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Christmas gift ideas for the whole family

Make buying Christmas presents for your family a total breeze with this guide! It will eliminate all the stress and leave you to enjoy the festive period.

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Christmas gift ideas for the whole family
  • Our guide will help you find the perfect present for every family member.
  • Find the ideal stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.
  • Personalised gifts are unique and thoughtful gifts, especially for people who seem to have everything!
  • All our ideas are available on Amazon, ideal for last-minute shopping or if you need next-day delivery

Christmas shopping for loved ones: FAQs

  • What are the best gifts for foodies?

    Without a doubt, a hamper is one of the best choices for a foodie. They will love getting a box of goodies from their favourite store or delicatessen laden with delicious food. What's excellent about hampers is that there is a budget to suit everyone - as so many stores offer them. Plus, they usually range in size, too, meaning you can buy a smaller hamper that fits your budget.

  • What are the best eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas?

    As people become more aware of their environmental impact, making informed gift-wrapping choices is more of a concern for many. Brown paper may sound dull, but it can be easily recycled and spruced up with natural finishing touches such as pine cones or holly. But, of course, it's also necessary to ensure that it ends up in the recycling bin, so make sure it all makes its way there on the big day.

  • Are Christmas decorations a good Christmas gift?

    Christmas decorations are a great gift to give over the festive season. What’s great about them is that there is such a variety of options that you will be able to find one to suit anyone’s needs. Or, you can buy a decoration that acts as a memento of a trip you have been on with a loved one, which will always make a gift so much more sentimental and meaningful for them.

  • Are your suggestions suitable for birthday gifts?

    Many of the gifts we mention are just as suitable for birthday gifts as Christmas ones. Options such as baubles or snow globes may be ones to leave, but even buying a person an advent calendar in the run-up to December can be appropriate and much appreciated! Of course, if their birthday is in December, you could buy them a Christmas jumper!

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Christmas shopping can be stressful sometimes. We often put pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gift for the loved ones in our lives. To help, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for the whole family so you can cut out all the noise. 

With marketing at its most potent during the festive season, knowing what to choose can be overwhelming. This list will stop all that, leaving you to have fun instead of maniacally rushing around a horrendously busy shopping centre on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas gifts for Mum and adult daughters

Any adult daughters or mothers will love any of the gifts below. By and large, women of a certain age love having presents given to them that help them indulge or pamper themselves in some way. 


Any woman who loves cheese, wine, chocolate - or any food! - will love a hamper. There will be hampers for all tastes, meaning you can sit back and enjoy watching them open their gift. Often, the box itself comes in useful for storage afterwards and always works as a reminder of who gave it to them. 

Beauty gift sets

Getting an extensive collection of beauty products is a surefire hit for most women. What's great about them, too, is that most popular brands will do a gift set, so you only have to look at what makeup brand they use the most and plump for them. If you're unsure, something like this from the Sanctuary is a safe bet they will love to use. 

Skincare gift box

Similar to makeup and beauty gift sets, skincare gift sets or items are a great shout for women. Skincare can be pretty pricey, so buying them something they wouldn't usually want to pay for themselves makes a fantastic gift. This skin serum is at a great price point and is often touted by beauty editors in glossy magazines.

Advent calendars

Advent calendars don’t just have to have chocolate in them and be for young children. Buying an advent calendar can have other themes, too - such as beauty products or gin, like this one. They're a tremendous pre-Christmas gift and can mean your loved one thinks of you every day in December, even if you're not with them. 

Christmas Eve box

Buying a Christmas Eve box doesn’t just have to be for children. Getting one for a mum or adult daughter, especially a personalised one like this one, can make an extraordinary gift. Giving gifts on Christmas Eve is becoming more commonplace in the UK, so having a special box to give them each year can help make it even more memorable. 

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Christmas gifts for Dad and adult sons

Men often have a reputation for being difficult to buy for. They either buy what they want when they want or have too practical an approach to buying things they deem 'superfluous to need'. You will still want to buy them something though, and there are usually a standard few presents that will always go down well.

Board games

What's Christmas without old-fashioned family time around a board game like Monopoly? Board games are great for those men who are still competitive but no longer quite have it in them to run around outside with a ball. While Monopoly may be a long-winded game, having all that time off over Christmas means you'll likely be able to finish a game for once. 

Christmas jumper

Getting the dad or son in your life a Christmas jumper is a safe bet as a present. The increase in their popularity means that, while it won't get used for 11 months of the year, it will get a lot of action in December. If they have a Christmas party to attend, they could crack this jumper out or even help them get dressed on Christmas Day itself. There will always be an occasion when it is perfect for them to wear. 

DIY radio

This quirky present will keep your son or father entertained on Christmas day or the following bank holidays until they return to work. They'll have something to keep their brain engaged and build something that actually works for listening to music. This DIY radio comes in many options, too, so you can choose the look you think they'll love the most. 

Tableware set

If one of the men you need to buy for is impossibly practical and hates present buying for the sake of it, buying them a tableware set is a fantastic idea. Crockery almost always gets chipped, yet is something many of us are slow to repurchase for ourselves. This option has many different designs yet comes with dinner plates, salad plates and bowls - so you have every course covered. 

