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Best singles holidays for over 70s

A solo trip is a perfect place to relax and find friends, with many tours existing precisely for this reason. Whatever your interests or destination, you’re sure to find a group to join and connect with. From Canada to Cornwall, a solo holiday might be the breath of fresh air you need.

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Best singles holidays for over 70s
  • Solo travellers are most likely to be over 75
  • Solo trips can help you meet others or take valuable time for yourself if you prefer
  • There’s no limit to the type of trip you can take
  • Holiday companies are increasingly catering for solo and older travellers

Singles holidays for over 70s: FAQs

  • Can over 70s go on holiday?

    Over 70s can absolutely go on holiday. There is no time like the present to know what you want from a holiday and maximise your time having fun. You should never let age stop you.

  • Who goes on solo holidays?

    Solo holidays are popular with everyone, especially those over 50. The popularity of solo holidays continues to increase as time goes on, with people looking to have fun no matter their age!

  • What are the best singles holidays?

    You will find many singles holidays, all of which claim to be the best. By researching and choosing a holiday that suits your needs and desires as a solo traveller, you can be sure to plan your unique best singles holiday!

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Being over 70 is as good an age as any for single travellers to jet off on an exciting getaway. We’ve already looked at the best destinations for over 50s and 60s, but life past 70 can bring about an even more incredible feeling of freedom that is important when choosing destinations. 

Holiday companies are increasingly creating experiences for the over-70 age group, with packages including travelling tours and itineraries to provide the best possible experiences. Solo holidays are also becoming very popular, and there are many destinations where you can travel solo at your own pace. By this stage in our lives, most of us know exactly what we want from a holiday, whether that’s a short break full of sightseeing or a more extended trip somewhere far away. Whatever your choice, age shouldn’t be a problem when travelling.

Whether you're looking for a solo holiday, an adults-only getaway, or an all-inclusive package for the whole family, our selection of holiday providers has you covered. Click below to start your holiday search!

Is it ok to go on a solo holiday?

Of course it is! With an increasing number of older people living alone, there isn’t a better time to benefit from traveller tours which can quickly change a solo trip into a group holiday. You’ll be surprised at how many people travel alone and how easy it is to do this yourself. Surveys show that solo travellers are most likely to be 75 years and over. So just think, there is a whole world out there to explore, and there is no better time than the present to soak it all up. 

Travelling, especially solo travel, is often viewed as an exciting, bucket-list activity to check off in your 20s, but why should the fun stop there? Studies show that solo travellers over 55 are travelling alone more often. Over 50s tend to have fewer commitments with work and perhaps have fewer family members reliant on them, too, so it makes sense that people may choose to go on solo trips at an older age.

What are the best locations for singles holidays?

When choosing a location, the world is your oyster, and many single travellers enjoy their time in various places. You can go anywhere globally and enjoy a singles holiday, and we have rounded up some of the most incredible locations across the seven continents. 


Europe offers some of the most breathtaking countries in the world, each with its own cultural history and fantastic cuisines. Italy and France are some of the world’s most desirable locations, and the Tuscany and Bordeaux vineyards are well worth a visit. If you are looking for beaches, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, and the Greek Islands offer a welcome retreat. You can also find sun and culture in locations such as Austria, Malta, and mainland Greece, especially during the summer.

North America

North America hosts incredible locations across the USA and Canada, offering countless must-see cities and landmarks. You can learn about the captivating indigenous history of the countries as well as take in some of the most spectacular views found in Niagara Falls, Ontario, or the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It’s also worth visiting the tropical oases of Costa Rica, Mexico, and Barbados, where the sun shines bright and the tropical drinks keep flowing. 

South America

South America is home to many countries, including Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia, which are proving increasingly popular with solo travellers. These locations offer cultural experiences, exciting cities, and beautiful beaches that look straight from a picture book. 


Asia offers some of the most beautiful locations in the world, and solo travellers enjoy incredible destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, which boast tropical beaches and organised tours. You can visit China and Japan to experience the excitement of huge cities like Tokyo and Shanghai. Or you can travel to South Asia to experience the hustle and bustle of a busy and inspiring city such as New Delhi in India. It may be worth taking a more extended trip to locations such as these which offer a unique experience you can't find at home.


Africa offers countless beautiful locations which are extremely popular with tourists, and destinations such as Egypt and Morocco prove popular with solo tourists year after year. It’s also worth seeing the wildlife in countries such as Kenya and South Africa for a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience. 


Locations such as Australia and New Zealand are great for travellers looking to venture further into the outback. These locations offer incredible tours, perfect for a solo traveller over 70. For example, you can see some of Australia’s most prominent landscapes from the comfort of a luxury train on a remarkable rail journey. This way, you can experience Australia’s rich and thrilling wildlife, from crocodiles to kangaroos, all at your own leisurely pace.

United Kingdom and Ireland

One option if you do not want to venture too far from home is to holiday in the United Kingdom. We have countless culturally rich locations, such as London and Liverpool, right on our doorstep. The UK also has many scenic country locations, such as the Scottish or Welsh countryside and the Lake District. If you want to venture out a little, it may be worth taking a trip to Ireland to experience the excitement of Dublin or Belfast and stunning Irish landscapes.

What can you do on a singles holiday?

Think about what activities you enjoy and what sights you want to see. This way, you can compile a list of things to do on your holiday. Every traveller is different, and there are activities to suit every kind of need. Whether with a group alongside an escorted tour or a solo walking tour, you can find peace of mind that something will suit your needs. Here are some ideas for how to make the most of your solo trip.

