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Top 9 destinations for naturist holidays

Like walking about in the nude? You’re not alone! These days you can find naturist holiday destinations all around the world. We’ve listed some of the best!

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Top 9 destinations for naturist holidays
  • Naturist holidays are not as uncommon or hard to find as you might think.
  • Some resorts have special nudist beaches while at others, clothing is optional anywhere on the resort.
  • Nudist holidays range from small BnBs to large resorts and private islands.
  • These days, there are even cruises where clothing is optional - and often discouraged!

Naturist holidays: FAQs

  • Do you have to be naked at a nudist resort?

    No, but on some nudist beaches, it’s a requirement for entry.

  • Are people in the nude in every area of a naturist resort—i.e. not just the pool but in restaurants and so forth?

    That varies from resort to resort—you’ll find some resorts on our list that allow you to go everywhere in the nude, while other resorts have designated areas for nudity.

  • Are there smaller naturist hotels available or only big resorts?

    On this list, you will find a bed and breakfast, a camping place, and a resort where you can rent chalets, in addition to big hotels and resorts. You can even look on AirBnB for clothing-optional accommodation.

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Walking around naked seems natural, yet it’s frowned upon in some places, illegal in some, and impractical in others (snow, anyone?). That’s why it’s thankful there are nudist holiday destinations.

If you feel like sipping cocktails and mocktails in the nude next to a swimming pool or sitting naked in the hot tub at night, then we’ve got some resorts and nudist beaches we can recommend! Oh, and hey, no more tan lines when sunbathing!

Whether you're looking for a solo holiday, an adults-only getaway, or an all-inclusive package for the whole family, our selection of holiday providers has you covered. Click below to start your holiday search!

Hidden Beach Resort, close to Cancun, Mexico

Suppose the idea of a beachfront resort in Mexico appeals to you. In that case, Hidden Beach Resort, an hour from Cancun, might be next on your itinerary.

Here you will get an all-inclusive stay at an adults-only resort situated on a beach hidden away behind a mangrove jungle. Gourmet food and drinks, 24-hour room service, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a private garden, and a lazy river are just a few of the perks of staying here. Various entertainment options daily.

Grand Lido in Jamaica

In Negril, Jamaica, you will find the Grand Lido—a nudist hotel with a private beach. Perfect if you fancy a luxurious getaway—you can even hire a butler.

This upscale naturist resort is minutes away from Bloody Bay Beach, which, at the very least, makes you sound like you went on an adventure. And, possibly, met pirates.

The hotel offers everything in the way of food and water sports, and you can also hire a car and explore the island.

Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica

You’ve heard of nudist resorts and nudist beaches, but what about a whole island? Couples Tower Isle is located in Ocho Rios. While it isn’t a naturist resort, it has its own naturist island. Here nudity isn’t optional—it’s a must.

Couples Tower Isle is a luxurious hotel made famous by celebrities in the 1950s. To this day, you will receive top-notch service and an all-inclusive stay. That includes food, alcohol, water sports, and more. So if you're after luxury, this is the way to go.

Finca Soñada B&B in Spain

Suppose you fancy a naturist destination a bit closer to home and don't want to fork out half a fortune for your stay. In that case, you might want to consider Finca Soñada in Gandía. It has a lovely garden, pool, tennis court, and sun loungers. Situated close to a cosy village, it’s the perfect holiday for someone looking for a neat little hideaway. Plus, it offers free wifi, so you can bring your laptop along and get to work if you want.

La Jenny in La Porge, France

This naturist resort is perfect if you want to rent self-catering accommodation. You’ll find 756 chalets in the 127 hectares that belong to the resort. And unlike most other nudist rentals and resorts, this place is child friendly.

At La Jenny, you’ll find nudist golf (according to their own description, it’s the only nudist golf course you’ll find anywhere in the world). On site, there are children’s clubs, yoga, Zumba, a pony club, restaurants, various sports activities, a sauna and spa, massive pools, and if you want to play on the playa—a nudist beach.

Bare Necessities Cruises

Fancy sailing the seven seas in the nude? Then Bare Necessities Cruises might be the perfect holiday for you, especially if you want a holiday where you connect with others. There are different cruises every year—from cruising the Mediterranean to cruising in the Bahamas.

Azulik in Tulum, Mexico

If you’re not just looking to go bare but also leave the modern world (partly) behind, then Azulik is worth checking out. Azulik is an Eco-resort with limited wifi and TV. Yes, they go against the grain by not offering free wifi in every room.

Azulik offers wooden beachside villas with 360-degree views of the Caribbean sea and Mayan jungle. If that combo isn’t exotic enough for you, we don’t know what will be. When we say villas, we may be exaggerating. They are a cross between a villa and a hut. Take one look at the images, and you’ll be in awe—they look gorgeous.

The crowd here tends to be free-living spirits who embrace nature. In other words, be prepared to meet the modern-day hippies!

Sunland Holiday Village in Robe, Australia

If a vacation in Australia has been on your bucket list for some time, then Sunland Holiday Village in Robe could be your next holiday destination. Hire a caravan or a cottage on this stretch of beach and enjoy meeting kangaroos and wombats while in the nude. There’s a spa, a tennis court, bush golf, a sauna, and a pool. And, on that note, La Jenny is no longer the only resort in the world where you can play golf in the nude. However, this is not a fancy golf course but rather a fun experience in the bush. So maybe La Jenny gets to keep their claim to having the “only nudist golf course in the world” for a while longer.

Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica features a lot on this list because the Caribbean island is famous for its couples-only resorts. And Hedonism II takes the concept to another level—here, there are x-rated parties in an ultra-modern setting. It’s perfect for couples looking to check into the swinger lifestyle, if so, only for the weekend. You'll be far from the stiff upper lip of the United Kingdom, and you likely won’t see any umbrellas, either (no rain in sight). In short, you can live out your wildest fantasies without anyone back home knowing anything about it.

The hotel offers one naturist beach where couples tend to get down and dirty, in addition to a beach for those who like to keep their clothes on.

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