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5 Ideas for Your First Adventure Holiday

Do you fancy doing something a bit different for your next holiday? Recent events mean that we're spending many holidays closer to home, leading to many of us looking at different ways of taking staycations.

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5 Ideas for Your First Adventure Holiday
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Do you fancy doing something a bit different for your next holiday? Recent events mean that we're spending many holidays closer to home, leading to many of us looking at different ways of taking staycations.

Adventure holidays are one sure-fire way to add a little excitement to your holiday, whether you’re spending it right here in the UK, or travelling overseas. And before you think it, you are never too old to enjoy an adventure! It’s all about booking something that appeals to you and is suited to your abilities and interests. Here’s just a few ideas that may float your boat.

Whether you're looking for a solo holiday, an adults-only getaway, or an all-inclusive package for the whole family, our selection of holiday providers has you covered. Click below to start your holiday search!

Best Adventure Holidays In The World

The question is, do you need to travel abroad to experience the best adventure holiday in the world? It’s up to you! You might want to scale an active volcano or trek up to Machu Picchu, and that is good and great. Or walking and whiskey tours in Scotland could be more your thing.

If you look to the experts, specific destinations do come up repeatedly. So, if you need a little prompt to start your search try finding adventure holidays in these places:

  • Africa
  • Peru
  • The UK’s Three Peaks
  • Wadi Rum Desert – Jordan
  • The Alps – Europe
  • Iceland
  • The Grand Canyon – USA
  • The Himalayas – Nepal
  • Australia

There are plenty more to add to this list, in the UK alone if the thought of sorting COVID-19 travel insurance and the like is a little off-putting.

So, don’t feel limited to a particular geographical area. Whether you're already dreaming of a specific location and wondering how to make it into a reality, or starting your search from scratch, your adventure holiday is within reach! It's just about nailing down the details, from budget to destination and activity.

Sophie from Mama Mei told us: "Adventures are a great way to get active as a family or even on your own regardless of age, we all need an adventure in your life. This boosts our connection with people, nature and our overall wellbeing.

"Never lose your sense of adventure as this is what makes us feel alive."

Family Adventure Holidays In The UK

Can you blend a family holiday with adventurous pursuits? Yes, you can! There are plenty of age-appropriate ways to inject a little excitement into your trip.

There are benefits to booking a holiday like this too. For a family with older or teenage kids, it can offer an excellent opportunity to get away from digital devices and indulge in activities that will help you bond. If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at specific businesses that cater just for family adventure holidays. That way you can be sure that they’ll have activities tailored for families.

Another option is to look at holiday parks. Some offer the opportunity to book an adventure-style break. You can pick and choose your activities to fit around your family while staying in a lodge setting with all the creature comforts you might need.

Cheap Adventure Holidays

What about working to a tighter budget? Don’t let that put you off. Just like every other type of holiday, plenty of operators provide cheaper options both in the UK and abroad.

To get inspired, start by defining your budget. Once you have a good idea of what’s financially realistic, you can begin your search. Perhaps a climbing holiday here in the UK appeals? This sort of trip can be yours for a comparatively tiny budget and is open to beginners right through to more experienced climbers.

Or, look to budget operators that cater to trips to places like the Alps and north Africa. These are the kinds of places where you can experience the thrill of trekking, swimming, and exploring new landscapes. The trimmings are likely to be minimal, but you’ll feel like you are on an adventure of your own making.

Adventure Holidays For Singles

The truth is, if you’re single, booking something a little more adventurous may feel daunting. Sometimes the idea of going away alone and sitting on a beach isn't a huge draw either, so this could be the perfect alternative. The good news is that there are so many operators that cater specifically for solo adventure holidays, you’ll be in good hands.

The benefits don’t end there, though. Booking a solo adventure will open up the possibilities to meet new and likeminded people, and it’ll give you a structure to your time. And do you need to be scaling mountain tops and sleeping on a blanket under the stars? No! Unless you want to and feel up to it, of course.

Your perfect adventure holiday could be something entirely different. Imagine this; you could go whale watching in Iceland, board a train to cross the Canadian Rockies, or even go walking in Portugal's wine regions. Just take your pick, and travel with a tour operator that designs holidays around solo travellers. And if you’d rather stay in the UK, remember that there are so many beautiful ways to get out and explore our countryside. From booking a trip on iconic trains to canal boat holidays.

Extreme Adventure Holidays

Does the idea of getting your pulse rate up sound good to you? If you think that this is the sort of thing only young people do, think again! Of course, you need to feel in good shape before booking activities like this, but if you're fit, healthy and ready for extreme action, embrace that.

If you’re wondering what an extreme adventure holiday might look like, you could book a skydive, perhaps somewhere scenic in the UK, or somewhere more far-flung. Going diving with Orcas might be more your thing, and it's undoubtedly bucket-list-worthy. And if getting out onto the water sounds like your kind of thing, how about kayaking or white-water rafting?

And if this all sounds a bit too much, that's ok, too. Sometimes there's a misconception that adventure holidays have to be extreme. It's all about the adventure you want to have. Remember that and keep your dreams firmly at the centre of your holiday planning. That way, you can be sure to create a trip of a lifetime.

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