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Christmas gifts for teen boys

Shopping for teen boys has never been more complicated, given today's entertainment options. Music, film and TV are all comfortably outsold by a part of the entertainment industry that's become increasingly dominant: gaming. So assessing your options in gaming and beyond will really help.

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Christmas gifts for teen boys
  • Games consoles and games are always a popular choice if your budget allows
  • Branded apparel from their favourite franchise will always go down well
  • If you’re confused by tech compatibility constraints, opt for wireless earbuds
  • Finding something he can use on the day is an excellent way of keeping him occupied

Gifts for teen boys: FAQs

  • What is the most popular gift for teen boys?

    Games consoles and associated gaming accessories are by far and away the most popular presents for grandparents and parents to give to teen boys. You can make their day by finding the latest titles and releases missing from their collection.

  • What is your favourite type of gift for a teen boy?

    Games consoles and gaming chairs are popular with teen boys right now, with them frequently outselling all other forms of entertainment. They also have the bonus that they're quick and easy to set up, so your grandson can quickly play them on Christmas Day.

  • What are some gifts for a teen boy?

    Clothing, sports equipment and apparel from brands and franchises like Star Wars are all popular choices. And when it comes to your boys growing older, LEGO is an evergreen gift that will always go down well. There are so many brand tie-ins that you're bound to find something he loves to build.

  • What age group is a teen boy?

    A teen boy technically runs from 13-17, although even when they become adults, they're still teenagers until they turn 20.

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Giving the teenage boys in your family a Christmas to remember is all about finding the perfect gift. Of course, teen boys think about Christmas differently from younger kids, which means you also have to. Maybe they're big-time gamers. Or you can take inspiration from recent birthday gifts. Or will something simple like a retro beanie will show you care? No matter what you have in mind, put it to one side while you read our detailed list. You're sure to find something here that will catch your eye.

Video games means Fortnite

Want to give your teen boys a gift they'll be playing with for months to come? You may not have heard of it, but Fornite is the game the world is talking about. It’s loved by teen girls and boys from all walks of life, making it the perfect icebreaker in any school setting. Ideal if you want to give them something that they’ll love from the moment they pull off the wrapping paper. All you have to do now is sit through a demonstration of the latest expansion pack in action and try to keep up with the frenetic pace! 

A PlayStation is a dream gift in so many ways 

The PS5 is a great gift and the most sought-after console in the world, and for a good reason. For the uninitiated, it's the most powerful and flexible console ever, making it the dream big boy gift any teen will love. And if they have a little sister, it'll also be popular with a teenage girl! Ideal when you want to be the grandparent who gives a gift the whole family will love. Make sure you add a couple of vouchers so they can treat themselves to a game each if your budget allows. 

Gaming chairs are more popular than ever 

Gaming chairs always make for excellent gifts, especially if you want to buy a tech gift but aren't sure what someone has or would want. They're far bigger than the standard stocking stuffers, are the perfect gift for a secondary school student, and are one of the best Christmas gifts going. 

Take a closer look at the link for this one, and then picture your favourite teen gamer sitting back and leading the pack like never before. They're sure to love it. 

Joggers are popular in a skinny fit 

Want to get a unique gift without having to splurge too much? Skinny-fit joggers are fashionable, so why not give them as a gift? They're available in a vast range of colours, labels and styles, allowing you to give a gift that's sure to go down well. Make sure you ask your kids for your grandson's size to avoid embarrassing try-on sessions on Christmas Day! You could also add a matching t-shirt from the same brand if you want to get some extra style points from him! 

Apple Airpods are in fashion right now 

The great thing about Apple Airpods is that they have an iconic look and the quality to match. Ideal when you want to give a gift that will make any teen boy sit up and take notice as soon as he's started to pull off the wrapping paper. Every boy will know how to use them, there are no compatibility issues, and they'll work straight out of the box. It sounds like the ideal gift if your grandson loves to embrace all things Apple. 

Wireless earbuds come for all budgets

You can go for something other than Apple if you're looking for wireless earbuds to hand over as a gift. There are so many great choices out there that you can pick just about any major brand and be sure of no compatibility issues at all. Games consoles are sometimes tricky because of all the different options, and you may need to buy a Bluetooth adaptor. Still, as long as you see wireless buds are 'Bluetooth enabled' (and they all are), you'll be able to give a gift that's remembered for all the right reasons. All you have to do now is pick a colour you know he'll love so you can see his face light up on the big day. 

