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Top 10 singles holidays for over 60s

There are more options than ever for the over 60 solo holidaymaker, such as European cruises, roaming around Rome and blissing out on a beach in Antigua, so be brave and venture forth. The world and all its wonders await.

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Top 10 singles holidays for over 60s
  • More and more older single travellers are discovering the delights of solo travel.
  • It’s a great time to holiday alone, with plenty of award-winning travel companies out there.
  • The choice is massive, with group escorted tours and more solitary options available.
  • Whatever your passion, you’ll be able to explore it alone with a solo holiday.

Singles holidays for over 60s: FAQs

  • Where do older singles go on holiday?

    Wherever anybody goes on holiday, that’s where older singles go. Greece, Egypt, Italy, India, Portugal, Australia, Cyprus, Vietnam, USA… the list is endless. Single travellers can and do venture all over the world or keep it British, sometimes in a group, sometimes completely solo.

  • What are the advantages of travelling solo?

    Solo holidays mean that you avoid clashes with a companion. If you differ on which parts of the Mediterranean you want to see, it can be tricky. If you’re alone, you get to do what you want, where you want. Christmas in Tuscany? No problem! Walking holiday in Jordan? Why not?

  • How can I travel alone at 60?

    There are lots of options. You can join a small group of like-minded travellers, get looked after by guides or be left to your own devices. Often, it’s sensible to go on a short break if it’s your first time, then expand as you get more years’ experience under your belt.

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So, you’re travelling alone. You’re not alone. Well, you are, that’s the point. But you’re not the only one travelling by themselves. Lots of people choose to do it. No offence to anyone’s partners, but it can be a blessing just to escape everything and everyone from time to time. 

Whether you're looking for a solo holiday, an adults-only getaway, or an all-inclusive package for the whole family, our selection of holiday providers has you covered. Click below to start your holiday search!

And if you’ve found yourself in a solo situation, not of your choosing, then don’t worry. There are so many good holidays available to the independent adventurer that holidaying alone is not a big deal. So, put away those concerns and let’s see what’s available. Grab your passport. Ready?

  1. Sailing to Iceland and Greenland.
  2. Up the British coast to Edinburgh.
  3. Cruising down the Blue Danube.
  4. Skiing in the Pyrenees.
  5. Beach life in Antigua.
  6. Sampling the delights of Japan.
  7. Getting wild in Kenya and Tanzania.
  8. Walking through history in Rome.
  9. Going multicultural in Strasbourg.
  10. Into the Costa Rican jungle.

OK, here we go!

1. Sailing to Iceland and Greenland

So, we’re starting in at the deep end. The deep end of the northern Atlantic, that is. It’s a long way and things can get pretty chilly, but the rewards are plentiful. We’re talking about the Greenland and Iceland Wilderness Explorer. Expect peace, vast skies, northern lights and perhaps the odd walrus if you’re very lucky. 

The boat’s first destination is Reykjavik, before cruising across crystal blue waters over to Greenland, where you’ll see magnificent fjords and visit the plucky settlements that survive in that unforgiving tundra. 

And to keep you busy while you make your leisurely way from A to B, there are crafting sessions with Julie Peasgood. The name itself might ring no bells, but we’re betting her face will. She’s probably best known as Fran from Brookside, but since those heady days on Merseyside, she’s become famous for her crafting abilities. Reports that Sheila and Bobby Grant will lead a Canasta class are unconfirmed. 

There are lots of other things to do on board, so this is a great combo of wilderness exploration and activity holiday.

Travelling alone

It’s a Saga cruise, which is worth mentioning because they’re heavily geared up for solo trippers, with plenty of single cabins available (often with no single supplement) - some with balconies and even a turndown service. That’s pampering, alright. 

There’s every opportunity to do a maritime mingle, as there’s a getting-to-know-everyone drinks party on the first night. Informal gatherings at ports of call are possible, so you can team up as you go. Or if you’re happier by yourself, that’s fine too. 

2. Up the British coast to Edinburgh

While we’re on Saga cruises, we thought it might be nice to look at one that stays in British waters. This one, the Edinburgh and the East Coast cruise, starts in Dover and sails all the way up the east coast of England, calling in at Newcastle en route. After getting your blessing from the Angel of the North, you’re then sailed further north to Newhaven, where you disembark and experience the joys of the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. 

Then it’s back again, all the way back to Dover. And while you’re afloat, there are inclusive refreshments, so you can relax and watch the delights of our very own UK drift past your window. It’s only a five-day trip, so you can squeeze it in quite easily, but the itinerary includes two of Britain's most fascinating cities. 

3. Cruising down the Blue Danube

Another Saga cruise offering is this one - a lazy trip navigating one of the most iconic European rivers and experiencing some of the most picturesque landscapes and most fascinating cities in the world. This river cruise, called Through the Carpathian Mountains: Bucharest to Budapest (even the name of it is thrilling - a bit on the Tolkien side), takes you through the wondrous riverscapes of Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.

As you pass through, you’ll see such amazing sights as the Iron Gates Gorge (surely that’s where Thorin Oakenshield lives) and the Kalemegdan Fortress. You’ll see some unforgettable things, and you can discuss them with your cruisemates over dinner at the Captain’s table!

4. Skiing in the Pyrenees

For those of us of a certain vintage, just the first couple of notes of the Ski Sunday theme will take us right back to winter evenings in front of the telly, leaning into each and every one of Franz Klammer’s gravity-defying turns and leaps down Val d’Isere’s treacherous slopes. Some of us can even go one better and ski themselves. If that includes you, you might want to check out this skiing trip to fabulous Andorra.

Perched between Spain and France, nestled amid the snowy Pyrenees, Andorra offers skiers some terrific slopes, plus world-class facilities in the Vallnord ski area. The hotel is located in the historical region of Arinsal, and there are plenty of opportunities for exploring this fascinating region. 

