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Christmas presents for teenage girls

It's a tricky age in many respects, and finding the perfect festive gift for a teen girl is yet another challenge for parents and siblings. But help is at hand with this ultimate gift guide for teen girls this Christmas featuring some of the best gifts for teenagers and the coolest on-trend ideas.

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Christmas presents for teenage girls
  • A selection of unique gifts for teenage girls at Christmas with something for all tastes and budgets
  • Cover all bases with skincare and hairstyling products, urban clothing and jewellery, plus a pamper gift card
  • Handy hints avoid the pitfalls of teenage present-buying like hitting the wrong age or forgetting batteries
  • Find Christmas gifts for Gen Z with ideas which you can also use as birthday gifts all available at Amazon

Gifts for teen girls: FAQs

  • What is a good present for a teenage girl?

    The thought of buying a present for a teenage girl can strike fear even into their mothers' hearts. The pitfall is buying something too childlike or too grown up. Something appearance-based will always hit the right chord but relies on careful choosing to find the right look or skincare product. Secret bedroom research when they are out can work well.

  • What can you buy for a tween?

    A tween is nearly a teenager, so an aspiring teenager, just on the point of leaving childhood but if you asked her, she would say she is firmly into the teenage territory. This is a hard age to buy for. Sometimes, more childlike gifts still work well, as most girls have mixed emotions about leaving childhood behind. Just don't buy something too grown up.

  • What gift should I give to my 14-year-old daughter?

    Haircare products are always a winner and easier to buy than skincare items. It also avoids trying to select makeup! Don't forget hair accessories like scrunchies, too. A gift card for a favourite hair salon is a nice idea. This doesn't have to be for a cut; it could be for a styling session before a special party.

  • What are some good gifts for teenage girls?

    The golden rule is anything to do with appearance. However, it's better to steer clear of clothes unless she has written a letter to Santa. Haircare and skincare products, makeup, and jewellery are sure-fire winners if you can pick the right thing. Going shopping together is an excellent way to get some ideas. from her wish list.

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Buying Christmas gifts for teenage girls can present a challenge. Get it slightly wrong, and you won't be enjoying the best festive vibes across the dinner table on Christmas Day!

Here are some unique gift ideas to help you source the perfect festive treat for a teenage girl ranging from spa days to stocking stuffers without jumping through hoops. It's not as difficult as you might think, and all of these are available at Amazon, so you know prices are competitive with quick and reliable delivery assured, meaning these ideas are excellent even for last-minute purchases.

12 Luxury Bath Bombs

Who wouldn’t want to receive this beautifully packaged set of indulgent luxury bath bombs? This perfect gift set contains 12 individually wrapped bath bombs, each with a different scent. Enjoy refreshing lemon, sharp mint, lime, orange and lavender. Each bath bomb contains Epsom salts which help the body absorb magnesium through the skin and support good-quality sleep. The bath bombs contain natural essential oils, cocoa butter, and shea butter, which are kind and nourishing even for delicate and sensitive skin. Gentle exfoliating properties leave a velvety soft touch.

The bath bombs are beautifully presented in a secure box and will definitely be worthy of a quick upload on TikTok once the wrapping paper comes off. Perfect for sleepovers,

Koolatron Retro Portable Mini Fridge

The height of cool for a sleepover with a best friend, a mini fridge gives your teen's bedroom an authentic hotel style but is also perfect for a games room or loft conversion where teens can hang out and watch films on Netflix or just game.

The Koolatron 6-can portable fridge has an eye-catching yet retro design and is both a fun and functional present that any teenage girl will fall in love with. In pretty blush pink with stylish chrome accents, this fridge holds six standard soft drinks cans and sits easily on a desk or shelf. In addition, it features a removable shelf and offers a range of storage options for drinks and snacks on a movie night with girlfriends or even cosmetics and skincare products. Effortlessly portable, this fridge will travel as it has a secure, twist-lock door handle and an inset carry handle.

Energy-efficient, eco-friendly thermoelectric technology will ensure everything is cool without wasted energy or harmful chemicals, so if you are gifting for an eco-conscious teen, then this really will tick the "coolest gift" box.

Nivea Rainbow Collection Gift Set

A gift box full of indulgent skincare gifts will always go down well, but it can be tricky to get the pitch just right. The teen years are when girls start to wake up to the importance of a good skincare routine. But equally, they don't want products that might suggest they are old before their time - it's a fine line, and we are talking wrinkles! So avoid any products which are anti-ageing regardless of how good quality they are.

This beauty set from Nivea pitches it just right with products to care for the face and body. A refreshing shower gel plus two face masks featuring honey extract and natural almond oil might mean the bathroom is out of bounds for even longer than usual. A gentle purifying face wash will cleanse and soothe sensitive teenage skin, and this gift set includes a soft revitalising moisturising cream that works for all skin types and isn't heavy or greasy.

