How to meet single women over 50

How to meet single women over 50

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Are you a man over 50 looking for a new relationship? If you're newly single, you could be seeking a new partner for the first time in years. Luckily, connecting with other older people in your age group isn't as complicated or intimidating as it may seem.

  • Find out about the best places for meeting single women over 50 offline
  • Should you use online dating sites to meet single women over 50?
  • Learn about singles events and figure out if they are for you

Meeting older singles: FAQs

  • Do older women use online dating apps?

    Yes, of course. While there may be fewer singles in their 50s than in their 20s, most women in their 50s use online dating sites and apps.

  • Can younger men find older women online?

    Yes, you can set the age range you're looking for on most dating apps. There are also sites like Cougar Life that focus on age gap dating.

  • Do people look for serious relationships online?

    Absolutely. Sites like eHarmony and EliteSingles specialise in it. 

  • What are the best online dating apps for single men and women over 50?

  • Should I tell a woman what I'm looking for upfront?

    Yes, the sooner, the better. If you're looking for hookups or casual dating, state it in your dating profile. Likewise, if you're looking for serious daters only, say so in your dating profile. And if you meet someone offline, during the first date, breach the topic about what you're looking for. The dating game gets a lot easier if everyone is upfront about what they're looking for.

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Meeting single women isn't nearly as difficult as it may seem, even if you feel like your entire social circle consists of couples. These days, many people choose to go separate ways if they grow apart, and divorce rates attest to it. As a result, there are many more singles in their 50s these days than there were some decades ago. Check any online dating site, and you'll find there are more older women dating than ever. So, let's look at how to best meet single women over 50. 

Getting social 

The most obvious place to meet older women who are single is online. However, to have fun while single, it's important to mingle. OK, that's just tacky. But it's actually true. When single, it's vital to enjoy yourself. If nothing else, it will attract the right person to you. People are much more attracted to those who lead rewarding lives. So while none of the below will necessarily lead you to meeting fifty single women in one go, it will make you more social. And along the way, you're bound to meet some interesting female singles, too. 

From the list below, choose the activities you feel will help increase your overall life quality and allow you to do the things you love. As well as helping you find a potential new partner as an older man, many of these things help you improve your mental health and any other health problems, too.

  • Join a gym
  • Sign up for fitness classes - yoga, dancing, pilates, or something else along these lines that tend to be popular among women
  • Join a local jogging or hiking group or a group that goes on country walks together
  • Head to the pub with a friend for trivia night 
  • Join classes that interest you, such as a painting class, or a French language class
  • Attend some weekend workshops - these are great because they tend to be intense and lead to lots of interactions between people 
  • Start volunteering with a local organisation 
  • Go on group holidays 
  • Attend networking events in your business niche
  • Have a look at InterNations and Meetup to see if there are local meetups that interest you - as these are groups that bring together new people, they're brilliant for socialising 
  • Start a small business that allows you to meet others - such as selling handmade wooden toys at local festivals
  • Attend local events, such as farmer's markets and festivals that appeal to you
  • Join a local book circle
  • Attend events like lectures, concerts, and so forth. While it might be intimidating attending a concert alone, attending a lecture isn't particularly intimidating at lots of people go alone, and everyone's there to listen to a speaker, though usually there's a chance to socialise after the speaker is done

The more activities you attend, the more likely you will meet someone and fall in love. Of course, don't go crazy when trying to find love or a date. Only attend the kind of events you enjoy. Events that enrich your life. And do it for the love of doing it. Otherwise, you'll be disappointed if you don't meet interesting singles. 

Attending these events will also help to expand your social circle. This is great, especially if you felt lonely during the pandemic or because all your friends are married. Single life often means attending dinner parties and the like solo. So finding more single friends and not only having to go to events where everyone else has a partner is recommended. While your married friends may love you, it can still get tedious to be the only single person in the room.

Widening your social circle also means new friends will invite you to meet their single friends.

Online dating 

Online dating is, of course, great for meeting singles in middle age. Many people are looking for new partners using apps and dating sites. And what's so great about it is that while there may be ten single women in your demographic in a local pub, there are ten thousand online. The dating pool is enormous. Plus, instead of getting dressed up and going out, you can sit in a onesie on your couch while looking for dates...

Join one or two online dating sites or apps to start. I recommend you join one mainstream site, such as Bumble or OKCupid, and one niche site, like OurTime, where you will find single men and women over 50. 

Check out this article for a complete list of online dating sites for people over 50. 

It's simple to create an online dating profile. But if in doubt, read this article I wrote for some great tips. As your online dating profile will be what people use to decide whether or not to match with you, you must have a good one!

Bear in mind that while it's easy meeting lots of singles online, people are also a lot flakier. Before meeting in real life, people have no skin in the game. What's more, they may be messaging several people simultaneously, and those who spike their interest the most will get their attention. Conversations can therefore end abruptly and without explanation.

Also, just online chemistry doesn't always translate to offline chemistry. Know that it's a numbers game, and you'll likely have to meet with quite a few women before you hit it off with someone. 

Do meet up with people for a quick drink or coffee as soon as possible to find out if there is, indeed chemistry. Check out this article about great ideas for first dates. There are also good tips for conversation starters in that article.

Speed dating and singles meetups 

There are many singles events these days, especially now that we are recovering from the pandemic. Many online dating sites offer them in bigger cities. And gone are the days when speed dating was just that - you met, you had one minute to talk, and you moved on. Yes, that still exists. These days there are also board game nights for singles and the like. Some are created especially so that the ice is broken and you don't have to fret about what to talk to strangers about!

Simply Google single events near you and speed dating in your town or area. 

See single events and speed dating events as fun ways of meeting new people - that removes the pressure of having to get something out of the evening. If you put too much emphasis on finding love or simply meeting someone you have chemistry with, you lose some of the joy of just seeing how the evening unfolds. 

Thanks to the pandemic, there are also online speed dating events, usually hosted over Zoom. So again, have a look at various dating sites, as well as Google, to find something that suits you.

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