There are no group activities, and you’re left pretty much to it. So, you might want to get some solo holidaying experience under your belt before you venture this way. 

5. Beach life in Antigua

This is another one of those holidays where you’re given total independence, free to do whatever you like (within the confines of the law and your physical condition) amid the Caribbean paradise of Jolly Beach Antigua. With a name like that, you just know you’re going to love it, and this is a beach that puts a smile on everybody’s face. 

Antigua is famously laid back and relaxed (just think of the easy smile always on the face of its legendary son, Viv Richards), so it’s a great spot for those who just want a chance to kick back and empty their minds of all that clutter for a while. Hop on the flight from Heathrow and let it take you to paradise. 

This is with Last Minute, a well-known holiday operator with ATOL bonding, so there’s another reason to relax. Go chill. 

6. Sampling the delights of Japan

OK, now we’re heading in the other direction altogether, on a group tour called Essence of Japan. On this escapade, you’ll experience all that’s unique about this beautiful and thrilling land, taking the famous Bullet Train from place to fascinating place. Mount Fuji, Tokyo, sake tasting, ceremonial tea and Samurai demonstrations, all covered in cherry blossom (if you go in springtime). 

The itinerary even indicates that you will experience Sumo wrestling. We’re assuming that means you just watch it rather than being popped into an exotic pair of pants and then directed to have a go at the big chap in the opposite corner. But best check before you go, is our advice. 

It’s 14 days of tip-top luxury. You can even be picked up from your very door then taken back there at journey’s end, blissfully tired and full of incredible memories.

7. Going wild in Kenya and Tanzania

This is a group tour to check out the Best of Kenya and Tanzania, taking in all the big game beasts. Elephants? Check. Wildebeest? Check. Zebra? Check (well, they’re more what you’d call striped, really). You’ll go on no fewer than 11 fabulously exciting game drives into world-famous animal hotspots like the Serengeti National Park. You’ll also go to see the incredible Ngorongoro Crater. Tectonically terrific stuff. 

It’s an escorted tour (you’ll be in a small group), and the attentive staff will meet your every need. You’ll get to discover locations as diverse as bustling Nairobi and the magnificent Lake Victoria (where the sponge comes from. Maybe). You can choose to be as friendly as a playful lion cub or as gloriously self-contained as a contented giraffe. Up to you. 

8. Walking through history in Rome

Now a quick one - an espresso option, if you like. It’s a city break in one of the most incredible cities in the world, Rome. See Rome and die, is what they say. We wouldn’t go that far - seems a bit of a mixed experience. But do prepare for sights that are simply unrivalled anywhere else on the planet. 

For millennia, Rome has enchanted the visitor with its layer upon layer of history and culture, and the architecture is fit for the gods. That includes the hotel: the Anatura Palazzo Naiadi is a stunner, able to compete with anything the Romans erected, but in much better condition. Luxury is the order of the day, and you’ll be pampered to pieces for four nights as you bring out your inner Nero. 

Rome’s the kind of place you can just wander around and come slap bang up against something incredible around every corner. It’s surprisingly easy to navigate, so being unaccompanied shouldn’t be a bother. If you need help finding your way around, the hotel will be glad to assist. 

It’s a fantastic getaway destination at any time of year. As far as city breaks go, Rome’s the eternal city. 

9. Going multicultural in Strasbourg

For many people, France is all about Paris, and/or Provence. But there’s so much more to our nearest neighbour that it would take a gros sac full of articles like this one to do justice to it. 

This particular holiday caught our eye because it offers great accommodation at a reasonable price, situated in an all but unsung corner of France - Strasbourg. In a mere 1½ hours, you could be in this fantastic hotbed of culture, with great food and drink fusion courtesy of the city’s location on the Franco-German cusp. 

The accommodation is in the Aparthotel Adagio, and it’s self-catering, so you can buy wonderfully fresh ingredients from Strasbourg’s lively markets and prepare masterpieces of cuisine for yourself. Sometimes, when travelling alone, it’s nice to have self-catering. Not everybody feels completely comfortable dining alone in a restaurant, after all. 

The other fab thing about this place? It’s pet friendly, so if you’ve got a furry fellow traveller in mind, get their passport sorted out and let them come with you. You’ll be flying with Volotea, who allow small dogs and cats to fly with you in the cabin! Woof!

10. Into the Costa Rican jungle

So, we come to our last trip, and this one’s a group tour of one of the most verdant corners of the world. On this holiday, called Costa Rica - The Jewel of Central America, you’ll see more monkeys than you can shake a banana at and an array of the most exotic birdlife you’ll ever hear squawk. 

15 nights of incredible adventure awaits the intrepid explorer. Actually, you don’t have to be very intrepid - you’ll be taken care of throughout your time there by experienced guides who are only too happy to give extra attention to solo travellers should you feel a little out of your depth at any point. 

All meals are included as you make your way around this precious emerald of a country, and you’ll also get a tour of the vibrant and pulsating city of San Jose. Then, should you bump into Dionne Warwick afterwards, you’ll be able to tell her the way there. 

Home at last

Hopefully, we’ve given you a good flavour of the kind of thing that’s out there for the solo traveller. Mind you, it’s perfectly OK to feel some diffidence about the whole thing. The important thing is to know that there are holidays available with people like you in mind. Whatever you want from a holiday, from peaceful solitude to a chance to make new friends with like-minded people, there are options for you, from Asia to Africa, Sicily to Sri Lanka. 

Remember that fortune favours the brave. So have a think about what you fancy, see what’s on offer, and then do a Nike. Yep, just do it.

Image Credit: Huy Phan at Pexels

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