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Christmas gifts for him: What to buy male relatives this Christmas

Are you struggling with Christmas gifts for male relatives and loved ones? From stocking fillers to personalised gifts and unique experiences to hampers, we've got great ideas to help you buy incredible presents for the men in your life this year.

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Christmas gifts for him: What to buy male relatives this Christmas
  • Finding the right Christmas gifts for the men in your life can be a real challenge
  • Start looking for Christmas gifts early so you have time to organise delivery and gift wrap them
  • From Christmas stocking fillers to thoughtful and personal gifts, there are so many options
  • Christmas is a time for sharing, so consider experience gifts to enjoy together if you’re stuck for ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas: FAQs

  • What are some good Secret Santa gifts?

    Food and drink gifts make excellent options for Secret Santa. It's easy to find something your recipient will love even if you don't know them well. Alternatively, tree decorations or Christmas lights can be a fantastic way to spread Christmas cheer without getting them something they don't want or need.

  • What’s the best Christmas gift for someone who has everything?

    Experience gifts make good present ideas for the whole family, and they're perfect for the person who has it all. So choose an experience gift, and you'll give them something they'll remember for years to come. You can even tag along for the day and share quality time together. It could also be a great way to discover a new hobby.

  • What can I give my partner to make them feel special?

    Personalised gifts are brilliant Christmas or birthday gifts to make your spouse or partner feel special. You can also plan a romantic date night. This is also an ideal option if you've started dating someone new and don’t know what to buy them.

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As the nights start to draw in, it’s safe to say that Christmas is well and truly on the way. For many of us, this is a fantastic time of year — good times with family and friends, delicious food and the joy of giving Christmas presents to those you love.

But if you’re struggling with Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life, the Christmas shop can be a real stress!

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top Christmas gifts for your male relatives, from partners or spouses to grown-up children and grandkids. So don't leave it until the last minute and rely on next-day delivery — write a gift wishlist now and purchase the perfect presents for the whole family.

Gifts for your partner or husband

From bestsellers to new ideas, here are 11 perfect gifts for your spouse or partner — the ideal way to say “I love you”.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations and festive home accessories are a great way to spread Christmas cheer in your shared home. This eco-friendly garland, banner and ribbon set provides a perfect mixture. Give this gift in the lead-up to Christmas so you can decorate the living room and the rest of your house together as a couple.


It might not be a typical winter gift, but a new pair of sunglasses could be an excellent present if you’re going on a winter holiday. This pair offers good UV protection and has a retro style. Your partner will love the vintage feel.

Build-your-own radio

If your partner or husband is handy with a toolkit, this DIY radio is a fantastic prezzy. They’ll love tinkering away with this easy-to-use electronics kit, and the end result is a working FM radio that they can listen to at home.

Massage cushion

This nifty little massage cushion is a perfect present for anyone who suffers from backache or a stiff neck. The pillow can be used to soothe sore backs, legs, shoulders, necks or feet. It even has a heat function to warm up the user on cold wintery nights. Plug in, switch on and unwind.

Dressing gown

A cosy bathrobe is a good gift for a man of any age, so your husband or partner will love it. No more chilly dashes to the bathroom in the morning — they'll be able to wrap up warm and enjoy a more relaxing start to the day!

Grow-your-own chilli plant

Has your partner got green fingers? This home-grown chilli plant gift is excellent for budding gardeners or foodies who like spice. Plant the seeds, give it some TLC and watch as the chillies spring to life.

Mini pizza oven

Another great gift idea for food lovers is this Ooni pizza oven. This model runs on wood pellets and can reach 500°C in just 15 minutes. Homemade pizzas can cook at this temperature in just 60 seconds, so your partner can have a fresh slice of margherita in their hand in next to no time.

Espresso maker

Coffee aficionados will no longer have to leave the house for good espresso, thanks to an at-home coffee machine with milk foamer. This machine has 15-bar pressure, allowing you to get a silky-smooth espresso every time at the touch of a button.

Beard trimmer

More and more men are growing out their facial hair as beards come back into fashion in a big way. Buy a multifunctional beard trimmer for your partner to help them keep their beard — or hair — looking crisp and stylish.

Air-dry pottery kit

If the man in your life is looking for a new hobby, this air-dry pottery kit could be a fantastic gift. Unlike traditional pottery, there's no need for a kiln, so your husband or partner can get to work crafting new creative ideas without needing specialist equipment.

Amazon Gift Card

Vouchers and gift cards are an excellent choice for the partner who has it all. An  Amazon voucher lets your loved one choose their own present, meaning they’re sure to get something they really want.

Gift ideas for adult sons

Shopping for grown-up children can be a challenge. Check out these nine gift ideas and take the worry out of Christmas shopping.

Beer advent calendar

Advent calendars have come a long way, and this beer advent calendar is a perfect gift for beer lovers. Give it to your son at the end of November, and they can enjoy a different beer each day in the run-up to Christmas.

And if they’re not a beer drinker, don’t worry — a gin advent calendar is an ideal alternative.

Christmas jumper

It’s an oldy but a goody: you can’t go wrong with a Christmas jumper! So whether you want to go classy with a stylish christmas jumper or you’d prefer to go all out with an (intentionally!) ugly Christmas sweater, your adult son is sure to get into the festive spirit with a new piece of knitwear.

Moisturising face balm

Skincare and beauty gifts make excellent presents for older children — you’re never too young to start taking care of your skin. This face moisturiser helps fight skin damage from the sun and dehydration, with anti-ageing properties that also help with post-shave itch.

