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Where is it hot in Europe in November?

If you want to jet off somewhere hot in the winter, you may wonder what European destinations get hours and hours of sunshine. Thankfully, there are plenty of options regardless of whether you want sandy beaches or a city break.

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Where is it hot in Europe in November?
  • Europe offers plenty of destinations for hot holidays in November.
  • Many European islands off the West coast of Africa offer sun all year round.
  • City breaks to places like Seville or Athens are fab in November, as cooler weather makes sightseeing easier.
  • If you want to go further afield, there are no school holidays in November, so there are some good bargains around.
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The United Kingdom is not known for its weather. Many Brits love to go abroad in the winter as the days get so much shorter and the nights seem perpetually long. While the thrill of Christmas markets is on the horizon, many of us want a warmer break in November before the winter truly sets in. 

Let's look at some of the top holiday destinations that are great in November (and year-round), thanks to offering a balmy average temperature whenever you visit. If a getaway based around warm weather and sunny days is your main aim, we've got you covered. 

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While Spain can get very hot during the warmest summers, it remains a great destination to head to at any time of year. Hot spots to try specifically for winter sun will tend to be the ones closest to the Mediterranean Sea, including the Balearic Islands. The Canary Islands, with popular destinations like Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, in the Atlantic just off the west coast of Africa, are also a fantastic choice. 

You can enjoy a broad range of holidays at any of these destinations. For example, if you want a sightseeing holiday where you can eat tapas at local cafes and soak up Spanish culture, you can head to a coastal city like Malaga or Valencia. However, if you want something far more sedate, heading somewhere that's predominantly a beach destination on the mainland, or Spain's islands, is equally possible. 


One city we didn't mention above but that is well worth a visit is Seville. Jam-packed with historical buildings, pretty boulevards and a fantastic tapas scene, Seville is a beautiful place to head for a 'low season' holiday. In fact, it is arguably better to go here outside of the peak summer months. The weather can easily reach over 40°C during July and August, making exploring the old town tough work. So avoid the peak season, amble around in the cooler sun, and have a thoroughly enjoyable time. 

Canary Islands

Islands like Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura may have had a bad reputation in the past by being aligned with package holiday deals and the 18-36 market. However, there's more to the Canaries than this, particularly out of peak season. Trips in November are a good call as it makes outdoor activities like hiking far more manageable while dipping a toe in the Atlantic Ocean remains a possibility. It may be chilly in the sea (the Atlantic never gets warm), but you'll definitely want to cool off, given that temperatures on beaches can reach 24°C. 


Greece is a brilliant holiday destination year-round, no matter what you want to do. So, if you are looking for a sightseeing break with your plus one or want to rent a villa to sit back and relax on an extended family holiday, Greece could be an option. 

There is so much choice on offer. The Greek islands are a prime example. There are so many of them that it makes them difficult to count. Places like Santorini and Mykonos have become extremely popular recently - and for a good reason. The sea is wonderfully clean while the towns are pretty. But, there are also less visited islands like Paros, Naxos and Patmos where you can find exceptional deals. 

Crete is the largest and most populated Greek island and a destination that you could easily return to time and time again. In November, like other Greek islands, the temperatures during the day can hit 20°C, sometimes higher. However, in the evenings, the mercury does drop, so be sure to pack a jumper. 


Cyprus benefits from an average high of 23°C in November. You can easily spend the day lazing by the beach or pool before heading to one of the many beach bars to enjoy some fantastic Cypriot food. However, day trips to a National Park or two would also be time well spent. Cyprus's lesser-known inland attractions are peaceful and beautiful. 


Portugal has long been a popular tourist destination for us Brits. The Portuguese have welcomed us to the Algarve in our troves for decades. With wide sandy beaches and mealtimes dedicated to chicken and chips, Brits have always enjoyed a trip there. It's possible, and sometimes advisable, to go in November to escape the hordes of tourists that now flock there in the summer months. With temperatures reaching around 26°C at the beginning of the winter, it makes for a comfortably warm off-peak holiday. 

Plus, Portugal's cities offer so much too. City breaks to Porto or Lisbon will never leave you disappointed - with the weather remaining warm but not too hot and the food being nothing short of sensational. Both cities are brilliant options for foodies. 

