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Which bed frame do I need?

You may think your bedroom needs are so full-on that you’ll need to lavish lots of cash on a bespoke bed. Not so fast. Take a look at some of these options first. The chances are you’ll find just what you need. And you’ll be so excited about it you won’t be able to wait for nighttime.

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Which bed frame do I need?
  • When looking for a new bed frame, there are plenty of different choices available
  • You can go for something simple, e.g., an elegant metal frame bed with space underneath
  • Or, if you need storage, entertainment, or children’s desk space, there are built-in options
  • Whatever your bedroom needs, you’ll find the ideal bed frame for you at Bensons for Beds

Which bed frame do I need: FAQs

  • What is a bed frame made out of?

    All manner of things. Wooden frames are very popular, and metal is a perennial favourite too. These materials might be left in their gloriously uncovered state or upholstered with rattan, fabric, faux leather or leather, Chesterfield-style, or you may have a velvet bed frame. Wooden slats then usually feature on top to give cushioned support to the mattress.

  • What is the purpose of a bed frame?

    A bed frame’s primary purpose is to support the mattress, thereby delivering a great night’s sleep. A bed frame can also offer a great storage solution, accessed by drawer or, as in the case of an Ottoman storage bed, a hydraulic-assisted lift for the mattress. Alternatively, the frame can house a TV or a child’s desk - whatever your need, there’s a perfect bed frame out there for you.

  • What do you need to make a bed frame?

    The good news is that most bed frames arrive ready-constructed. Something complicated like an ottoman frame will tax most people not blessed with an engineering degree. The simpler frames are often flat-packed for home assembly, in which case your biggest need is to read the instructions, together with a few basic tools such as a screwdriver. If you’re planning on making a bed frame from scratch, you’ll need carpentry ability, patience and lots of wood.

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The choice of bed frames can be a little overwhelming. Enough to make you want to give up and go back to bed, or very nearly. But don’t worry. Have a stretch. Treat yourself to a hearty yawn. Now, let’s have your full attention. We’re going to open your eyes to the fabulous range of bed frames available. 

Yes, you may be thinking, but which one should I get? I know I don’t want a hammock, and that’s about as far as I’ve got. (And, in truth, I’m not sure about the hammock.) 

It all depends on what you want from your frame. Lifestyle is the name. The name of the frame game. How you live and what you want your bedroom to be all about (steady) will give us all we need in order to furnish you with what you need at a reasonable price. So, it’s a lucky thing you stopped by. Frame and fortune lie below. 

That’s fortune as in luck. Just so we’re clear on the legal side of things. 

A flock of frames

There are more frames out there than you’ll find in the National Gallery. There are trim frames to suit singletons as well as enormous ones to suit couples. Or singletons who like to spread out a lot. There are frames that offer different styles of storage solutions. There are even frames that have televisions emerging from them.

This last one sounds unusual, but not as unusual as the TV that has a bed emerging from it. (That one never really took off.)

Back to the bed frames. You can explore a huge range of colours and materials. The fact is, whatever your situation and whatever your decor, there will be the ideal bed frame for you. Time to take a look. As Robert Smith once entreated, Let’s go to bed. 

Diverse divans

So, we’ll start with what, for some people, is the sheer essence of bed-ness. With a divan, you get a set consisting of a base and, usually, a matching mattress. Do note that some bases are available by themselves, such as the Simply by Bensons Divan Base

The base is the bit that’s most interesting. It can be gloriously solid so that you sleep on a super-stable altar-like platform bed surface. 

However, some divans go one step further by offering, within that base, a space-saving storage area. Absolutely ideal for spare sheets, pillows etc, all of which become instantly available at the glide of a drawer. 

Back care

They come in a spectacularly wide range, from the sleekest single to the most super-colossal super king-size bed. A lovely example, available in just about every size, is the Valerio Backcare Divan Bed Set, a genuine beauty with great comfort credentials, especially for those with back issues. It’s available in three subtle shades and comes with a 5-year guarantee. 

In common with most divan beds, the headboard isn’t included, so you have to factor this in. Happily, some excellent specimens are available at Bensons for Beds. 


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important concern for customers, and bed buyers are no different. This is why Bensons for Beds offer several divan options that will appeal especially to the most eco-conscious consumer. 

Try the Staples and Co Revitalise Eco Latex Pocket 3800 Divan Bed Set (a name so long you might need to stop for a nap halfway through saying it), for instance. It’s available in double bed frame, king and super king size, features a capacious storage area and a range of six colours.

Planet-minded people will be pleased to note that the Revitalise comes with sustainably made foam. Sleep-minded people will be similarly delighted to hear that it’s extremely comfy. 

Outstanding ottomans 

An ottoman bed has a very stable base like a divan and is a storage bed too. However, instead of a drawer set into the side of the frame, the whole mattress lifts up on hydraulics, giving easy access to the under-bed storage within. 

