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Christmas gifts for her

Purchasing gifts for women need not be a minefield. In fact, it can be effortless if you think ahead. Having a guide you can refer to will make your life so much easier and ensure you can buy something different every time. Here's our ultimate guide to gifts for her.

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Christmas gifts for her
  • Hampers can be tailored to a wide range of tastes and budgets.
  • Use the opportunity to indulge a loved one by buying them something they would not usually buy.
  • Beauty products generally go down a storm with women - even younger girls will love a bath bomb.
  • If in doubt, a gift voucher is a good option for most women and girls over the age of 10.

Christmas gifts for her: FAQs

  • What’s the best gift for a grandmother?

    There's no correct answer to this, as all grandmothers will be different. However, usually, grandmothers will always like a memento that reminds them of their beloved grandchildren. So photos or canvas prints are often a good option. You can buy these in a wide range of sizes, so they can be tailored to the taste of the grandmother in question.

  • What’s a good present for a teenage granddaughter?

    Teenage granddaughters can be tricky to buy presents for, so if in doubt, a voucher usually goes down well. It means they can buy whatever they want in that shop, making them feel a little more independent, too. If you are unsure what shop to buy the voucher for, go for a generic department store or Amazon, where they can purchase many things.

  • What do younger granddaughters want for Christmas?

    Little girls aren’t always just interested in pretty pink things. For that reason, they can be challenging to buy for these days. Facepaint is often a good idea as it is an imaginative toy that can be adapted to various situations and tastes. Plus, if your little granddaughter has a fancy dress party to head to, she'll be all set.

  • What shall I buy my mum?

    Your mum will likely not be used to spending time or money on herself. For that reason, buying anything that makes her life easier or so she can pamper herself will usually be a big hit. So, a voucher for a beauty salon could be a good choice, as would a gift box including some of her favourite beauty products that will bring a smile to her face.

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You’ll likely already know that buying birthday gifts or coming up with a unique present every Christmas is hard to do. Especially for every woman in your life. Over a range of ages, your loved ones will have differing wants and likes, making buying gifts quite tricky at times. So to make it easy, here's a list of bestsellers and some new trending products that will make an excellent gift for the women you love - whatever their age. 


If your Mum is in her 70s or older, she may not want much, which is why she can be so tricky to buy for. As they'll likely have everything practical they need, indulge in the frivolous and get something they probably would never buy for themselves. 


Pyjamas that they don't want to hide under pillowcases are usually a big hit with women - especially as PJs tend to be one of those things that some women would like to buy but often 'make do' with what they have. Mothers are probably of an age where comical nightwear is not a good idea, so stick to something classic like this traditional flannel-style set.

What's also great about buying PJs is that if you like, you could also get a dressing gown to pad out the gift if you want to spend a bit more. However, there should be a pyjama set readily available for a wide range of budgets. 


Buying a scarf for your mother is a wonderful option for a gift for many reasons. Firstly, there's a vast range of styles so you can easily find one that your mother will love and suits their style. Secondly, because there are so many types of scarf out there, it's a present idea that you can return to time and time again without actually buying the same thing. 

When the weather turns chillier, it can be tempting to purchase a woolly scarf such as this classic cashmere scarf, which doubles up as a pashmina shawl. It's a safe choice, but one they will at least use rather than putting it in a drawer somewhere and forgetting about it. 

However, don’t dismiss buying something with a pattern that can also be used indoors to bring interest to any outfit. Not all women wear scarves indoors, but you’ll know if your mother is such a woman as she’ll likely wear one every other day. Buying this leopard print one with a modern edge is a style that will suit many.


Jewellery is always a big hit with women, whatever their age. However, if you’re buying for a slightly older woman, their age will often mean they can carry off chunky pieces more easily. 

We like this piece by Ever Faith with its art deco vibes. It’s rose gold which seems to have stood the test of time and not been just a trend. If you don’t think the mother in your life will like the colour, there’s also a gold or a silver version. 

When it comes to buying jewellery, here’s one tip. Steer clear of earrings. While they look great, the problem is if you have to return them. Unfortunately, earrings aren't always eligible for a refund, so do check this if you want to buy a piece for pierced ears. 


Hampers are an excellent choice for any mother out there, particularly ones that are real foodies. What's brilliant about them is that there's usually one for every taste and budget. You can sometimes spend as little as £20 on a hamper, which may include all that a food lover may want - perhaps just their favourite tea and biscuits!

Or, you could go all out and spend hundreds of pounds on a hamper which includes expensive wine, charcuterie and perhaps even some caviar. Often, the more you pay, the more you get, like with this food and wine hamper, which is on the pricey side. However, it's incredibly indulgent and will delight the foodie mum. 

Eau de parfum

Perfume is a classic gift, yet you should consider it something other than the dull or obvious choice. It's another indulgence that people may be reluctant to buy for themselves. Splurging for them means you give them something that they not only love but will likely use daily - not usually something we can say of many presents. 