Cape Verde

While only technically in Europe thanks to being a Portuguese nation, you can still class it as European despite being off the west coast of Africa. But it's even further south than the Canary Islands! Its location means that temperatures here are hot year-round. It's an excellent beach destination with highs of 29°C - 30°C expected in November. 


This island, southeast of Portugal and west of the African coast, has turquoise seas and a very agreeable climate in November. With highs in the low 20s at the beginning of winter and many fantastic hotels and luxury villas, it's always an option for some off-season sun. It has plenty to do for everyone, such as water sports, but it's also possible to be far more sedate here, too. Just find a sun lounger and a good book, and you're set. 


This archipelago of islands is around four hours if you fly direct from London. It's west of Portugal and has some truly spectacular scenery and beaches. In November, the weather will sit around 20°C at its hottest, but it means that if you come here for a hiking holiday (like so many people do), it's a good option. 


The tiny European nation of Malta has a lot to offer tourists, including Valletta, its capital, with its pretty streets and cafe culture. Valletta also has plenty of sightseeing spots that will keep history buffs happy. For example, the superb Fort St Elmo and the cathedral that houses work by the great artist Caravaggio. Temperatures here reach around 21°C in November, so it's warm without being stifling. 


Croatia is one of Europe's unsung heroes. With beautifully clean waters, tasty beer, and a relatively cheap cost of living, it's a destination that will please even the pickiest of holidaymakers. Plus, it's suitable for all ages and interests too. Dubrovnik is a truly stunning city for those that like to meander around towns on holiday, while the islands just off the coast mean that those who love sailing will be happy. 

However, there's a big caveat. It's not that hot. You may find the odd part that just about reaches the late teens on a temperature gauge, but you'll definitely need a jacket in your suitcase. The upside is it makes Croatia very peaceful to visit at this time of year. You'll still be able to sit outside to eat lunch with the sun on your face, but you may just need a few more layers, too. 

Other travel tips for further afield

If none of the above tickles your fancy, you could try looking further afield. The following places are all options for warmer weather in November. 


Morocco, while in Africa, still has a relatively short flying time from the UK. With the vibrant city of Marrakech inland, beach holidays in a city are also a good option, with Tangier and Casablanca remaining popular. Compared to its European counterparts, Morocco is a far cheaper destination, meaning you can typically find luxury holidays at a fraction of the price. 


Flying here will take 12-14 hours, but November is an excellent time to go to Mexico as the hurricane season has ended and rainfall drops dramatically. Plus, thanks to being outside of school holidays, it could be cheaper if you're travelling without children of school age. Places like Tulum and Cancun have skyrocketed in price in recent years, so going off-season means you avoid the hoards as well as the eye-watering prices. 


The turquoise waters of the Caribbean are the quintessential backdrop for an idyllic, relaxing holiday. Plus, the weather never really dips below 30°C. November is technically still part of its rainy season. However, thanks to the tropical climate, you can still get a break in the weather and have clear skies for an entire trip if you're lucky. The opposite can be said for holidays during the dry season. Going in November means it's cheaper, too. 


Thailand is a long flight from the UK, but it has some sublime beaches, exciting cities, and often excellent availability of holiday deals. While it is no longer as cheap to get there as it once was, it is inexpensive to eat or drink when you arrive. Hotels can still be pricey, and the flights will likely be far more expensive than most places listed here, but going in November means guaranteed sun. 

Travelling for winter sun

November can be the ideal time for a holiday if you're keen on some winter sun. It's way before schools break up, so you'll likely be able to get the best deals of the year. European destinations won't be baking hot like they would be earlier in the year, either - a good thing for some of us!

Warm November destinations: FAQs

Are Italy and Sicily warm in November?

Sicily is one of the warmest parts of Italy in November. It reaches highs of 17degrees, helped in part by its location in the Med. However, mainland Italy, particularly the north, can be pretty chilly at the start of winter.

Where is the warmest place in Europe in Winter?

The Canary Islands are a good bet for the warmest place in Europe in winter. With temperatures sitting easily in the mid-20s, if not a little hotter if you are lucky, you can spend your day sunbathing on the beach if you want. However, the cooler temperatures in the morning and evenings mean you can easily go out exploring too.

What's the hottest Canary Island in November?

Tenerife is usually the hottest Canary Island in November. Plus, it averages around six hours of sunshine a day too, which is just as important to consider if you are looking for some winter sun.

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