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Christmas gifts for gamers

Want to impress your gamer grandchild this year? Check out our brilliant gift guide for the best Christmas gifts for gamers.

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Christmas gifts for gamers
  • Christmas is coming, but if your grandchildren love gaming, it can be tough to find the perfect gift.
  • With gifts ranging from under £5 to over £1,500, there’s something for every budget!
  • Whether you’re looking for a retro game, a funny t-shirt, or the latest tech, we’ve got something for you.

Gifts for gamers: FAQs

  • What should I gift someone who is a gamer?

    If your grandchild is a fan of a particular game or character, why not go for a limited-edition figurine or poster? For the more tech-savvy gamers, a new gaming headset or external hard drive could make for a fantastic surprise. No matter what you choose, your grandchild is sure to love whatever gift you get them.

  • What should I buy my gamer grandchild for Christmas if I’m on a budget?

    Rather than wasting money on cheap tech that will break in a few months, why not opt for a more endearing and lasting present? Gaming is a crucial part of your grandchild's identity, so consider buying them some merch to show off their fandoms. This could be a funny t-shirt, a mug with their favourite game characters, or even some LED lights to give their gaming setup a modded feel.

  • What are some cool gifts for gamers?

    For those who already have all the latest consoles and games, try gifting a custom joystick or controller or a personalised gaming poster. Or, for a truly unique present, check out one of the retro video game consoles that have been remade for modern use. Whatever option you choose, your gamer will be thrilled with a gift that shows you really "get" their passion.

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Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect present for our grandchildren. If your loved ones love gaming, it can get even more challenging! How do you pick out an excellent gift when new tech is released seemingly daily? 

Our brilliant gift guide will show you the best gifts to surprise and delight your little ones this holiday season. From handheld games to interactive gadgets, there's something for every grandchild. And you don’t have to buy a gift card as a cop-out, either! 

And with gifts ranging from under £5 to over £1,500, there’s something for every budget here! So sit back, relax, and let us do the Christmas shopping for you!

Mid-range gaming gifts for your budding gamer 

Are you looking for a gaming gift for the gamer in your life? These mid-range gifts all cost between £30 to £100 and are sure to put a smile on your grandchild’s face this Christmas. 

Razer DeathAdder gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is designed specifically for use with video games and will provide your grandchildren with an edge over the competition. They'll be able to move their characters around more accurately and perform better in-game. 

And if you want to give your grandchild one of the best gifts for gamers, check out the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro wireless gaming mouse. Not only is it ergonomically designed for comfort, but it also boasts impressive technical features for a top-notch gaming experience. The Razer HyperSpeed wireless transmission and optical sensor provide smooth and accurate movement, while the Razer Optical Mouse Switch ensures quick and durable response. 

Your grandchild will thank you as they dominate their opponents in their favourite video games. So give the gift of ultimate gaming with the Razer DeathAdder

Atari Flashback 9 Console

Give the gift of nostalgia with the Atari Flashback 9 console. Kids these days love shows like Stranger Things, and this gaming system is plucked straight from that era. 

The retro gaming system comes pre-loaded with 110 games, including classic favourites like Frogger, Pac-Man, Pong, and Space Invaders. And your grandchild needn't worry about accidentally losing all their progress. This device has built-in memory for game saving and even rewinding gameplay. 

Plus, it's easily connectable to any television via HDMI. So it's the perfect gift for your retro-loving grandkids, especially if they love old-school gaming. 

Super Mario Bros Deluxe for Nintendo Switch

This classic game is back and better than ever on the Nintendo Switch. Gift it to your grandchildren and gather your family because up to four players can join in on the fun! Your grandchildren can play as fan favourites like Mario, Luigi, and Toad, or switch it up with Nabbit and Toadette for a new twist on the classic gameplay. 

Best of all, all you need is one Joy-Con controller per player to start the adventure. Super Mario Bros Deluxe is perfect for family game nights - just make sure your grandchildren have a Nintendo Switch! 

The deluxe version also includes Super Luigi U, starring everyone's favourite red-hatted brother in his first platforming adventure. So be ready to jump, stomp, and power up to save Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros Deluxe.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild invites players to enter a whimsical world of discovery and exploration. This Nintendo Switch game offers endless adventure as your grandchild searches for over 100 puzzle-filled shrines and various weapons, outfits, and gear. The landscape is theirs to climb, from towers to mountain peaks, as they set their own path and encounter towering enemies and wild beasts and search for ingredients for elixirs. Shrines dot the landscape waiting to be discovered in any order they desire, each presenting unique puzzles and rewards. 

This game makes the perfect gift for your adventurous grandchildren, and it's sure to be a bestseller for yet another year. Breath of the Wild offers a constantly evolving and expanding world, ensuring a never-ending journey of discovery and excitement. 

