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How to choose a new handbag

Choosing a new handbag should be a fun experience. However, there are so many handbags in any one shop that picking one can be an intimidating activity. Plus, the pressure of getting it wrong can be overwhelming, especially when the price of a good quality handbag can be significant.

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How to choose a new handbag
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Choosing a new handbag should be a fun experience. However, there are so many handbags in any one shop that picking one can be an intimidating activity. Plus, the pressure of getting it wrong can be overwhelming, especially when the price of a good quality handbag can be significant.

Being overwhelmed and intimidated does not have to be the modus operandi, though. Here, we break down buying a handbag into an easy guide so that you can always make the right choice for you. Plus, making that choice will be the fun-filled experience that it should be. 

Instead, the pressure is off you. You will know you have made a rational and logical decision. The result? You have a handbag you use all the time and not a handbag that ends up sitting in the back of your wardrobe.

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Considerations for buying a new handbag

Nobody wants to shell out cash for a handbag that they loved in the shop, but in reality, never use. Many of us are guilty of doing this with so many items in our wardrobes, let alone an expensive handbag! However, you can easily avoid this by making several considerations before investing in what you think is your dream bag. Remember the below when you go out shopping for one.

1.The size you need

Handbags, wonderfully, come in all different shapes and sizes. It can be helpful to narrow down your search in terms of the size of the bag you need. The smaller the bag, the less likely it will carry all you need for a day away from home. But that may be your intention. It can be useful sometimes just to pop your purse and your mobile in a bag and go. Or, you may be looking to invest in some new handbag hardware so that you can actually carry the kitchen sink around with you. 

2.Your bag's proposed purpose

There are many different situations and circumstances for which you may need to use a specific type of handbag. Think about what you really want your new bag for. For example, you don't want to invest in a clutch bag - even a YSL one - if you really need a new handbag to lug your gym kit to work in. So, carefully consider what you want your bag for. Do you want a new evening one? Do you want one that will carry all your stuff in - and your children's?

3.Your body shape

Handbags are not clothing, so they will not be able to balance out your body shape or make you look taller like a good pair of shoes or jeans can. However, your body shape should still come into consideration when buying a handbag. Depending on your shape, some bags will suit you better than others. For instance, messenger bags can sometimes be just too long for petite ladies. Large tote bags can sometimes make the tall and willowy look like they may topple over. 

4.Your budget

It may be boring to think about, but it is always worthwhile remembering your budget when buying a bag. Dull? Yes. Stupid? No. Handbags can cost an eye-watering amount of money. Sometimes, it is easy to get carried away and forget what is affordable. When you get lust for a lovely buttery leather handbag with a sky-high price tag, ask yourself - can I afford to eat this month if I buy this? If the answer is no, it is probably best to walk away. Or at least save up for a while. To stop yourself even getting to that point, set yourself a budget and don't look at ANYTHING higher than that price point. We all want stuff we can't have, so don't tempt yourself by looking.

5.Your style

We all have clothes that sit in our wardrobes week after week, month after month. The reason being is that we have bought something we don't feel comfortable in. Even if the clothes fit us, we don't feel like ourselves when we are wearing certain items. Your style will be one of the main reasons for this. You won't feel comfortable in something if it does not fit with what your go-to looks are. Therefore, keep your style in mind when buying a bag. If you have classic Audrey Heyburn style, don't buy something with a hippy vibe. If you are a boho girl, don't buy something with a strong structure. In short, buy something that makes you feel like you. 

We also spoke to Sarah Wong from Temporary:Secretary, who told us: "I like a handbag that lasts a long time, so I look for quality. There’s been the odd time when I’ve spent good money on a handbag only for it to fall apart a year later. The urge to buy something because it’s the trend means that quality can be overlooked. I want a bag that holds it’s shape so before making the purchase, I inspect how well it has been made including stitching, lining, and the quality of material."

Choosing a new handbag

Probably the most important thing to remember when buying a handbag is that fashion should be fun. Fashion is there to help you make yourself feel good about yourself. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy in your own skin is not worth your hard-earned cash.

Instead, focus on finding yourself a bag that makes you feel like your best version - while also answering your needs. In doing so, you'll actually end up using the bag that makes you feel so great. If it doesn't answer your needs, you may smile when you see it in your wardrobe, but not much more.

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