River cruises

River cruises are an excellent way to see the sights in the luxury of a boat. Many tour companies offer exciting tours which provide a unique view of some of the most incredible locations in the world from the perspective of the water.

You can find European river cruises in places such as London, Paris and Berlin, all of which provide breathtaking sights of the cities. For more exciting locations, travellers can look at cruises of the fjords of Norway or even river cruises along the Amazon or Nile.

Beach holidays

One of the most popular ways to spend a holiday is on the beach. There’s nothing like unwinding on a beach towel whilst lying on warm sands, with the option of taking a dip in the cooling ocean nearby. It’s no wonder so many people flock to beaches each year.

Whether at home in the UK, along Portugal’s Algarve or in the tropics of Thailand, a trip to the beach is guaranteed to be an experience you won’t regret. Beaches are a great place to meet other travellers, and very often, you will find guided tours in operation where you can socialise and get involved with some fun beach activities. 

City breaks

If you are searching for a short travel experience, weekend city breaks are very popular among solo travellers. European cities make for exciting holidays that can fit nicely into a weekend, with countless activities and plenty of sights to see. For a city break that lasts longer than a weekend, destinations such as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, or Tokyo will charm you while providing endless dining and entertainment options. Whatever you are looking for, there’s a city break out there for you.

Spiritual retreats

Spiritual retreats are an excellent opportunity to reconnect with yourself and meet others along the way. Countless retreats operate in the UK and overseas, with spirituality at their core. These types of retreats can focus on yoga, wellness or meditation and provide a calm and safe environment for singles to connect with other people, gain a deeper insight into themselves, and connect with their spirituality. Spiritual retreats may suit you if you're looking for connection as well as fun and new experiences.

Singles hotels

The option of staying in hotels specifically for singles is becoming more popular for single travellers. Many companies offer tailor-made experiences for mature clients and host them in hotels specifically for singles. These hotels usually include social activities that bring together guests and provide a great way to meet new people. 

These hotels usually offer communal living situations; however, there are also options to stay in your own room if you prefer more privacy. Either way, a singles hotel is a sure way to enjoy your time on your trip and keep your schedule busy!

Should I book with a travel company?

An important decision to consider when booking a holiday is if you want to book it all yourself or acquire the help of a travel agency. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options. For example, booking through a travel agency can take the stress out of planning and booking your holiday, but it can also bump up the price as they will add their fee onto the total. 

No matter what you choose, ensuring you book confidently is essential. If you use a travel agent, ensure they are legitimate. Although they do not have to be award-winning, they must be certified by ABTA or ATOL to ensure you have security when you book. 

Booking solo

Many people choose to book solo so they can tailor their experience to what they want, and sometimes this can save a little bit of money as you avoid any fees associated with booking through a travel company. This option requires a lot more work, but booking solo can have many benefits if you are willing and able to put the time in.

If you choose to book by yourself, do your research to avoid any nasty surprises. It might also be worth throwing in a guided tour on your trip so you can meet other people. 

Booking through a company

The other option is, of course, to book your trip through a reputable travel company. You can tell them where you would like to go and what activities you would like to do, and they will take care of the rest. This option means that you will be aware of your holiday schedule beforehand and can rest assured that you will meet similar people throughout your trip.

Doing a little research to find the best travel company is essential. Here are some companies it might be worth considering.


Titan is a company which offers tours to an endless number of destinations. With tours specifically tailored to a more mature audience, they have won awards for being a trusted and friendly company. 

Saga Holidays

Saga Holidays own ships which sail from the UK to lots of different destinations across the globe. These are tailored for a mature audience and are a secure way to get the most out of your trip on a beautiful cruise ship setting.

Assisted Holidays

Assisted Holidays specialise in accessible holidays, making an organised holiday possible for those with mobility issues. This company provides the perfect solution if this puts you off organising a holiday.

How can I stay safe while travelling?

Solo travel naturally makes many people nervous, and it’s essential to prioritise safety throughout your trip. One of the most important parts of keeping safe is ensuring you have travel insurance if you encounter any unexpected obstacles and need support. Booking travel insurance allows you to feel protected and will make your trip a much less stressful experience overall.

Here are other things to consider when travelling to ensure you stay safe and protected.

Check the tour company

It’s essential to choose an established tour company before going on holiday. Look for credible reviews to ensure the company is legit and has a safe and trusted reputation.

Choose the right insurance

Insurance is an integral part of ensuring safety when travelling. Insurance means you stay safe and protected in the face of injuries or lost possessions, so it’s best to choose the right cover to keep you safe. Look for good reviews and read the small print before buying to ensure you don’t encounter any unexpected nasty surprises. 

Keep belongings safe

Keeping your belongings safe when travelling is essential; there’s nothing like losing valuables to ruin a trip. You are bound to carry many valuable items such as a passport, money and perhaps sentimental jewellery. Always keep these safe and secure, and it may be worth checking if your accommodation has storage facilities such as lockable safes for extra peace of mind.

Know your route home

When in a different city or country, it’s easy to forget your way back to the hotel or get a little lost. It would be best to plan a safe home route so you can quickly and easily return to your accommodation when needed. You can do this by making an outline on a map or saving your accommodation address to your phone, so you can access it even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Tell people where you go

Ensuring loved ones or people back home know where you are is essential when travelling alone. Even if you don’t have people back home to be in touch with, be sure people on the trip know where you are going if you’re on a group holiday.

Overall, knowing that you can find adventure at any age is life-changing. Your 70s are a remarkable time of your life where you know yourself entirely and can continue exploring our thrilling world on your own terms.

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