Is Adult FriendFinder good for more than casual dating?

AdultFriendFinder is an incredibly popular dating site with a focus on hookups and other sexual encounters. But is it possible to use it to find serious relationships on there as well, or is AFF just for casual dating?

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Is Adult FriendFinder good for more than casual dating?
  • AFF is one of the world’s most popular hookup sites, with over 80 million members
  • AFF is an adult dating site
  • While there have been rumours of scams and fake profiles, there are plenty of active members using AFF safely
  • AFF is more sex oriented than apps like Tinder

Is Adult FriendFinder good for more than casual dating: FAQs

  • Is AFF a casual dating site?

    Yes, most people on AFF are looking to meet people for online or offline hookups. Very few people use AFF to find serious relationships. There are plenty of other online dating sites that you can use to find serious relationships if that’s what you are looking for.

  • Do swingers use AFF?

    Yes, swingers and people who are into different types of kinks use AFF.

  • Is AFF free?

    While you can create a free account and have a look around the site, it’s essentially a paid dating service, as you can only use it properly if you pay.

  • Does have an app?

    There is an app for all FriendFinder sites where you can interact with members on AFF. Basically, all the sites owned by the FriendFinder Network have a shared user base.

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Having been around for over two decades, the FriendFinder sites are still popular today. When it comes to AFF, it’s a site dedicated to people wanting to find hookups, have online sex, and enjoy adult content at large. But can it be used to find serious relationships, too?

In short, yes. This is because the FriendFinder Networks offer many different sites that have a shared user base. That means that even if you are signed into AFF and see the content designed for that site, you will have access to members using FriendFinder and other sites in the network dedicated to more serious relationships and friendships, as well as casual dating.

Therefore, if you use the search filters to look for people wanting a long-term romance, you’ll be able to find them. That said, you might prefer to sign up for FriendFinder (as opposed to AdultFriendFinder) if you don’t want to see explicit content. The live streams, videos, and other content on AFF contain a lot of nudity.

Continue reading to find out exactly what AFF has to offer!

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AFF: what you need to know

AFF is one of the world’s most popular casual dating sites, with over 80 million members. It’s typically viewed as a hookup site used for adult dating.

It belongs to the FriendFinder Network. They also operate several other sites, including FriendFinder, which is better if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

Most of the FriendFinder sites have the same page layout and allow you to connect with members across sites (i.e. they have a shared user base).

AFF works similarly to a social networking site where you can upload photos and videos, create blogs, and share status updates. However, note that you need a paid membership to be able to access most features.

While the design of the site is outdated, they have been unable to remove all fake profiles and scammers. It’s still an incredibly popular site, it’s feature-rich, and there are some very active members on there.


Anyone can create a free account and have a look around the AFF site. Free functions include searching the site and viewing partial profiles. You can also like people’s photos and read some magazine articles.

As a free member, you cannot communicate with other members unless they’ve purchased a special premium membership that lets you do so. To be able to use all functions, you need to become a gold member.

Free features are basically there to allow you to get a feel for the site, not to use it properly.

Free site functions:

  • Create a profile with text and images
  • Use advanced search to find other members
  • View partial profiles 
  • Like and comment on other members’ posts
  • Join blogs and groups
  • Watch videos on the homepage
  • Read articles in the magazine

Paid membership site functions (in addition to the above!):

  • View other members' full profiles
  • View live streams/live videos
  • Message members
  • Partake in chat rooms
  • Partake in competitions
  • Hotlist other members
  • Send flirts
  • Submit/read erotic stories

Note that while you can access most features after purchasing a gold membership, you might still have to pay for certain things, such as sending virtual gifts, viewing a live stream created by a model, or partaking in a course at the sex academy.


Profiles on AdultFriendFinder can be very detailed as there are a lot of things to fill out. However, as it’s not a requirement to fill anything out, not everyone bothers with this.

Beyond the basics, like looks, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc., you can take a personality test. You can also fill out what kinks you are into or open to.

The advanced search options allow you to find like-minded people—plenty of search filters help ensure you find what you’re looking for.

You can join as a couple or a group

One cool thing with AFF is that you can join as a couple or group. For that reason, a lot of swingers use AFF. So do people looking for threesomes.

All sexual orientations are welcome

AFF is an open-minded and, generally speaking, sexually liberated community. That means that all genders and sexual orientations are welcome. 

Sexual content

As AdultFriendFinder is an adult dating site, there is plenty of erotic and sexual content on the site. You can go to your settings and change them to avoid seeing either nudity or sexual content. However, having reviewed the site and tried this, the filters aren’t perfect.

If you want to meet people for hookups but don’t want to see nudity online, then an app like Tinder is much better. The content on AFF includes live streams of people having sex and masturbating.

In short, this is not a site for the faint of heart.


Unfortunately, AFF has a reputation as a site that scammers use. There are plenty of stories about people trying to catfish members, but more often than not, it’s people trying to get members to pay for online video chats and likes. Thankfully, it’s possible to interact with verified profiles only. And plenty of real people use the site—it’s one of the world’s most popular adult dating sites, after all!