There are plenty of other goodies, including a nourishing lip balm, makeup remover lotion and a spray antiperspirant. This set has something for everyone, comes from a brand accessible to teenagers, and won't break the bank if they want to buy some more items themselves.

Polaroid Now Instant Camera i-Type 

It's hard to imagine why a polaroid camera would be popular in the digital age, but retro style is back. Polaroids mean thinking carefully before you shoot, as you can't swipe and delete like on a phone. And teens are discovering the joy of waiting for pictures to develop and not having that instant fix you get with a digital device. Who knew?!

This Polaroid point-and-shoot analogue instant camera creates all the magic of Polaroid and delivers a film-based image that looks and feels like a real photograph. Made along the lines of the popular Instax Mini, the pictures have sharp vivid colours, and with autofocus, you don't have to get technical; click, and it's done. There is a timer if that selfie is just irresistible, plus a double exposure feature which allows you to frame two moments in one. Whatever you do, don't forget to buy the film!

ZTOFERA TPU Back Case for iPhone XR

Phone cases are a fashion accessory these days. Think of them like a handbag when it comes to design and styling. Now card payments are mostly made using a banking app, most teenage girls won't carry a bag or even a purse. Their whole life is on their device, whether it's in their hand or tucked securely into the back pocket of their jeans. So, the latest phone is par for the course, but if they already have this, why not choose a designer phone case or a selection of cases so they can pick one to match their mood or outfit? That could be quite a few!

This stylish phone case from ZTOFERA is compatible with the iPhone XR. It is made from premium quality material, so it is both stylish and durable. Functional and nice to look at, the non-slip matte case is smooth and feels luxurious to the touch but is also secure and offers a good grip. The surface is designed not to mark or scratch and to resist dust and fingerprints. In addition, there are raised edges to protect the screen and camera from abrasion on rough surfaces.

The pretty daisy design will appeal to teenage girls who want to show it off as they watch their favourite Harry Potter movie or the latest blockbuster on Netflix. There is easy access to the screen, camera, function ports and speaker without removing the cover. Back covers are the most popular as they are easy to change and don't restrict phone usage.

Nuactiv Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Plastic is so last century, so if you are looking for a water bottle for a teenage girl, then ensure it is BPA-free. This water bottle is perfect for hot and cold drinks and works for every teenage lifestyle, whether at school, playing sports, working a weekend job, or just being out and about and socialising.

The attractive teal colour belies the tech behind this super efficient insulated Nuactiv Water Bottle, which keeps cold drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks piping hot for 12 hours. A superior rubber coating is slip-proof and easy and comfortable to hold. Made from toxin-free metal, the high-quality stainless steel is food grade, and the whole water bottle is 100% BPA-free, so there is no flavour transfer, and it will pass the strict green tests of any eco-conscious teen.

The perfect fit for a gym bag, lunch box, bottle cage or rucksack, this water bottle is a functional yet stylish gift with a design spec to meet the approval of even the fussiest teenage girl. So ramp up your eco-credentials and support the outlawing of plastic water bottles with this practical emblem of the teenager. It might be just a water bottle to you, but this is one of those essential accessories for Gen Z.

Creen Girls Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Marketed for tweens, you might be surprised at how popular this Creen girls charm bracelet-making kit is with older teenage girls. The accessories are right on-trend and include crystal beads, rainbow beads, silver-plated beads and three silver-plated snake bone bracelets.

Let them create their own Pandora look without the cost. This is an excellent gift for a special sleepover or party, and the bracelets are easy to make without any tools creating a truly unique item of jewellery to keep or gift to a friend. Also included is a sweet box which holds all the different beads.

Spa Luxetique Gift Set and Pamper Hamper

These are all the rage on sites like Etsy, but you can put one together with all her favourites for a smaller sum of money. Just pick a lovely gift box and add some fantastic products. If all that sounds like too much work or time is running out, then why not opt for the Spa Luxetique Gift Set and Pamper Hamper, the ultimate in pampering gifts for women and which will make your teenager feel very grown up?

A beauty gift will always find favour. Natural and effective skincare, this eight-piece pamper set contains two bath bombs, shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body butter, bath salts and a bath puff. These are all presented in the cutest silver bathtub, which is reusable and provides the perfect and stylish storage container in the bathroom or her bedroom.

All the products contain natural ingredients, including Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Oil, that nourish and care for the skin, locking in moisture and perfect for the harsh cold temperatures of winter. Infused with the beautiful and delicate floral scent of rose essential oils, the fragrance will appeal to all tastes.

Apple Airpods with Wired Charging Case

These Apple Airpods are easy to set up for all Apple devices. They are so simple to use; just double-tap to play or skip forward. They feature the new Apple H1 headphone chip, which delivers a faster wireless connection. They charge quickly in the case and are automatically on and automatically connected. Enjoy quick access to Siri by saying, 'Hey, Siri'.

