Love Me: Can you find love overseas?

Are you looking for love overseas? Then Love Me may be the site for you. Discover what Love Me is all about and the kind of members that use it.

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Love Me: Can you find love overseas?
  • Love Me is designed to help men find a partner from overseas
  • The website offers a mix of both online and offline dating services
  • You can even take an overseas singles tour to try and find a partner
  • You’ll need to pay to unlock most of Love Me’s features, including sending messages

Love Me: FAQs

  • Is Love Me (A Foreign Affair) a legit website?

    Yes, it's a site that's been running since 1995.

  • Are there fake profiles on Love Me?

    Most likely. There are on most dating sites where members haven't been verified. Don't share personal data via its messaging platform; get on a video call as soon as possible to verify who you're speaking to.

  • What does Love Me cost?

    It depends on how you use the site. You buy credits to communicate with members. You can also sign up for a membership that gives you a discount on all credits.

    You'll pay more if you use their matchmaking services or go on a singles tour to meet members in real life.

    Signing up and browsing are free.

  • Is Love Me a mail-order bride site?

    It's a modern interpretation of that concept, but it's not about ordering a bride but instead meeting women and men in different locations who are looking for a relationship.
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Love Me, also known as A Foreign Affair, is an online dating platform that has been around for many years. However, it's a bit unconventional because it fosters connections between members in different countries and offers offline services. 

Love Me isn't your regular dating site; it offers a personal assistant that can assist you with matchmaking. What's more, it offers offline singles tours. It's more of an international dating agency than a dating site.

The site is entirely free for women and attracts a lot of women in Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, and Asia. Men come from all over the world. 

Love Me targets people who are looking for a serious relationship. 

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Love Me tends to attract members over thirty who are looking for a serious relationship. Men all over the world who are looking to find that special woman from another country join the site. In contrast, the women on Love Me primarily come from Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America. 

It’s free to join for women, while men pay for a membership. 

Dating services offered

On Love Me, you can create a profile and use the site like a traditional dating site. However, you can also have a different dating experience if you use its other available services.

First of all, they offer free dating seminars for their members. 

Secondly, you can avail yourself of their matchmaking services. To do this, you need to join the Executive Plan. You're then invited to Love Me's offices in Phoenix, where you meet with a Personal Consultant, or they'll come to meet you. 

From there, the Personal Consultant helps you by creating a potential list of matches and then going through them with you and facilitating meetings with your matches. 

It isn't clear if this service is available to non-US members, but Love Me welcomes male members from all locations.

If that's a tad too pricey, you can join one of their singles tours, which take place in various places around the globe. The idea is that male members fly to the destination to meet local single women at so-called socials. 

As you can tell from the above, those services are for men. I'm not sure you can get a Personal Consultant as a woman, as women ride free on this site.

The idea behind the site is likely the excitement of being able to meet men and women from different countries. Interpreters and matchmakers are available, so the matches are more facilitated than on the average dating site. The downside is that as a man, you have to pay a lot of money to be able to chat with the woman of your dreams. and, for example, also encourage international matches, but there are no live in-person events, and men and women pay the same fees. 

Signing up

When signing up, you must create a profile where you upload photos, write a little about yourself, and fill in some basic info about who you want to meet. In addition to creating the profile, women on the site must also fill out a personality test—you can print it and return it via snail mail. 

Generally speaking, there’s not a lot of profile information required. 

Profiles aren't verified, so there's a chance you'll encounter your fair share of fake profiles. However, their singles tours are more promising in that department as you will meet members in real life. 

Communicating with members 

You can message members and call them. Translators work for the site, so if you're a British man calling a Russian woman, a translator will be able to translate everything. The translation service is also available for messages. 

Note that it will cost you to send and receive messages - if you wish to open and read them. 

Membership fees

As a man, you have to pay a one-off fee to get a Platinum Membership and then a monthly fee. In addition to that, you have to pay for sending messages, as well as making phone calls. If you want an interpreter on the call, you have to pay extra—they call it a phone translation service.

While all fees are discounted for members, you still have to pay for everything that involves contact with other members. The only thing you get free when signing up for a membership is the ability to see the videos members have uploaded. 

When you buy credits to use the various services on the site, you also get credits towards a singles tour. 

You can use the site without becoming a member, but you'll pay more for credits. 

You can join the site for free and browse it; you'll only have to pay anything if you find a member with whom you'd like to interact. 

My advice? If you find someone you like on the site, move the conversation to Zoom, Skype, or a similar platform as soon as possible. You don't want to hand out your number the first time you speak with someone

 - so hold off WhatsApp for now - but you also don't want to pay a fortune for a minute of airtime. 

Personal data

People are often wary about handing out personal data to dating sites, and rightfully so. When looking for your soulmate on a website, you want to know that your profile won't appear in Google search results. And with Love Me, this is the case. 

In addition, you should always read the company's policies when you sign up to ensure your data stays safe. 

Design and user interface has been around since the dawn of online dating sites. Unfortunately, that can be seen in the website's design and pricing structure. They both look like something out of a nineties movie. 

Look at their homepage, and you'll see what I mean. 

On the flip side, their idea that you should meet someone in real life on the other side of the planet for love feels somewhat refreshing in a day and age when many people run around on Tinder dates with their neighbours. So you could take advantage of one of their special offers to join the site or join at no cost if you're a woman. 

Finding love with Love Me

If you're a man joining this site as you find the idea of meeting someone overseas thrilling, keep an eye on your wallet. It will cost you a fortune to write and receive so-called letters. But, on the upside, the letters will likely contain a lot of information as you don't want to pay to send something like "How was your day?"

Also, ensure members are who they say they are. Get on a video call on a third-party app as soon as possible to verify they look like their profile photos.

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