So no, not everyone using AFF is a scammer—far from it. Just use your judgement when using the site. 

Keep the following points in mind to stay safe:

  • Try to video chat with someone as soon as possible to verify they look like their pictures.
  • Don’t hand out your phone number, address, or banking details.
  • Don't hand out your social media handles if you share personal information there.
  • Don’t offer to pay for something for someone.
  • If someone asks for payment to chat with you, don’t pay.
  • When meeting up with someone, meet them in public for the first couple of times.
  • Always let someone know where you are when going on a date.
  • Know that people can record video calls, so only do what you're comfortable with.
  • Likewise, people can keep photos you send them.

If you want to be extra cautious, don't tell someone where you work until after you meet up with them and feel comfortable with them. 

A note of warning for new users

Another thing you need to be aware of is that the moment you sign up, you will receive likes and messages from members. Your notifications will be going wild! However, this is likely auto-generated likes and messages from fake profiles (bots). 

Why do I believe these are fake profiles? Because you will get likes and messages even if you have no profile photo or information (I tried it out to be able to review the site). And who will like and message you unless there is any information on your profile? 

You will find plenty of AdultFriendFinder reviews that mention this, but why does it happen? 

Basically, this has been set up by AFF to lure you to pay for a gold membership. They want you to upgrade when you sign up for a free membership. And to get you to upgrade, they want to entice you to speak with other members. The site's free version will not allow you to message others or read messages. So to be able to respond to your messages, they encourage you to upgrade. 

While this is a poor practice, many real members will speak with you when you sign up (granted you create a nice profile). AFF is known for having a very active membership base. 

Verified profiles

You can choose to verify your profile by uploading legal documents. You can also choose to only interact with verified AdultFriendFinder members when using the AFF dating website. This can help you stay clear of fake profiles. 

Note that a verified profile does not mean that someone looks like their pictures. It means their ID has been verified. They are still able (on a site like AFF, at least) to upload pictures of themselves that are five or ten years old. This is why getting on a video call with someone ASAP is a good idea! 

Sharing photos

Like many other dating sites, AFF has a policy that when you upload pics, they get the right to use those pics. When it comes to AFF, they get the right to use those photos not just on your profile but as marketing materials.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to allow this. Go to your settings and change them so that AFF is not given the right to use your photos for marketing materials.

Go to your privacy settings and have a look around to ensure you’re not signed up for anything you don’t want to be!

The dating app

There isn’t a mobile app for AFF, but you use one for the FriendFinder Networks. Meaning you use the app to sign into any FriendFinder site, including AFF.

This is also interesting to note because once you sign up for one of their sites, your profile gets shared with members across their network of sites. For example, if someone is searching AFF for a partner near them for a long-term relationship, they might see your profile if you match their criteria, even if you signed up for FriendFinder, not AFF.

You can find the app on the App Store for iPhones and on Google Play for Android.

How to get the most out of AFF

To get the most out of AFF, it’s important you fill out your profile properly. Answer as many questions as possible. That way, more people will be able to find you when searching using search filters (as opposed to just looking for members nearby).

You also want to upload photos of yourself and, if you like, a video. Profiles without photos get very little attention.

The best way to get to know more members is to send them a nice message. You can also like their photos and status updates. AFF works similarly to a social network, where you can become "friends" with people and keep them in your network.

There are competitions you can partake in to get more profile views. You can also upload blogs and erotic stories.

If you choose to verify your profile, you might get more attention from serious users. Likewise, if you want to avoid fake profiles, you can choose to interact with verified members only.

If you are unsure of how to create an online dating profile and interact with others online, read this article. It's a good introduction for anyone wanting to get started with online dating!

The verdict

AFF is only one of many sites to choose from in the age of swiping right and left when using dating apps and online dating platforms. So should you use it?

The pros

  • Large user base
  • Members from many different countries
  • Lots of active members—you will find someone to chat with
  • Weekly competitions that create user engagement
  • Ability to create a network of friends
  • Can chat with people using a webcam
  • Feature-rich—from watching live streams to joining chat rooms, there’s something for everyone
  • People on here are actively looking for online and offline hookups

The cons

  • Outdated design
  • Confusing user interface (the homepage is crowded)
  • Fake profiles and bots
  • Can’t do much unless you become a paid member

If you don’t mind the outdated design and you’re good at staying clear of fake profiles, AFF can be a good online dating site. AFF is especially good if you’re looking for someone to have online sex with, explore your kinks with (from swinging and dogging to BDSM, there’s something for everyone here), or hook up with in real life. It’s a popular site with lots of features and active members, even if it’s not the best dating site where design or safety is concerned.

In short, you can have a lot of fun if you are looking for sex. Need tips on how to spice up your sex life at large? Check out our earlier article, which has plenty of suggestions.

Do remember to go to your settings when signing up to ensure the privacy settings are adjusted to what you are comfortable with.

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