Best singles holidays for over 60s

Best singles holidays for over 60s

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Life shouldn’t stop just because you don’t have a holiday partner! A growing wave of singles holiday companies built around the over 60s means finding the right kind of holiday and travelling safely has never been more effortless.

  • Solo travelling is a great way to discover new destinations and meet people with similar interests.
  • Many tour operators organise river cruises, walking tours, or city breaks.
  • To stay safe during your solo travels, keep in touch with your loved ones, and remain vigilant.
  • A singles holiday can make for an incredible adventure in your later years if you do your research.

Solo holidays for over 60s: FAQs

  • Is it weird to travel alone?

    If you’ve always travelled with friends or family, you may be daunted by the idea of travelling alone. But it’s a sizable holiday market, and many solo travellers are over 50 and older. Depending on the type of getaway you book, you might find yourself on holiday with like-minded travellers and making new friends as you go anyway.

  • Where is it safe for solo female travellers?

    It's not just about the destination but the holiday company you choose and the safety tips you practise. Knowing the top tips for your destination and selecting a recommended and assured holiday are great places to start. If you're still wary about travelling alone, look for holiday companies that offer small group tours or escorted tours.

  • What is the best singles travel company?

    Many holiday companies specialise in singles and over 60s travel, including Wendy Wu, Saga, Titan, Just You and Inghams. Some organise great adventure holidays, while others are more suited to a leisurely break. The key is to research any holiday company and check out reviews before you book.

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Travelling alone is most definitely not a young person’s game. Surveys show that solo travellers are most likely to be 75 years and over. If you think about it, it's easy to see why. It's a time when we typically have fewer commitments and more disposable income.

Often, our 60s and beyond bring about significant life changes, too, from retirement to the kids leaving home. We may also find ourselves travelling or living alone for the first time in years, through choice or otherwise. But, whatever your circumstances, it doesn't mean you should put your dreams of seeing the world on hold.

So, in the spirit of adventure and individualism, let’s explore the best singles holidays for over 60s. Get ready to dive into the where and the how. But first, why should you consider a singles holiday in the first place?

What is a singles holiday?

A singles holiday is a holiday where you travel solo. That may be due to choice or circumstances beyond your control. The great thing about them is that they're organised so you can meet up with other single travellers. That means you'll meet like-minded people with something in common.

You can also select the right type of holiday for you. More on that in a moment! In the meantime, it's worth noting that you'll likely have even more common ground with your fellow travellers if you do this. Perhaps this will be shared interests or experiences. This can be a boon for anyone looking to make friends or even find romance.

The best part is that this is a way to get out, see the world and do what you want. This can make for an incredibly empowering, positive and freeing experience. So many singles choose to holiday like this year after year.

Finding the best singles holidays for over 60s

What matters to you? Do you want to take several short breaks or go on longer trips? Do you like taking UK holidays, or would you prefer to visit the Mediterranean coast? This is where you can start getting creative with your holiday planning, nailing down what interests you most and how you'd like to spend your time.

Here are our favourite picks to get you started.

Coach tours 

This is a safe, thrilling and traveller-friendly way of seeing the world's most incredible sights and exploring the furthest reaches of the globe. Some of our favourites include exotic places like Sri Lanka. Still, a coach trip close to home around Ireland can be just as rewarding an experience.

River cruises 

If water is more your thing than land, river cruises can be a languid way to spend a few days. Top destinations include the UK and Europe, drifting along famous waterways like the Danube and the Rhone.

Walking tours 

There's more than one kind of walking tour! You may want to see some of the most iconic sights in cities worldwide or get out into the wilderness and escape the humdrum of city life in a region like Tuscany.

City breaks 

It's tempting to think that city breaks are better with friends or family. But a singles holiday in a city can be a blast. Choose a tour operator offering fun activities, experiences, and sightseeing, and you'll have a rip-roaring time.

Where should I go on holiday if I’m single?

Where shouldn't you go?! If you can find the right package that offers the right experiences, there's no limit to the places you can visit.

That said, some favourite destinations crop up again and again. This can be reassuring if this is your first singles holiday or if you'd prefer to go to a place known within the solo traveller circuit. The thought of turning up somewhere and being surrounded by couples and families may not be the best thing after all.

Here are a few ideas that may float your boat and help you along the way. Just remember that prices are subject to change*, and this is only a guide. 


The Greek islands are often associated with romance and can also draw hordes of families. Still, there's more to these destinations than their beauty. If history and archaeology are your things, you can enjoy these in the bucketload with a guided trip.

Their beauty and well-developed tourist scene mean there are resorts and tours of every kind. As a single traveller, you can easily book the right tour and feel at home while being a refreshing distance away from it. Cyprus, Sicily and Malta are also excellent options if you’re looking for an island break.