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Water bottle

If your son is often on the go, this environmentally friendly stainless-steel water bottle makes an ideal gift. Water bottles are helpful to have when out and about, and they encourage users to drink more water, so you can rest assured that your son is well-hydrated every day.

Whiskey decanter

Whiskey drinkers who want to bring some style into their living rooms will love this globe decanter. With a tilted globe shape and a glass ship inside, it has an unusual design. It also features an airtight stopper, meaning it’s suitable for various alcoholic drinks. The decanter even comes with two etched glasses — all that’s left to do is add your tipple of choice.

Running shoes

Fitness fanatics get through trainers regularly, so a new pair of running shoes is sure to be a good gift idea. This pair is available in various colours, so you can choose a style to suit your son’s taste. They’re lightweight, breathable and fantastic value.


Fitness trackers are a fantastic way to pay closer attention to your activity level. This Fitbit activity tracker has long battery life (up to seven days) and tracks the number of steps taken, calories burnt, and distance travelled. It's an all-in-one fitness gadget that anyone looking to get in shape will love.


An essential oil diffuser can be an excellent addition to any living space. If your son works from home, aromatherapy oils could help him be productive in his home office or relax after a busy day.

Portable wireless speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is an essential gadget for the home. This rechargeable option boasts excellent reviews, and it’s easy to see why — top-class sound quality, a waterproof frame and up to 20 hours of battery life.

Gifts for an older grandson

Buying presents for an adult or teenage grandson can pose challenges. So here are some gift ideas to make Christmas shopping for young adult men a breeze.

Neon wall sign

Young adults will love decorating their bedrooms or university halls rooms with a fun neon wall sign. It's an excellent way to add some personality to a space and makes a fun talking point when new friends come over to visit.

Wireless earphones

A good pair of wireless earphones is a fantastic gift for older grandchildren, and these Airpods from Apple are a very popular choice. They’re highly rated and come with a carrying case that also recharges them, meaning your grandson won’t have to worry about running out of juice while they’re out and about.

3D printing pen

3D printing technology is coming along in leaps and bounds. This 3D printing pen will provide hours of fun for young adults and teens. They’ll love getting creative and bringing sketches to life.

Wallet phone charger

Mobile phone battery life always seems to run out too quickly, so your grandson will love this handy power bank. It’s perfect for charging gadgets and smartphones on the go, and it’s small enough to fit into a credit-card section of a wallet.

Laptop tray

Whether your grown-up grandson is a student or a remote worker — or just someone who enjoys using their computer from the comfort of the sofa — a laptop tray is a fantastic gift. They'll be able to relax and put their feet up while they study or work from home, and there's enough space for a mousepad and a phone.

Overnight bag

A stylish overnight bag is an excellent gift for young men of any age. With enough room for all the essentials, this option is spacious but not bulky. Its leather exterior has a vintage design, making it an ideal accompaniment for any weekend away.


A gift set of cookware is a fantastic housewarming present if your adult grandson has just left home or gone to university. Choose from an all-in-one kitchen set or buy individual pieces.

Pot and pan set

A set of five non-stick pots and pans is an essential part of any kitchen — this is a good starter kit for students moving away from home for the first time.

Tableware set 

No kitchen is complete without a set of plates. This 18-piece set includes dinner plates, side plates and cereal bowls.

Glassware set

This set of glasses is a brilliant gift for a grown-up grandson — perfect for soft drinks, mocktails and cocktails (as they get older, of course!).

Gifts for young grandchildren

Finding the right gifts for youngsters is great fun — there are so many things to choose from.

Christmas Eve box

Buy a festive box and make a DIY gift box filled with Christmassy goodies to open the night before the big day: Christmas decorations and baubles to hang on the Christmas tree, pyjamas to wear while Father Christmas comes, sweet treats like marshmallows or chocolate... Fill it up and enjoy some fun before bedtime on Christmas Eve.

My First Monopoly board game

Board games are fun for all the family, but many are too complicated for young children. This child-friendly Monopoly game is an excellent alternative to traditional Monopoly.

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Harry Potter mug

Young kids love anything that makes them feel grown up, so buying them their own mug is a fabulous idea. Any Harry Potter fan will particularly like drinking out of this themed mug. It’s shaped like a cauldron and will let your grandson feel like their cup of warm milk is actually a gruesome magical potion — and they’ll be thrilled.


Kids who like to try new things will love riding around the house on this hoverboard. With Bluetooth speakers to play music as they travel, this option also has LED lights to put on a colourful display. It also has a charger that gives long battery life, plus an early warning system for low battery to prevent sudden stops.

Digital drumsticks

If your grandson has expressed interest in playing the drums, but their parents aren't keen on the idea, these digital drumsticks are a perfect present. They let kids play the drums in the air, so they can enjoy the fun of drumming without the racket!

LEGO set

A LEGO set is a classic gift for young children, and this set of mixed LEGO blocks is a fantastic starter kit. The kit can work in conjunction with other sets, too. So let their creativity run wild and see what they can build!

Light-up globe

Budding geographers or wannabe travellers will love this light-up globe. Your young grandchildren can learn about countries, continents, oceans and seas, but this version also has LED constellations that will teach them about the stars in the night sky. Switch from day to night mode to enjoy a map of the stars.

Minecraft piggy bank

Children (and big kids) of all ages seem to love Minecraft — it’s all the rage right now. This piggy bank, in the shape of a Minecraft pig, is an ideal gift for the young gamer in your family. They can use it to save up for the newest expansion pack.

Perfect gifts for the men in your life

From homeware to skincare and board games to running shoes, there are many gift options that the men in your life will love. So get your orders in early to avoid disappointment and enjoy a generous Christmas with all the family.

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