Eau de parfum is the way to go if you can afford it. While it’s more expensive than its little sister, eau de toilette, it does actually last longer, so it works out cheaper overall. Amazon usually has some good deals, but if you are unsure, stick to a classic such as Calvin Klein's Eternity Moment. It’s been around for years, a sign that its floral scent is hugely popular. 

Personalised gifts

Finally, mothers love personalised gifts, especially those that remind them of their family. These can be as fun and frivolous or traditional as you want them. Don't overthink this one; often, something as simple as a personalised photo print, perhaps on a canvas, will go down a treat. 

What's great about buying photo prints or canvases is that you can buy a number now or add to it slowly over the years. Perhaps documenting the growth of a beloved child or simply acting as a memento of one of their favourite memories from that year. 

Adult daughter

Going luxe is key to purchasing the perfect gift for an adult daughter. They're likely at an age where they’re busy with their careers, children or a mixture of both - leaving them little time to indulge themselves. 

Gift sets

A gift box can be a fantastic idea, especially if it's one that means she takes time out to pamper herself. What’s brilliant about a gift set is that a lot of the hard work is done for you, and you can also find one for your budget. 

For example, you could buy a beauty box like this one from the Sanctuary, which will be sure to keep her looking and feeling great all year round. The Sanctuary is a fantastic example of a company that makes gift sets to suit every budget, so you can scale up or down depending on your needs. 


Women spend a lot of money on skincare products. Getting them moisturisers, serums or face washes will often prove popular. What's excellent about skincare is that you can spend a fair bit of money on a moisturiser or serum that the woman in your life may be hesitant to buy for herself. Some can be into the hundreds of pounds, which is sure to put a smile on their faces. 

However, there's no need to spend that much, especially as many high street brands have formulations that pack a punch. Olay is a good middle-of-the-road brand, with this Regenerist Face Serum enjoying rave reviews from beauty editors.


Buying a home fragrance in a diffuser may sound like a housewarming gift, but actually, women really like them - especially if they come from top brands such as Neom or The White Company. This one from Neom has been formulated to help create a tranquil atmosphere and can help users relax and prepare for sleep. So if you have an insomniac you are buying for, it could be perfect. 

The other handy benefit of buying a diffuser is that there's a range of products you can buy with it to bolster your final gift. For example, companies usually sell candles and hand creams in the same scents, so you could create a gift set yourself if there isn't one to buy. 


Women love to accessorise, and for busy women, a handbag can be one of the most practical ways they do so. Depending on their daily activities, a crossbody bag, shoulder bag or tote may all be options. Think about what they have already, and whether you want to replace what they are using because it looks tired or if you want to get them something different to widen their wardrobe. 

Leather is expensive, but a material that is brilliant for bags. It's hard wearing for so long, plus it often looks better over time as it ages - something that cotton or duffel bags rarely do. This bag from Superior Leather is in a classic style and will hold many day-to-day essentials that women always seem to lug around with them. 


Women love to shop for clothes. So it is often a gift that goes down well if you buy them an item of clothing you know they have been lusting after or that you think would look great on them. Knowing their size first is crucial, so when the opportunity arises, look in their wardrobe and pull out an item of clothing that you know they have worn recently. Better yet, check the laundry basket! Look at the label and see what size they are. 

Then, think about what they wear on repeat. Keep it in mind and try to find something similar. Or, if all else fails, a good idea is to buy a wool or cashmere poncho. They're great as they suit everyone and can be used most of the time, all year round, to keep the chill off. The woman in your life can easily put it over any outfit to go out - though if you get a cosy one, they’ll love to wear it indoors in winter too. This classic poncho comes in various colours to suit your loved one. 

Jumpers and jeans are also good gift choices, with designer jeans being an example of something a woman may hesitate to buy for herself. 

Advent calendar

Advent calendars aren’t just for Christmas. In fact, they can be a brilliant product to purchase way in advance of the festive season. They're increasing in popularity currently, with beauty advent calendars leading the way, but you can find one for gin or whiskey, among other things. 

The idea behind them is just like the traditional advent calendars you give kids in December. You get to open a door a day, but with a new style advent calendar, there's not just a picture or chocolate behind the door. Instead, there's a gift according to the category. For example, with a gin advent calendar like this one, there’s a miniature gin bottle for you to try every day. 

Teenage granddaughter 

A teenage granddaughter can be a complicated character. She’s at a stage in her life where she’s changing and wanting to grow up faster than you’d probably like. Buying something that makes her smile may be challenging, but it's not impossible. Here are our main go-to's: 

Beauty gifts

Like their mothers and grandmothers before them, teenage girls usually love beauty products. The key with this age is to get the brand right. While Clinique and Estee Lauder may appeal to an older generation, younger people will likely prefer products from Jimmy Choo or Benefit. 