A spikeball set is sure to make a teen boy smile 

Not sure which sports kit your grandson needs given how much he already has? Spikeball is the brand-new game everyone is talking about, and he will love it as soon as he starts playing it with his friends. 

Spikeball is basically like mini 2 vs 2 volleyball, but with the added twist that the net is in the middle, and everyone can run to whichever side they want. Give it as a gift and then sit back and watch a demo as the grandkids show you their skills improving with every attempted spike. They might even get you in on the action or to act as the referee if you feel like taking things easy.

A new phone holder is a great idea 

Phone holders are a great gift if your grandson is about to learn to drive. Giving driving lessons as a gift is okay, but there’s nothing to open on the day. A stylish phone holder will allow you to show your support in a way that gets him excited and ready to pass his test. There are so many styles to choose from, but we love the one we've linked to here. It's versatile, fits a wide range of different phone models, and is so easy to mount he's never going to have any problems with it. Ideal if you want to give a handy little gift that's sure to get used for years and years to come. 

Mini fridges are a great idea

No teen boy’s bedroom would be complete without a mini fridge full of drinks and snacks. Something as simple as getting a mini fridge with his favourite sports team's logo on it will make it ten times better than a standard model. It's also a great way to help him have the independence that growing boys crave. And if you really want to be the grandparent who steals the show, throw in a case of their favourite drink! You can even get some cool light-up mini fridges that are sure to be the envy of all his friends. 

Nike is the brand for all seasons 

Nike merchandise is always a safe bet when you want to give a gift that a teen boy will love. Hats, t-shirts, and even socks will make his day and be considerably cheaper than the trainers you know he has had his eye on. They're also great options if you want to simplify the ever-changing sizes that a growing boy will go through. Taking your pick from small, medium and large is easy enough and a decision you can make just by looking at him. And if you have the budget and know his shoe size and width, some new sneakers will be a gift that'll get him smiling from ear to ear. 

A night light for gaming 

Gamers love to turn their rooms into something of a digital lair, so why not embrace it and give him tube lighting to add to his space? It's all part of giving him the freedom he craves by allowing him to put his own stamp on things. Ideal if you want to be the parent or grandparent who shows they care while giving a gift that's just cool. 

Anything Anime is always an option 

If you've seen your grandson is into things like Pokemon and DragonBall Z, anime is what you need to be looking at. You'll get plenty of present-giving points by introducing them to some new anime drawing lessons rather than buying them the same old franchise. Or you could play it safe and get them something from the Pokemon world you know they'll love. And if your budget allows, you could do both to show just how much thought you've put into it. The choice is yours!

A military-style water bottle for sports

Teen boys love to get active and get outdoors, so a military-style water bottle is a great little stocking filler. They're in fashion, made to last, and bound to get used. So the three boxes you know you have to tick as a grandparent are all well taken care of with this one. You could even get yourself a matching one and do some hiking or play a gentle bit of tennis together if the mood takes you. It could be the perfect way to spend some more quality time together!

Remote control drones are a big favourite 

Look no further than a remote control drone if you want to give a gadget this Christmas. You can get drones with built-in video cameras that allow you to enjoy a drones-eye view of the world as it flies hundreds of metres away. There are also easy options to download the recorded footage so he can share it with his friends online. It could also be fun for the two of you to do together as you get a window into a world that's changed a lot since the days of the humble model aeroplane. 

Monopoly is the board game for all ages 

Breathing new life into Monopoly with their Sore Losers edition is an excellent option if you're looking to give a gift the whole family will love. It is ideal if you want to give a genuinely timeless gift that your grandson and family will use over and over again as they all create memories that will never fade. 

Star Wars never went out of fashion 

Everyone loves Star Wars, and your teen grandson is no different. Now that Disney owns the franchise, an ever-expanding collection of content is added to this particular entertainment universe. You could get some LEGO, apparel, or even action figures if the mood takes you. The one thing you're probably not going to need to buy is the DVDs. Everything is streaming these days, and if your family has Disney Plus, they'll have access to all the Star Wars they could ever wish for. Just a thought to point you in the right direction! 

