British Senior Dating: Should you join this dating site?

These days, the online dating scene for over 50s is as much of a jungle as it is for 20s-somethings. While over 50s can use dating sites that are open to all, there is also a broad range of sites catering specifically for older people. British Senior Dating is one of them.

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British Senior Dating: Should you join this dating site?
  • British Senior Dating is a niche UK dating site for seniors
  • British Senior Dating is part of the Venntro dating network
  • The site will help you find potential dates near where you live
  • Discover whether it's worth paying for a membership to British Senior Dating

British Senior Dating: FAQs

  • How safe is British Senior Dating?

    British Senior Dating is a legit dating site operated by a big brand in the online dating world.

  • Is your data private on British Senior Dating?

    While they are unlikely to sell your data, British Senior Dating is part of a dating network. That means your profile can be seen on other dating sites operated by Venntro Media, which owns British Senior Dating. That increases the dating pool but means you can't control which sites feature your profile.

  • Is British Senior Dating a free dating site?

    It's free to sign up and browse profiles to see if there are any members near you with whom you'd like to connect. On the other hand, it is not free to message your matches. To make the most of the website, you have to pay for a membership.

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British Senior Dating isn't the fanciest or flashiest senior dating site. It doesn't have the most features or the most members. Nor does it come with an accompanying dating app. Instead, you use it in the browser on your phone or laptop.

However, the dating experience on the site can still be great. British Senior Dating gives you all the features you need to find a new friend or life partner. You can upload a dating profile, search for other mature singles on the site, send likes and winks, send messages, and chat with others. The site also has a neat way of using a scroll-down menu to find members in your local area.

If you're looking for an intriguing matching algorithm, filling out personality tests to get paired with potential partners and new friends, you're better off with a site like eHarmony. It's easier to find like-minded people on sites like that, which allow you to fill in loads of details about yourself and use advanced search tools to find a match.

British Senior Dating is more straightforward; it helps you find single people in your age bracket in your local area. From there, you have to talk to them to find out if they are someone you’d like to meet in real life.

Whether you're looking for love, companionship, or even something casual, our selection of dating sites has something for everyone. Find what you're looking for with Age Times!

Amount of members

British Senior Dating is owned by Venntro Media which owns an ever-increasing number of websites. As such, you'll be connected to members across their sites who match your search criteria and vice versa. So you sign up for one site - British Senior Dating, in this case - but your membership

 connects you to members across the Venntro dating network.

On the one hand, this is great; you have a higher chance of meeting senior singles across Britain. But, on the other hand, you have no way of controlling what other dating websites in their network are showing your profile.

Who is Venntro Media?

Venntro Media offers dating services, or rather, services for dating sites, and also owns and operates its own dating sites.

On the plus side, they are respected in the online dating niche. On the downside, some of the sites they operate themselves could have a better reputation. Senior British Dating is one of their more well-designed online dating sites. The site looks fresh and modern and has an inviting vibe.

Customer service

Venntro Media has its phone number on its website, which is more than many dating sites offer. You can call their London-based offices if you need assistance.

Some people have reported issues cancelling their accounts with Venntro Media's websites, so ensure you read their terms of use before signing up. Also, please, note that most websites have subscriptions that automatically renew. If you sign up for a year, you'll automatically get charged for the next year at the end of that year. So if you want to cancel a subscription, do so before it renews automatically.

General safety tips for using online dating sites

Many people, particularly over 50s, worry about using online dating sites due to catfishing, scammers, and people simply pretending to be who they are not. So how do you stay safe when doing online dating? And is it as dangerous as people think it is? No, it’s not.

Online dating is not as dangerous as you think

Last year, over 300 million people used online dating sites and apps, and most came out OK from their experience, or police worldwide would have had their hands full!

ID verification and personal details

No matter how good a dating site is, unless it asks for your full ID, members usually aren't fully verified beyond checking that they look like their photos. 

If someone only wants to chat online and not meet up in real life, warning bells should go off. Try to do a video call with someone as soon as possible, especially if they still need to have their photo verified, or meet them for a coffee. Even if someone is who they say they are, there is no foolproof way of knowing if online chemistry and compatibility translate to an offline match. As such, it's best to meet relatively soon after connecting online.

Even if someone is fully verified, it doesn't mean they are nice. Never give out your address, place of work, or even social media handles if you post personal information before you meet someone a couple of times in real life.

Likewise, only disclose personal details once you know someone and never hand out your credit card or banking details. And if someone is looking for someone to pay their bills, think twice before going on another date.

Marriage status

Unfortunately, online dating has enabled married people who are looking for some extracurricular activities to hide their marital status. At the local pub, that's a bit harder, as most people there know their partner. 

Getting “conned” by the site itself

Note that when you sign up for a website, it'll pair you with every available single man and woman nearby. So you'll get more matches than you do later on, as you've already been paired with everyone using the site! On popular sites, more members join all the time, so new matches will always pop up. As British Senior Dating is part of the Venntro network, you should see a regular stream of new matches. 

Some sites also create fake profiles that send messages just as you join the site to lure you into signing up for a paid membership. So if you get fifteen messages from unrealistically attractive people or profiles, take note. 

Please note I'm not saying this will be the case with British Senior Dating; it's just a note of warning for all sites. You'll always be a featured profile and get lots of matches just as you sign up, as that's how algorithms for dating sites work. Still, if you have a high volume of matches that seem too good to be true, you should watch out.

The perks of online dating–there are a lot of fish in the sea

Online dating has led to millions of success stories where people have found serious relationships by connecting with people they’d never have met in real life. It opens the door to a new dating pool and makes it much easier to find love.

Real life vs online dating: Is it worth going online?

As mentioned, the online world opens you up to thousands of singles you'd never have met in your social circle. It's a fantastic opportunity. One of the best dating tips you’ll ever receive is to join an online dating website.

As dating advice goes, however, I always recommend you do things online and offline to meet people, make new friends, and connect with singles. Online you might talk to fifty people and find you have a real connection with ten of them when you meet up. Out of those ten, you may not be attracted to one, and they turn into platonic friendships. And some friendships or budding relationships may fizzle out if they live a little while away.

Of course, you might find love the day you join a dating site. You never know. However, joining a dating site alone won't lead to a smashing social life. And your social life is vital for your happiness. So join dating sites, but also join book and cooking clubs, attend workshops, sign up for classes, join the local gym, set up a small business that allows you to network, join a walking club, or whatever else it is you'd enjoy doing. Oh, and sign up for volunteer work; it's one of the most fulfilling and easy ways to meet new people.

Should you join British Senior Dating?

If you want to meet people, most online dating sites that aren't fraudulent or filled with scammers are worth checking out (and you'll spot the fake sites a million miles away). So whether you want a few new first dates or want to meet people in your age group, it usually pays off to join dating sites and get your “personal ad” out there.

However, only some dating sites offer potential matches in your area. That's why it's so great that many sites let you sign up and search their member database for free. While you will have to pay for a full membership to be able to chat with others, at least you can view the members available in your area before you pay.

British Senior Dating is not a free dating site like Tinder, however. While sites like Tinder offer premium memberships, they work without you paying anything. British Senior Dating will only help you if you pay for a membership. You can search for members and find matches, but you can't chat with your matches unless you pay.

Log into the site, check if singles are dating in your area, and if there are many members with whom you want to connect, pay for a membership. Otherwise, move on to the next site, or check back again in a little while.

Don't limit yourself to one site when online dating. Instead, join some bigger sites like Bumble and OurTime, and smaller niche ones like British Senior Dating.

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