Spain may seem another obvious choice. Still, it's incredible how much more you can get out of a popular destination with a new focus. So get away from the usual family holiday circuit, and immerse yourself in a different side of the country. Rich in history with beautiful and plentiful vistas, this is a place to unwind, recharge, and find adventure. 

You can mix up these three things as much as you like, depending on your appetite for energy versus downtime, but we especially love stays that offer the opportunity to pick and choose your day trips as you see fit. Portugal, Italy, and Croatia also fit the bill for such solo trips.

South America 

If extensive views and a different way of life are just the tonics you need, a guided tour around South America will undoubtedly deliver what you want. From Costa Rica to the Caribbean, you will find a culturally diverse, beautiful region full of thrills, perfect for those who love activity holidays. 


Lush, green and exotic, India's rural side is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of its cities. Head to locales like Kerala and immerse yourself in a wonderland of lush vistas and open roads.


Jordan's Petra ruins are famous worldwide, with millions of tourists visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Centre each year. But this Middle Eastern country steeped in history and culture has plenty more to offer and will appeal to the history buffs among you. 


Vietnam is an excellent option if you've been itching to explore Asia. The country has plenty to offer, from trekking in the jungle to lounging by the beach to exploring a different culture with a rich history. It can make the perfect "all-rounder" holiday. 

How to travel alone as a woman

Feeling daunted at the thought of travelling alone as a woman is natural. Rest assured, though, there are ways to do it safely and have plenty of fun. If you are in this category, start by researching your options and getting a feel for what you're comfortable with, what kinds of holidays and trips feel suitable, and how adventurous you want to go. And remember, being adventurous doesn't have to mean hiking up a mountain! For some, booking a beach holiday solo could be a big thing. It's all about you and your choices here.

Here are a few things to consider so you can make the most of your trip. 

Protect your belongings 

Simple actions like keeping your valuables locked away or concealed on your person are a must for any traveller. If you're travelling solo, it's essential as you're the sole source of finances and other valuables. So be sensible and follow the same safety tips you would at home. Remember to protect yourself further with a relevant travel insurance policy, too.

Look for reputable tour operators 

Looking after your safety is much easier if you trust the company you’re travelling with. This will give you all-important peace of mind before you leave and throughout the trip.

Consider your health 

Perhaps a challenging hiking tour isn't for you or your health, and that's ok. Or maybe you need to consider regular medication and other health management strategies throughout your trip. Allow for these and prioritise your physical needs.

Keep in touch with loved ones 

This will reassure not only you but them as well. Regular check-ins with the people you love at home will enable you to embrace your adventure without going off-grid. Most airports will have Wi-Fi, so sending a quick message whenever you board a plane or land is a great way to reassure your friends and family. 

Don’t tell people where you’re staying 

If a nosy stranger wants to know your accommodation or room number details, keep it vague or don't answer the question. It's essential to stay safe. 

Which is the best singles holiday company?

By this stage, you won't be surprised to hear that the market for singles travel for people in their 60s is vast. That means there are many different tour operators and companies to choose from. You'll feel more secure if the company has a good reputation, whether you're keen to protect your investment, your person, or both! Whether you use one of these companies or find your own, check they're a member of ABTA and that your holiday is ATOL protected so you can book with confidence.

Here are a few great singles holiday operators for people in their 60s and beyond:

  • Wendy Wu Tours - whether you’re looking for solo tours, cruises, a tailor-made holiday experience, or something else, Wendy Wu has you covered.
  • Saga Holidays – perhaps one of the best-known holiday companies with many years of experience in this sector, they also have a cruise line and a wide variety of destinations and holiday types to choose from, so you can take your pick depending on your preferences and budget.
  • Just You – see the world and enjoy guided tours to some of the best destinations. These holidays are designed for singles, with no singles supplement. There is also a wide range of destinations to choose from.
  • Inghams – also designed for single travellers with no singles supplement, these tours are set in prized locations across Europe and the UK. Some UK tours, in particular, are not to be missed.
  • Titan – these award-winning tours are filled with detailed itineraries and set to amazing backdrops in some of the world’s best destinations. Just check out the solo traveller packages when browsing.
  • Jules Verne – not strictly speaking a singles tour operator, but they offer a singles supplement on many of their trips to world-class destinations. So expect exceptionally planned tours and plenty of other singles along for the ride.
  • Ramblers Cruise and Walk Holidays – for those who like to keep things uncomplicated, this holiday company offers stellar walking holidays that make you feel safe from beginning to end. Plus, you'll get the chance to get a lungful of fresh air and truly get away from it all.
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