An iPhone would go down well if your budget allows 

The latest iPhone is an expensive gift, but it's a showstopper if you want to stretch to it. The beauty of iPhones is that it's so easy to discover the latest model — opt for the highest number, and you'll always be looking in the right place. iPhone Plus models are popular with teen boys right now as the large screen size is perfect for gaming and YouTube — two obsessions that we're sure you'll have heard plenty about over the past couple of years. 

LEGO is loved by all ages 

Harry Potter LEGO is an excellent option if you want to be able to get sat down at the table together and build something you'll both love to play with. The great thing about LEGO is that it's a timeless gift that can be played with, put away, and brought out a couple of years later, and the magic is still there. This makes a large set an excellent option for a teen boy who loves to work with his hands, build things, and get things done. All you have to do now is make sure he'll share it with you! 

Would your teen boy love a skateboard?

If he's an avid skater, his skateboard might have seen better days. They come in a whole host of styles, with the vast majority of skaters loving to try out anything and everything. Retro-style longboards are in fashion right now, so that could be a great little option if you want to give a gift that they'll use for years to come. 

A spare charger is always handy

It may not be the most exciting of presents, but it could make for an excellent top-up gift or stocking filler. A spare phone or controller charger is always handy, especially given how much time younger generations spend on their devices and in front of their screens. 

Cards Against Humanity is the card game older teens love 

This is not a gift for faint-hearted or younger teens. Cards Against Humanity is the card game from hell in so many ways because of its dark humour. The key here is to make sure it's age appropriate for him and something he won't get too carried away with. 

Bluetooth speakers come in many varieties 

If in doubt, how about a gadget? Bluetooth speakers can be used with any phone or tablet and are popular with gamers, footballers, and teen boys who want to relax outside with their mates. The great thing here is that there are options to fit every style preference and budget. So you really can't go wrong. 

A new England football shirt would be great 

A winter World Cup means many things, not least potentially a significant surge in football shirts given this Christmas. So if you want to make sure you get him something he'll never have been expecting, how about the latest home shirt with his name and number printed on the back? Customisation is quick and easy, so you can't go wrong as long as you know their size. Just make sure he doesn't have the home kit, and if he does, switch to the away kit. He's bound to love it whichever one he unwraps on the day.

How about a band hoodie?

How about a hoodie of the band he listens to most? All you need to do is sneak a look at his Spotify playlist to see what he's listening to. You could then track down the latest limited edition merchandise he'll never have been expecting you to give him and make his day. You may even be able to get him into a few of the classics you grew up listening to along the way too.

A gaming headset would be popular!

A pro-level gaming headset that lights up and offers crystal clear audio would be an inspired choice. There are no real compatibility issues because they all connect with a standard AUX connector. That means all you have to do is look at his current setup to see what he's currently using. Armed with the correct information, you could get him the set we've linked to just above, and you'll be sure to give him a game-changing upgrade he'll never forget. 

Want some simple ideas with a quick click?

Here are our top three that will allow you to get up to speed with your present buying in no time. 

The Nintendo Switch is a must-have 

If your teen grandson loves to game, this Nintendo console is one they'll never want to stop playing. So get it, buy a couple of titles you think they'll love, and then challenge them to a Christmas Day tournament. 

Teen boys often love DIY tool sets

A set of beginner’s DIY tools will go down well, especially if there are a few odd jobs they can do in the days after Christmas. 

Trivia cards provide hours of fun 

Finding the right set is often just a case of a quick search on Amazon. These are some of the most popular trivia cards with teen boys. They’ll be great for a game on the day and are ideal stocking stuffers. 

Still not sure? Opt for an Amazon gift card!

They're simple, stress-free and easy to get right. If you still need to figure out what to get your favourite teen boy, a gift card will always make him smile. All you have to do now is make sure you give enough to be generous but not so much that it looks like you're spoiling him. That's the trickiest bit to get right, so we'll leave that one to you! 

The best gifts for teen boys

Shopping on Amazon is a quick and easy way to find deals, offers and incredible discounts. It's also the best place to come when you want to find all the weird and wonderful things teen boys spend their days dreaming about. So look on Amazon or your other favourite shops, take your pick, and ask your own kids for a few pointers if in doubt. It'll all be worth it when you see his face as he looks over at you after pulling off the wrapping paper. Good job!

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