This little set of face powders, with four mini blushes and a matte bronzer, includes the award-winning 'Hoola', which will bring a sun-kissed look to your teenager's face. It's a good option as Benefit has long appealed to teenagers. At the same time, the choice of powders on offer will help them find a look that works for them while they're still finding their style and understanding their skincare needs. 


Like their mothers, teenage girls love clothes. They won’t have as much need for cashmere, and they probably won't even want clothes with a classic spin that stand the test of time. Instead, this is the age where they want to experiment with their style, whether donning hoodies and leggings or sticking to t-shirts and sweatshirts over their jeans. 

College-style jumpers are popular at the moment, with this one coming in an assortment of colours to suit her.

Straighteners/hair dryer

Not to play to stereotypes, but girls usually love gadgets which help them style their hair easily. Straighteners and hair dryers are great gifts as they often come with a price tag that pocket money alone can rarely afford. For years, ghd straighteners like these have been considered the best, making quick work of frizzy hair to make it look sleek without a professional blow dry. 

While there's a wide range of price points for straighteners and hair dryers, you don't always get what you pay for. However, if you go with a reputable brand such as ghd, Remington or Dyson and your granddaughter will use them daily for many years, you're sure to get great value. 

Leather purse

Buying a teenage daughter a leather purse or a leather phone cover with a wallet is a good idea at this age. A leather purse, like a handbag for a mother, will age well, which means it's a good investment. Plus, it's something they will usually have to use daily, which is satisfying for you as the present buyer. 

Radley does a wide range of classic-style leather goods, and this purse in biscuit brown has a simple elegance that won't date. Other colours and smaller purses are also available from Radley at lower price points. The key is to go for genuine leather - if you buy from a brand which makes PU leather-covered purses and wallets, they won’t look as nice for nearly as long. It means your granddaughter will end up having to replace it in the near future as it will start to look grubby quickly.

Gift cards

If all else fails, go for a voucher. Amazon is the obvious choice as they can buy anything from the online store, including plenty of their favourite brands. It may seem dull, but buying gift cards can get you out of a tight bind, and it's not as impersonal as you may immediately think. 

Teenage interests change so quickly that it can be hard to keep up, meaning it's tough to choose a present that will be used and not sit under the piles of mess in your granddaughter's room. Plus, if lots of their loved ones give them vouchers from the same store, they can save up for a more expensive item they may want.

Younger granddaughter

Buying for a younger granddaughter can be relatively inexpensive. They're at an age where the price tag on their most wanted toys rarely goes over £25 - though it's easily possible to spend that, and more, depending on where you shop. 

Stocking fillers

If you're looking for stocking filler type presents or smaller items to accompany a bigger gift, you can usually buy bumper sets of things which you can break down into smaller parts. Play-doh is generally a good option, as you can use it to bolster a previous collection and buy additional bits to keep them entertained for hours. This Play-doh set even comes with cutters that keep their little hands busy. 

Craft sets are also perennially popular and easy to wrap separately. This set of paint sponges and brushes is the perfect example. 

Water bottle

Children seem to lose their water bottles at school or nursery with aplomb. Yet, it's something they need to use every day, so buying one for them is often a convenient and valuable present. This water bottle from Purple Ladybug is two presents in one. It's not only a water bottle for them to take out and about with them; they can colour it in, too, keeping them happy the moment they open it. An added advantage is that it will always be unique, so it doesn't get lost through a playgroup or classroom mix-up. 

Harry Potter gifts

Depending on their exact age, it is highly likely that your younger granddaughter is a huge Harry Potter fan. The young wizard has millions of fans worldwide, meaning countless products have been dedicated to him and Hogwarts. What's great about that is that if you've got a Harry Potter lover, you'll easily be able to find something that they will love. 

The wizard's wand has branded everything from LEGO to blankets. We like this night light illusion lamp which is not just for children scared of the dark (though it will definitely help them!). It indulges their love of the books and also brings a little magic into their bedrooms. 

Jewellery box

Young girls of whatever age will usually have some little jewellery pieces or trinkets that they like to keep safe - particularly if their mother has a jewellery box too. This doesn’t need to be expensive, though it can be an item you invest in now (like this one) that they will keep for the rest of their lives. 

For many, a smaller, more playful one will suffice and keep their brightly coloured, plastic jewellery in one place. Not strewn all over their bedrooms - so everyone's a winner with this gift. We love this music box with a spinning unicorn which will sure to keep them mesmerised for a long, long time. 

How to buy her favourites every Christmas

You’ll likely want to spend more time buying a present for the important women or girls in your life rather than the Secret Santa gifts you have to buy for work colleagues. That's why we've broken down who you need to buy for in the above categories. Picking from the above will make your life easier and has also given you a list you can return to time and time again!

Finally, remember to buy gift wrap before you checkout. While there is always next-day delivery, you want to avoid getting to Christmas Eve and not having anything to wrap your presents in. It's easily done, but you want to avoid falling at the last hurdle! Amazon does lots of gift wrapping at various price points, so you can easily find something they can deliver straight to your letterbox.

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