There is rich, high-quality audio and voice and seamless switching between devices.

Buyagift Pamper Treat for Two Gift Experience Box

A spa day gift voucher is the perfect treat for an older teenage girl. This gift experience box offers a treat for two people so your teenager can choose who to take with them. That could be mum, or that might be the height of uncool!

The clever thing about the Buayagift Pamper Treat for Two Gift Experience Box is that it covers a range of treatments from eyebrow tints to Swedish massages and even includes photo shoots. It comes with a brochure so that your teenager can choose the pamper day they like the most to share with their bestie, and there are more than 600 on offer in a vast range of locations. The gift is valid for two years from the date of purchase, so there is no rush.

Philip Jones Rose Gold Plated Pearl Drop Set

Jewellery is always tricky to buy for teens, just like anyone else, as it is an intensely personal choice. However, it can be easy to gauge taste and preference. Just pretend you are buying for yourself or visit some jewellery counters if you are out shopping together.

The Rose Gold Plated Pearl Drop Set from Philip Jones is stylish, classic, yet contemporary with a luxe finish which presents a gift that is not as expensive as it looks. Two drop earrings with pearl and diamante are matched with a necklace beautifully finished in rose gold which is very popular amongst teenagers and young women. Presented in individual pouches, this jewellery set is luxurious and is sure to make the recipient feel very grown up.

Diyife 120 LED Photo Clip String Lights

The bedroom is always a focal point at any age, but for a teenager, this becomes their private space and how it is decorated and looks becomes a statement of their taste and personal expression. Lighting and fairy lights are often popular among teen girls, so why not mix mood lighting with photos?

The Diyife 120 LED Photo Clip String Lights are up to 12m long and hold 60 clips for plenty of photos. Made from high-quality copper wire, your teenage daughter or granddaughter can bend the string to any shape, including a traditional straight line, a square to go around the window, waves or a heart shape. These are battery-operated with eight lighting modes, chosen via remote control, including slow speed, constant light, and flashing. Although these lights are destined for a teen bedroom, the lucky recipient can use them outside too. They make a great addition to a summer party or when camping in the garden. Just remember the battery box is not waterproof and will need protection from the elements.

With endless possibilities, these string lights are perfectly festive and seasonal but will prove so popular that you can bet they will be up all year round. Remember the AAA batteries!

Nike Girls Capri Trousers

Buying fashion items for teenage girls is one of the most challenging things to get right. However, one brand that never fades in popularity is Nike, a sought-after label amongst youngsters, with plenty of accessories and clothing options to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

These Nike Girls Capri Trousers are slim-fit and made from fabric using Dri-Fit technology. The easy pull-on Capri style will suit the teenage lifestyle perfectly, whether she uses them for sports or just for hanging out with her friends. You can always add a hoody to complete the look.

Carmen C81056 Noir 2-in-1 Hair Straightener and Curler

You can’t go wrong with hairstyling products for teenage girls. Regardless of their current hairstyle, they all want to experiment with different looks in the sanctuary of their bedroom.

The Carmen C81056 Noir 2-in-1 Hair Straightener and Curler is right on trend in stylish black and rose gold. This is a dual-purpose straightener and curling wand, so it offers the ultimate in hair styling choices with the option of sleek, straight styles, glossy waves and glamorous curls. This is a way to create a salon look without leaving the bedroom.

Most teens are on it when caring for their hair, so they will be reassured by the ceramic barrel designed to protect hair against heat and deter frizz. The cool-touch tips prevent burnt fingers, and there is an anti-tangle 360-degree swivel cord, so no more teenage tantrums. There is a lockable handle for convenient storage, not that these will be in the drawer for much of the time.

All-In-One Bluetooth Speaker

Whoever said that getting a teenager out of bed in the morning was like raising the dead clearly had experience! Teenagers require more sleep than most, so an alarm clock is an essential rather than a luxury.

This stylish combi nightlight, bedside lamp, Bluetooth speaker and alarm clock is a tactful gift presented in a way that won't cause offence but means there will be no excuses not to rise and shine. Touch control night lights with an MP3 music player plus quick connection to a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 offers a 10-metre range and HD sound quality plus that all-important digital alarm clock.

The light is warm and colourful with three brightness levels to suit the mood, which the lucky recipient can adjust simply by tapping the speaker mesh. Light colours can even change to suit the rhythm of the music. This is a battery-operated light, but the batteries are rechargeable, so your teen can enjoy hours of audio play and lighting. A USB charger cable is included, and the light takes between 6-10 hours to reach full charge.

Nintendo Switch Lite- Blue

If you know a keen teen gamer, then the Nintendo Switch Lite will transform their life. It effortlessly switches - get it? - from console to portable system, so it's great for teens who want to play outside. Presented in an attractive light blue colour, why not add a bubblegum pink carry case which comes with an accessories bundle and makes the perfect stocking filler?

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