Xbox Game Pass - 6-month subscription

If your grandchild has an Xbox, you might be thinking about buying them a new game for their console. But which one? There are so many titles to choose from! 

That’s where the Xbox Game Pass comes in. With just one subscription, they'll have access to a never-ending collection of new and classic games. From day one, they can start playing blockbuster hits like Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3, along with beloved indie titles like Golf with Your Friends and Minecraft Dungeons.

And with new games added every month, there will always be something exciting for them to discover. So skip the stress of choosing just one game, and give the gift of limitless options with an Xbox Game Pass

Wireless gaming headset by Razer

The Razer wireless headset is the perfect gift for your tech-savvy grandchildren. With USB-C connectivity, they can quickly switch between devices while gaming at home or on the go with their phone. 

The ergonomic design means they can game for hours in comfort, and the Razer TriForce drivers provide clear sound for both gaming and music. Give them the gift of ultimate convenience and exceptional audio with the Razer Wireless Headset. 

Sonic Frontiers: PlayStation 5

Sonic Frontiers, a new PlayStation 5 game, offers endless adventuring potential with its massive overworld islands. Players can race through each island, uncovering hidden secrets and tackling unique action-platforming challenges.

The all-new battle system allows players to use dodges, parries, counters, combos, and the Cyloop ability to defeat mysterious foes. Sonic Frontiers is the perfect gift for grandchildren looking to add to their PlayStation 5 collection. 

Gaming gifts under £30 that won’t break the bank 

If you know your grandkids love gaming, but you don't have the cash to splash out on massively expensive tech, don't worry! There are plenty of fabulous gifts that won't break the bank and will still keep your budding Twitch streamer happy. 

“Can’t hear you, I’m gaming” t-shirt

This “Can’t hear you, I’m gaming” t-shirt is a brilliant little gift for your gaming grandchild! Not only is it a hilarious gag gift, but it also serves as a way for gaming enthusiasts to proudly proclaim their love of gaming. 

Plus, its comfortable and stylish design makes it a go-to choice for gaming marathons. So if you're on a tight budget this year but want to make your grandkids happy, this comfy t-shirt is sure to be a hit. It's the perfect gift for any gaming fan.

“I’m gaming, do not disturb” socks

These brilliant "Do Not Disturb" socks will make great stocking stuffers for your young gamer relatives! These funny socks feature a sign on the bottom, letting everyone know that the wearer is busy gaming and not to be disturbed. It's a comical gift for both hardcore and casual gamers alike. 

And trust us, they'll appreciate it. After all, no one wants to be interrupted during an intense session of Fortnite or Call of Duty. So surprise your grandkids with these "Do Not Disturb" socks - and who knows, maybe they'll even take them off long enough to wash their feet occasionally. 

Fortnite Hoodie

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Fortnite-obsessed gamer? Look no further than the Fortnite Hoodie! Not only will it show off their love for their favourite game, but it will also be a hit at any gaming conventions or events they attend. And let's be real, who wouldn't want to cosy up and play Fortnite in their Fortnite hoodie? So what are you waiting for? Satisfy your gamer's Fortnite obsession with the Fortnite Hoodie. 

Chocolate game controller

Christmas is all about chocolate and presents. So why not give your grandchild both with this solid chocolate game controller? Made from 100% Belgian chocolate and crafted by master chocolatiers, it's not only delicious but also a fun and unique present. And with two controllers per pack, they can share with their gaming buddy or enjoy both themselves. 

So why waste time searching for an ordinary gift when you could give them one that truly shows how much you care? This chocolate game controller is sure to make them (and their taste buds) happy. 

Minecraft Creeper Mug and Coaster Set

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for your Minecraft-obsessed grandchildren? Look no further than this Minecraft Creeper mug and coaster set! Featuring everyone's favourite Minecraft villain, it's perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink while gaming. And at 10cm tall, it's just the right size for adults and kids alike. It also makes a great addition to any Minecraft fan's collection. 

Not sure what to get for your Minecraft-obsessed grandchildren? Look no further! This Minecraft mug and coaster set is sure to make them happy. Don't let the Creeper catch you without it.

Comical Frogs’ Super Gamer Sculpture

The Comical Frogs’ Super Gamer sculpture is a great budget gift for the gamer in your family. Handcrafted from resin and hand-painted with fantastic attention to detail, this cute little frog is caught mid-game and looks ready for his next adventure. Not only is it a unique gift for young gamers, but it also adds a touch of whimsy to any shelf or table as decor. So why not surprise your grandchildren with Comical Frogs' Super Gamer sculpture and bring some fun into their lives?