With all the benefits of a divan but with added access appeal, you can see why Ottomania has spread so far and so fast. Again, there are ottoman bed frames in a wide variety of sizes and styles. 

Ottomany varieties

Check out the very competitively priced Alexis Ottoman. It boasts well-upholstered sumptuous grey velvet, available in single bed, small double, double and king size. Despite its economical status, it offers great build quality and a five-year guarantee. 

Another great upholstered bed frame, but this time with added panache, is the Hemingway Ottoman. In four colours and sized from double to super king, this bed has a strikingly designed headboard included and brass detail on the feet. 

In all, it’s sturdy and stylish, a fitting tribute to the eponymous writer. As his erstwhile Parisien pen pals might say, it puts the lit in literary. It’s so comfortable that when the alarm goes in the morning, you’ll be wishing it away. ‘For whom the bell tolls? Not me, I hope.’

Or, for those who like a wood look, try the Edgemont Ottoman Wooden, featuring a rich oak veneer. Also offering a five-year guarantee, the Edgemont Wooden is available in double and king size. 

Splendidly simple

Not everybody wants or needs a storage area under the bed. Some like the airy look and light feel of a frame that has space underneath. 

Nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing lovelier than being able to get free access with a vacuum cleaner under the bed to give things a really good clean. (OK, there might well be lovelier things as far as you’re concerned, but when one reaches a certain age, one appreciates humbler delights.)


Let’s start with this fabulously functional number, the Hip Hop Wooden Bed Frame. So-called because of its tremendous popularity among rappers and MCs, this Scandi-style favourite numbers Jay-Zzzzz among its fans. Sizes go from small and small double up to double and king size, and it comes with a five-year guarantee. 

After a sound sleep on this winner, it’s possible you’ll be thinking to yourself, ‘I’ve got 99 problems, but a bed ain’t one’. In fact, a wardrobe, bedside table, tallboy, and chest of drawers won’t number among your problems either, as all these coordinating bedroom furniture items feature in the Hip Hop collection

There’s even a Hip Hop trundle bed, which the aforementioned rapper finds extremely handy when Stormzzzzzy comes for a sleepover.

Other materials

Another great choice is the contemporary and cool Cohen Bed Frame. This features a vertical stitch headboard, a woven upholstered frame and solid wood-painted black legs. In double and king-size bed frames and just in a classic grey, this bed base will look terrific in most settings. 

Don’t overlook the super-trad Harvard Metal Bed Frame - this is a stone-cold classic design. Available in white, black and stunning chrome, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more iconic bed design. It’s utterly timeless. It’s the style that moved Suzanna Hoffs to sing Is this bedding an eternal frame? The answer is clearly yes. 

Marvellous midsleepers

What’s a midsleeper? Think of a traditional cabin bed (ie, a children’s version of a divan, with lots of storage underneath to pop toys, books and whatever other paraphernalia they may have) and raise it a bit so there’s room underneath for more than just storage drawers. We’re talking a pull-out desk, shelves, or just a chillout space. 

So, if the child in your life wants a bed set way up high with all sorts going on underneath, try something like the Saturn Wooden Midsleeper Set. It’s available in a choice of two colour styles (black and white for the aspiring two-tone enthusiast, taupe and cream for the budding sophisticate) and features a desk, drawers and shelves, all adding up to great storage space. 

It’s fair to say that the Saturn runs rings around other midsleepers! Rings. Saturn. Oh well, please yourselves. 

Terrific TV

OK, we promised you a bed with a TV that comes out of the foot end as if by magic. It’s a glimpse of the future that we were promised, along with jetpacks and self-tying shoelaces. Those other two never made it our way, so make the most of this audio-visual-snooze wonder: the Saros Ottoman TV Bed Frame with Surround Sound

Let’s start with the TV - it glides up on hydraulics out of the footboard to reveal a Sharp 42” smart 4K model. Turn it on and sink into audio-bliss courtesy of the 5.1 surround sound speaker system. You can connect to this system using your tablet or other device to play the tunes of your dreams. 

What about the bed? Super-high spec, featuring a luxury woven fabric bed frame and a high-end sprung-slatted mattress base made from sustainably sourced wood. 

With all this going on, it’s hard to imagine why you might ever want to get up. Work and certain biological functions aside, obviously.

So many more…

We’ve given loads of beds an airing but we haven’t even mentioned guest beds, bunk beds, day beds, sofa beds, or sleigh beds… the truth is that there’s a bed type for every sleeper, so your best bet is to venture over to Bensons for Beds, where you’ll be treated to a tour around a world of beds that will blow your mind (and not your budget).

Whatever your need, from a spare bed for valued guests to something suitably super-sumptuous for your good self, you’ll find the ideal sleeping solution among the thousands of available beds. So go see them soon. Before bedtime, in any case.

Image Credit: Deconovo at Unsplash

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