DateMyAge - What to expect when using this popular dating site

If you're over 45 or looking to date singles over 45, then might be the online dating site you're looking for. It's for mature singles that are young at heart (and younger ones wanting to date them).

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DateMyAge - What to expect when using this popular dating site
  • DateMyAge is a dating site and dating app for people 45+ who are still young at heart (and younger people who wish to date them)
  • The site and app has over 100,000 members in the UK alone and you can match with members globally
  • DateMyAge focuses on people looking to find long-term relationships
  • The site is free to join but costs if you want to use all features

DateMyAge: FAQs

  • Is DateMyAge a safe site to use?

    DateMyAge is a trusted dating site. That’s not to say there aren’t fake profiles, but staff does check all profiles. That does not mean they are ID verified, however.

  • How many members does DateMyAge have?

    DateMyAge has over 100,000 members in the UK. The site has a global reach and encourages you to date across borders and not limit yourself to geographic boundaries.

  • Does DateMyAge offer customer support?

    Yes, you can call, email, or use live chat.

  • Is DateMyAge free?

    You can sign up for free and browse profiles, as well as chat with other members. However, all premium featurse, including regular messagings, come at a cost.

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DateMyAge is a dating platform for singles over 40 looking to find love. While it often says the site is for mature singles, younger people looking to date those older than them are also welcome to sign up. 

Whether you're looking for love, companionship, or even something casual, our selection of dating sites has something for everyone. Find what you're looking for with Age Times!

DateMyAge in a nutshell

It's a global dating site and essentially a subsidiary of, specifically for older daters. 

The site is aimed at people seeking serious relationships rather than casual dating. 

The target market for DateMyAge is people who don't consider themselves old just because they're over 40. So expect a membership base that’s young at heart. 

It's not strictly a mature dating site, though. There are also many younger people on DateMyAge looking to date over 45s.

There are over 100,000 members in the UK alone, according to DatingScout. Worldwide the number is in the millions. You can meet people locally and globally, and the site even encourages worldwide matches. 

Both the dating site and app are modern and have great functions and sleek design. 


DateMyAge offers all the standard features you expect when dating online. You can:

  • Create a profile 
  • Send and receive messages
  • Chat online
  • Video chat
  • Send stickers and gifts 
  • Do an advanced search to find other members
  • Like other people’s profiles and send winks
  • Message members
  • Block profiles
  • Let's mingle, a feature that lets you send the same introduction message to several members at once

Your profile

The profiles on DateMyAge are detailed enough to make them interesting, but certainly not the eHarmony or EliteSingles kind where you have to spend about an hour filling in personality tests and preference for potential dates. 

You can upload photos, fill in some basic interests and match preferences, and write a little bit about yourself. 

You can also upload videos to your profile. You may have to pay to view other people's videos, but viewing profile photos is free. 

When you first sign up and create a profile, a DateMyAge staff member will verify it. However, they don't verify your ID, just your profile. 

Contacting members

You can like profiles, send smiles, message members, and chat with members when they're online. You can also video chat, which is perfect if you live far away from a potential match or someone you want to get to know better. 

You will also receive offline messages. This means you still get messages when you aren't online, whether via email or app notifications

In addition to messages, you can send emojis and virtual gifts, but you have to pay for the latter.

Should you not enjoy being contacted by someone, you can block them.

We spoke to Rachel New from, who told Age Times: "Messaging before you meet can be useful for checking out some of your deal-breakers and getting a sense of whether the other person is genuine and trustworthy.

"You might want to check that they are definitely single, whether they are looking for something casual, non-exclusive, short-term or long-term, whether they smoke, how physically active they are, and so on. These can all be investigated in light-hearted, indirect ways, such as asking 'When did you last go out for a long walk?', 'How long have you been on this dating site?' and 'What are you looking for in your dating?'

"You can also get a sense of your compatibility with some fun questions like 'Would you rather go to the beach or the jungle for a holiday?' and 'Are you spontaneous or a planner?' If you’re not getting replies to your messages, try one of these kinds of questions as an opening message – something they can’t resist answering!

"Keep the messages short (just one or two sentences) and don’t give everything away. If you get started on an interesting line of conversation, that’s the time to say 'I’d love to explore this further face to face – do you feel ready to meet up yet?' Some people are more cautious than others when it comes to moving to that next stage, so it’s always best to acknowledge that and to keep messaging (or chatting on the phone or by video call) until you’re both ready."