Marshmallow toasting kit

Men aren't often thought of as having a sweet tooth, yet they are often the first to polish off any chocolates in the Quality Street tin! Indulge that taste by buying them a marshmallow toasting kit, which comes with forks so you can make s'mores around a BBQ or fire pit in the summer, or the sitting room fire in winter. This one can even double up as a way to cook sausages too. 

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Christmas presents for teenage granddaughters

Teenage girls sometimes get a bad reputation for being grumpy and, therefore, difficult to buy for. However, there are a few options that will always keep them happy and will mean you get a smile out of them on Christmas day. 

Gift cards

Buying a teenage girl a gift card for Christmas is not a cop-out. In fact, it can be a great way to ensure that you get them something they want. You could think about what shop they love to make purchases in or buy a gift card from Amazon, so they have a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to spending it. 

Water bottle

Teenagers often lose things without even trying. Water bottles are one of the most left items in cafes, restaurants, and public transport. Buy one that your granddaughter will want to take care of, like this one for younger teenagers, that they can design themselves. It will also keep them busy on Christmas Day after all the present opening has finished. 


Girls love to make their bedrooms look stylish. Buying them homeware such as cushions or candles can be an excellent option to help them make their room a place they love to hang out. They'll likely have tastes that change quickly at this stage in their lives, so don't buy anything expensive. Something like this is a good option. 

Disney gifts

Older teenagers may have grown out of Disney, but younger ones will still love paraphernalia that reminds them of Frozen or Moana. Or, if Disney is not their thing, buying Harry Potter stash could be a great alternative. Buying along a theme also means you could purchase lots of little things or one big thing, depending on your budget. 

The latest bestselling book

Getting teenage girls into reading can be difficult. They might have become more independent and want to see their friends socially more, but buying them novels that are easy to read still makes a good present. This collection of much-loved stories will make a bookworm of any granddaughter in no time. 

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Christmas presents for teenage grandsons

While teenage grandsons can be moody, there are usually some tech gadgets that they will love. They'll open their gift with a grin if you buy any of the following items. 

Wallet phone charger

Every parent and grandparent has experienced the frustration of trying to get hold of a son or grandson and being unable to do so. How often is the reason that their phone battery has died? If that's a familiar tale, this is the gadget for you!

Bluetooth speaker

Teenage boys love listening to music, but gone are the days of ghetto blasters and sound systems. Instead, you can get them sleek Bluetooth speakers that they can connect to their phone and listen to their favourite music. This Bluetooth speaker isn’t expensive either, so you don’t have to worry that they may break something that costs the earth. 

Gift experiences

Getting a gift experience means you don't have to buy anything physical - yet you still give them a gift they'll not only use but remember for a long time. A gift experience can vary from zorbing to motorsports, from gourmet dinners to short breaks. It means you can tailor it to their age and tastes as you see fit. 

Neon sign or LED light

Getting a neon sign or light for their room can be a good idea for teenage grandsons. They'll likely be spending a lot of time there as they seek space away from their parents. Giving them a cool light can help make their room less like a hovel and more like a room that is nice to spend time in. While we love this one, there are so many to choose from, so you can appeal to their specific tastes.

Check their Amazon wish list!

If all else fails, ask them to come up with an Amazon wish list so you can easily pick something from it. It may take the sentimentality out of Christmas, but at least you know you are getting something they want and that they will use. With so many Christmas gifts returned the week after the big day, an Amazon wish list is a good way around that. 

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Christmas presents for baby’s first Christmas

A baby's first Christmas can be loaded with pressure. While they won't be able to remember it, for everyone else, the new addition to the party will bring something different to the day. Buying them a gift needn't be complicated. These are our picks:


A tree decoration might sound like a strange gift for a baby, but the idea is to give them something like a bauble with their name or photo that they can keep for many years. Not only will they grow to love it as they get older and understand what Christmas is all about, but you'll also always be the grandparent who gave them one of their first festive memories.

Snow globe

A snow globe is something a baby will love to have in their room for a long time after their first Christmas. They'll love shaking it for the first few years of their life. Then, when the magic dies down a bit, it can become a much-loved ornament in their room, given to them by a much-loved relative or friend. 

Jellycat soft toy

Soft toys are always a popular gift, especially for babies under one who will love how soft they are against their sensitive skin. Jellycat soft toys are great because they come in such a wide variety of options that you'll be able to find something that appeals to any developing personality or at least their parents' sense of humour. 

Baby blanket

Parents will always gratefully receive a baby blanket for their child. Babies have the unwavering ability to get things dirty - even when they are teeny tiny. New parents will be amazed at how much bedding and clothing they go through in just 24 hours. Buying them a baby blanket helps them eke out any washing - something they will be happy to put off for as long as possible. 

Food & drink for the new parents!

New parents of new babies often get a bit overwhelmed at Christmas. They're exceptionally tired as well as dealing with their newly added responsibility. So treat them as well as the baby by buying them food and drink, which will bring a smile to their faces. It doesn't need to be alcoholic, though that will likely be gratefully received. Why not try this hamper with lots of cheese and a nice bottle of red wine? It means they can enjoy a date night, which may fast have become a thing of the past!

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A gift for every Christmas stocking

Having this guide to refer to every Christmas will undoubtedly help you get your shopping done easily. While it enables you to tick off something on your to-do list, it's also a great way to free up time so you can spend it with loved ones making some cherished memories.

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