfully, coats never go out of fashion. The style changes every year, though.

This year, firstly, you have a choice between the oversized coats that have been all the rage in recent years and figure-hugging options. Not necessarily ones that are so tight they show off all your curves—there are variations on a theme.

As for the fabric, quilt coats, mainly in light colours, are in fashion. Made with plush, often shiny fabric, these coats are designed to keep you warm. And unlike many other coats, they aren’t so fluffy you end up feeling like a Michelin man! Chloe and Alexander McQueen both had very feminine figure-hugging versions on the runway this year.

The cape is also in fashion, so if you want something a little bit different that might just be the way to go!

Want something a little more traditional? The camel coat never goes out of fashion.

A Coat for Warmer Weather

Why not go all out British and purchase a trench coat for warmer temperatures? Originally designed by Burberry, you will find one interpretation or another in most high street shops this season.

The Turtleneck or Roll-neck Knitted Sweater

In winter, the turtleneck or roll-neck knitted sweater tends to find its way onto the shelves of major fashion brands, and this year is no different. Perfect for staying warm, it’s an excellent purchase for winter.

A Fedora

If you feel like something a little bit more interesting than your ordinary woolly hat, try on a fedora. An old-school classic that’s back in the game. Depending on what you pair it with, it can look either sophisticated or trendy.

An Indoor Coat/Long Cardigan

A longish indoor coat, or cardigan, is perfect for winter. Thankfully, they are also popular this year.

Ankle Boots

For days when you don’t need to deck yourself out in long leather boots, a pair of ankle boots, are a great option. Leather, or faux leather, suede, or faux suede are the materials to choose from.

High Waisted Jeans

No matter what kind of jeans you like, right now high-waisted ones are all the rage. Whether they are flared, skinny jeans, wide-leg, cropped jeans, or flared (boot-cut) jeans, they are high-waisted!

Cropped Jeans

While regular (long) jeans aren’t out, cropped jeans are definitively in!

Pair with your ankle boots and voila—instantly trendy. Mules are another option to go with cropped jeans.

Oversize Blazer

Dressing fashionably in winter can be a pain due to needing to stay warm and not look like a stuffed animal wearing different layers. Thankfully, a nice blazer can keep you looking both warm and fashionable.

This year, straight lines, as opposed to figure-hugging ones, are en vogue.

Puffed Sleeve Sweater

If you like puffy sleeves, you have your pick this winter!

Oversize Sweater

There’s nothing quite like hiding away and cosying up in winter, is there? Lucky for us, it’s in fashion!

Blanket Scarves

For warmer days, blanket scarves are both a cosy and trendy option that can replace your coat or jacket.

Somewhat similar in style, the poncho is very much still in fashion too.

Suit with a Pleated Skirt

Bourgeois 70s fashion is all the rage (don’t worry—I had to look it up too!), and that includes suits with pleated skirts. Probably something your mom used to wear to work! Now reworked into more modern assembles they look both trendy and sophisticated.


Tuck a camisole under your blazer if you want something a little fancy.

Victorian Blouses (and Necklines at Large)

High-neck and all ruffles and, sometimes, lace, these blouses have returned with a vengeance. Call it a shirt, call it a blouse—they are easily distinguishable. Some with much more modern interpretations, some pretty Victorian looking!

A perfect compliment to a riding-style outfit—a blazer, a pair of trousers and high leather boots go well with these shirts. Remember that equestrian fashion is hot this season! A skirt and blazer work, too.

Want to dress it down? Pair them with some denim jeans.

Loose Trousers

If looking for a suit, or a nice pair of trousers to match a top, consider loose trousers. They are in fashion this winter and are generally very comfortable to wear. Besides, if you ever wanted to wear the trousers in the relationship, now’s the time!

Long Dresses

If you are asking yourself how to dress fashionably for winter and stay warm, long dresses might be the answer you’re looking for!

Both long loose dresses and long slinky dresses are in fashion this season. Some have a Victorian neckline, some have a turtleneck, and you’ll find plenty that are off-the-shoulder versions as well that are both modest and great for a party!

How Best to Shop for Winter

While lockdown might be over, the pandemic is not. If you want to shop from the safety of your own home, you are spoiled for choice.

For designer brands, have a look online at Harrods, Harvey Nics, Selfridges, John Lewis, Debenhams and ASOS.

Other high street shops that offer brilliant clothing online include H&M, Zara, Top Shop, Next, Anthropologie,

For trusty ‘ole boots—try Clarks! Comfortable and well-made, you can’t go wrong.

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