DateMyAge is available on both iOS and Android. It’s free to download, but you will see that there are in-app purchases available.

DateMyAge has an average of four stars from about 500 people on the Apple App Store.

On Google Play, the DateMyAge app also has an average of four stars from over 19,000 people.

Customer support

DateMyAge has a customer care team available via live chat, or you can call or email them. 

Scams and fake profiles

While DateMyAge has previously had issues with reports of fake profiles, the site now manually verifies members, so this should constantly improve.

They also offer an AI-powered screening and moderation system, which also helps keep you safe. 

It would be hard for outside bots to use the site as you sign in using your email address or Google account. However, you might get many messages when just signing up and won't know if they are from bots. 

The apps have great reviews, so hopefully, you won't encounter any fake profiles. However, if you do, you can report them to 


As with most dating sites, joining DateMyAge is free. You can create a profile and search for mature singles near and far. While you can see the messages you receive, you need to sign up to be able to write and send messages yourself. 

DateMyAge is unique in that it requires a membership AND credits to use all its functions. 

When you have a membership, you can use the site perfectly fine, but you can't do things like watch broadcasts (live streams) with other members. For that, you have to buy credits. 

That means that some people aren't a fan of the site, as they dislike having to pay for credits on top of membership fees. 

Subscription renewal

Many people complain about dating sites as they automatically renew your current subscription without asking—you already granted them permission to do so when signing up. Lucky for you, it states on the app in the App Store that DateMyAge doesn't do that. If you sign up using the website rather than the app, make sure you know what you're agreeing to.

Tips for a better dating experience 

You can do and keep in mind several things to ensure you enjoy your dating experience more on DateMyAge.


Everyone signing up for online dating appear frightened of scammers at first. They do exist. They exist at your local bar, too. 

Here are some things to bear in mind: 

  • Don’t hand out your address or work address until meeting someone in person enough times to feel comfortable with them
  • Video chat with someone, or meet up in real life sooner rather than later so you can confirm they look like their photos and are who they claim to be
  • Don't hand out social media handles if you provide personal information on your social platforms 
  • Do not hand out your credit card details - if paying a bill on the first date, keep your card to yourself 
  • Do not offer to pay someone’s bills
  • Meet someone in public in an area with lots of people the first couple of times you meet up

A good rule of thumb is don't do anything you wouldn't do with someone you just met down the pub!

Your profile

Meeting online is not like meeting in real life—you don’t get that good an idea of who someone is from just a photo. That’s why you need more than one photo! More like five or six.

And out of those five or six photos (more if you feel like it), you have to ensure that there's one nice close-up of your face and one nice full body shot. 

Adding photos showing you in social situations and photos of you doing things you love is helpful. People get a glance of your life and what makes you happy. 

Likewise, it helps to fill out that profile. Saying a few things about yourself and filling out your interests helps people determine whether they want to get to know you. 

Remember to state things in the positive on your profile. Mention what you enjoy and what you want, not what you don't enjoy and don't want. For example, say that you believe in faithfulness rather than saying you don't want to date cheaters. 

Real life meetings

The first time you meet someone is just that—a first meeting. It's not really a first date, as you don't know if you have chemistry yet. 

I always suggest you meet someone as soon as possible to gauge whether there is real-life chemistry. Failing that, try video chatting as soon as possible. Even that won't tell you if you'll like someone in real life, but at least it will give you a better idea than a phone call! 

The first time you meet someone, keep it short. Grabbing a coffee is perfect. Framing it up as a quick meeting before you head to the gym, for example, is brilliant. Then if you discover you have nothing to talk about, you aren't sitting through a three-course meal. 

If you meet someone who turns out to be dull as dishwater, challenge yourself to leave them smiling. You won't find love, or even friendship, with everyone, but you can do your best to add something to their lives instead of sitting lamenting they weren't a fit. 

And that's the thing—not everyone will be a fit. Some won't even be entertaining. But then there are those you'll become friends with and others you might fall in love with!

Keep your expectations in check—you’re here to meet people. Just as you join social events to meet people (and don’t give up on those just because you join a dating site), it should be a fun journey of meetings, not a desperate attempt to find love.

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