UNO Super Mario Card Game Animated Character - Themed Collector Deck

If you want a way to connect with your grandchildren without resorting to technology, then the UNO Super Mario Card Game Animated Character-Themed Collector Deck is for you! 

This classic card game adds a touch of nostalgia for adults and excitement for kids with its animated Super Mario theme. The gameplay remains the same - take turns matching one of your cards with the colour or number shown on top of the deck, and be the first to get rid of all your cards to score points. 

This collector's edition even includes special Mario Super Star cards and customisable cards. So grab this deck and get ready for some serious (Mario) family bonding time.

Joystick Mug 

This joystick-shaped mug is an excellent option for your gamer grandchild. It is perfect for holding their favourite drink during gaming sessions and is sure to spark some nostalgia among retro gaming fans with its arcade decor. 

Plus, with a 400ml capacity, it's big enough to keep them fuelled until they next level up. Present this unique gift in its stylish gift box and watch as their eyes light up at the thought of sipping their favourite hot beverage from a joystick handle. No need to press pause on the search for that special present - this joystick mug has got you covered.

RGB Gaming Mouse Pad 

This RGB gaming mouse pad provides a thick and comfortable surface for long gaming sessions, but it also adds some extra fun with its vibrant RGB colours. With nine static light modes and six dynamic options, it provides a constantly changing and exciting backdrop for hours of gameplay. 

And with easy USB power and one-button control, it's a no-brainer for any gaming enthusiast. So upgrade your grandchild's setup with this RGB gaming mouse pad - they're sure to love it!

PlayStation Pencil Case 

Want to be the cool grandparent who knows all about game consoles? As far as gift ideas go, this PlayStation pencil case is perfect for school, university, or even the office. With a sturdy zip and compact design, your grandchild’s pens and pencils will be secure wherever they go. 

This pencil case makes for an excellent gift for your PlayStation-loving grandchildren - they'll definitely be the envy of their classmates. So why not treat them to this fun accessory? It's sure to be a hit among gamers young and old.

Pokemon pyjamas 

As Pokemon fever continues to sweep the world, it's no surprise that Pokemon pyjamas have become a popular gift choice for kids. These cosy two-piece sets feature all their favourite Pokemon characters, including Pickachu and Snorlax. 

They're perfect for lounging on chilly winter nights or sleeping during summer vacations. And with pyjama bottoms covered in Pokemon graphics, your grandchild is sure to feel like a true Pokemon trainer at bedtime. 

So why not give the gift of comfort and excitement with Pokemon pyjamas? Your grandkids will love snuggling up in these cosy PJs while catching their favourite Pokemon on TV or playing the popular virtual reality game - Pokemon Go. It's a gift they're sure to treasure for many nights to come.

BlissLights SkyLite - LED Star Projector

This high-tech device instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming RGB nebula cloud, creating an out-of-this-world atmosphere. 

Sky Lite incorporates precision glass optics and holographic technologies for maximum effect. Plus, with soothing aurora effects, it's sure to provide a relaxing environment in any game room. Gamer geeks will absolutely love the effects. 

So give the gift of the stars with Sky Lite 2.0 led light. It's truly out of this world.

Gameboy heat-changing coffee mug 

Are you on the hunt for a fantastic gift for your Game Boy-loving grandchild? Look no further than this Game Boy mug! It features the classic handheld console. But there's more! When your grandchild puts in their favourite hot drink, the mug fills with colour and shows off the classic Mario character in old-school pixels. 

Not only is it functional, but it's also durable and sure to bring a smile to your grandkid's face. Plus, it comes in a decorative box, making it easy to gift. 

Lavish gaming gifts for the serious gamer in your family 

If money is no object and you want to spoil your grandchild, then there are some tremendous top-end gaming gifts you could buy them. Here are just a few ideas. 

Gaming PC - Vibox II-8 Gaming PC Series 

If you want to really spoil your grandchildren, a gaming PC is the way to go. They'll be able to play the latest and greatest games at the highest settings, and they'll have a blast doing it.

We recommend the Vibox II-8 gaming PC gaming bundle. This powerful gaming PC comes with 8GB RAM, an Intel i5 processor, and a whopping 16GB DDR4 memory. Plus, gaming is even more fun on its 27" curved monitor. And with a 1TB solid-state drive, this gaming bundle guarantees lightning-fast loading times and smooth gameplay. 

Although the price is steep, the bundle comes with a powerful PC, gaming keyboard, curved monitor, mouse, and headset! The setup is super easy too. It's basically just a case of plug-and-go, allowing your grandchild to get started right away. 

Trust us, PC gamers will be blown away by this thoughtful and impressive present. So go ahead and treat them to the Vibox II-8 gaming PC SG-series bundle for the ultimate gaming experience.

HP Pavilion Gaming laptop

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your grandchild, who spends all their free time glued to their gaming console? Look no further than the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop. With a high-grade graphics processor and thermal cooling system, they'll be able to game harder and for longer without any glitches or lag. 

And when it's time for a break from slaying dragons and saving princesses, this laptop also has a powerful Intel Core processor for accomplishing schoolwork or streaming movies. The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is truly the gift that keeps on giving for both gamers and multitaskers alike. Why sacrifice anything when this laptop has it all?

Noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is a must-have for any serious gamer, and your grandchildren will appreciate having one of their own. They'll be able to game for hours in comfort and look cool doing it too.

The HERO series by noblechairs, designed in collaboration with eSports professionals, is the ultimate choice when it comes to comfort.

The emphasis on ergonomics is evident in the extra lumbar support, ensuring a comfortable gaming experience. Plus, with its sleek design and premium materials (including an option for eco-friendly vegan PU-leather), the HERO gaming chair will be the envy of any gaming setup. 

And let's not forget its eye-catching design, diamond-pattern stitching, and elegant emblems. Treat that special someone to a gaming experience they'll never forget with the HERO gaming chair.

Nintendo Switch 

Are you searching for the perfect gift for that special gamer in your life? Look no further than the new Nintendo Switch (OLED model). With its vibrant 7-inch OLED screen and adjustable stand, they can pick it up and play anytime, anywhere. 

And when they want to gather their friends or family around for a gaming session, they can dock it and enjoy HD gaming on the big screen. 

The dock also includes a wired LAN port for more stable online play. Your gamer will thank you for such a fantastic gift - so give the gift of a Nintendo Switch to your favourite grandchild. 

Xbox Series X 

The Xbox Series X is the fastest, most powerful Xbox console ever made. With the Xbox Velocity Architecture and custom SSD, this console is capable of next-gen speed and performance. 

And with backward compatibility, your grandchild can enjoy thousands of titles from four generations of Xbox consoles. Playing on an Xbox Series X truly is the ultimate gaming experience - your grandchild will be begging to play all day long! 

It's the ultimate present for any avid gamer in your life. So help your child upgrade from their Xbox One with a brand new Xbox Series X. And while you’re at it, why not buy an extra Xbox controller and join in the fun? 

You can opt for this Bluetooth-powered Xbox wireless controller if you want to be extra generous. With a USB-C charger and a great battery life, it’ll be easy to keep charged and ready to go. 

PlayStation 5 

The PS5 is an excellent gift for any gamer. The ultra-high-speed SSD allows lightning-fast loading, immersing them fully in the game. And let's not forget the graphics - they are simply breathtaking. With an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation games to choose from, it's hard to know where to begin. 

The PS5 also offers a fantastic opportunity for bonding with friends and family while tackling challenges and defeating enemies together. It's the perfect gift for your grandchild - imagine their excitement when they open it! 

Oculus Quest 2 

Give your grandchild the gift of virtual reality with the Oculus Quest 2! This advanced all-in-one headset allows them to explore a vast content library and immerse themselves in live concerts, groundbreaking films, and exclusive events. 

And with backward compatibility for older titles, the possibilities for adventures in VR are endless. 

The Oculus Quest 2 also comes with a Dazed Oculus case for added protection and style. So upgrade your grandchild's gaming experience and bring them into an exciting virtual reality world with the Oculus Quest 2. It's sure to be a gift they'll never forget! 

Nintendo Classic Mini: NES

With the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES, you can recapture the classic nostalgia of the flashiest decade of the 20th century and introduce a new generation to timeless titles. 

Each game is displayed in beautiful HD with three visual modes. And with one NES controller included in the package, your grandchild will have the thrill of passing that pesky level or defeating a notorious boss. 

It's the perfect gift for your retro-loving grandchildren and a fun way to bond with family. The NES Classic is ready to give your grandchildren hours of entertainment. 

Razer Kishi for Android – Mobile Gaming Controller 

Your grandchild can stream PC and console games directly onto their phone using this controller - it's like having a mini gaming system in the palm of their hand! The Razer Kishi is sure to bring endless entertainment to your grandchild's gaming adventures. And if your grandchild has an iPhone, you can opt for the iPhone version instead. 

Christmas gifts for gamers in 2022 

It seems like we were buying them their first video games just yesterday, and now our grandchildren are avid gamers with a passion for all things tech. And new tech seems to be coming out every other month now, making it hard to keep up with the world of gaming in the first place! 

Whether they're into retro handheld games or virtual reality headsets, there's something sure to bring a smile to their faces (and perhaps give us some much-needed bonding time). 

So go ahead and treat your gamer grandkids to something special this holiday season - it's what Santa would want.

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