How many rounds can a man go per night in later life?

Are you concerned about your sexual performance? Is your sexual stamina going down, or do you have erectile dysfunction? The truth is, as we grow older, things change.

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How many rounds can a man go per night in later life?
  • Find out how many rounds older men can go in the bedroom
  • Learn tips for how to improve sexual stamina as a man
  • Figure out how to raise your libido
  • Understand what older women need to enjoy themselves when having sex

Sexual performance: FAQs

  • Can you prevent or cure erectile dysfunction (ED)?

    In short, yes, if the ED is due to:

    • An unhealthy lifestyle
    • An unsatisfactory love life or relationship issues
    • Anxiety

    If there's an underlying medical problem, you should see a doctor to see if a cure is possible, or if viagra is necessary, if you want to keep having intercourse. As it's not required for orgasms, not everyone cares about getting hard.

  • Do all older men have issues “getting it up?”

    No, but as a general rule, it takes more stimulation to get a hard-on when you’re older. It may also not get as hard as it used. You can still have an orgasm though and there are many different ways of stimulating your partner—not just intercourse. 

    This article gives tips for improving sexual health and satisfaction as you age.

  • What can a man do to improve sexual stamina?

    Whether or not you’re up for a second round in the bedroom depends on leading a happy and healthy lifestyle, allowing time for the refractory periodspan, and satisfactory foreplay and sex. But everyone’s individual—not everyone enjoys having sex non-stop the whole night, nor was everyone’s body built for it.

  • What can a woman do to help an older man get turned on and have satisfactory sex?

    If you are looking for tips to help your man enjoy his time in the bedroom, read this article to understand how to support him at large. Then read about what older men (and younger men too!) enjoy in the bedroom.

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Either suddenly one day or over a period of time, you might find you cannot go as many rounds per night as you used to and find yourself wondering how many times the average man ejaculates during a “session.”

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to improve your sexual performance. And if you’re reading this as you’re concerned about your partner, not yourself, there are ways in which you can help him along!

As we grow older, we, generally speaking, engage in sexual activity less often as our hormones calm down. This is true for both men and women. That said, while people might not be as horny as when in their twenties, many couples end up having more time for sex and romance as they age. 

Various studies have found that about 70% of couples between 50 and 80 remain sexually active, but their activity levels vary. For some, the need for sex vanishes with age. For others, it's as present as ever. The important thing is to figure out what works for you and your partner. If you're curious to find out more about the numbers, learn about how many times per week older couples have sex.

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How many rounds can a man go per night when over 50?

This greatly varies depending on genes, lifestyle, overall health, and any medication you take. Whether or not you can go a second round—or more—depends on all the above. Even if your fitness level is the same as in your twenties and you don’t have any health conditions or take meds that affect sexual performance, chances are you will be able to go fewer rounds than you did back then. Thankfully, it's not about how many rounds you go but how much fun you have with your partner.

No matter how healthy you are, getting hard will also take longer, and you might not get as hard as you did when you were younger. But here's an interesting fact—you don’t have to get hard to get an orgasm! And there are plenty of ways to stimulate your partner even if you don't get hard anymore. 

Now, let's look at some things that might dampen your sexual performance and others that will improve sexual stamina and help prevent erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Things that lower sexual stamina

Many things can lower your sexual stamina and cause erectile dysfunction. As a lot of these things are preventable, it helps to understand what they are and how to tackle them. Below you will find some of the leading causes of ED: 

  • Excessive drinking 
  • Use of prohibited recreational drugs
  • Smoking 
  • Eating an unhealthy diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of confidence in the bedroom
  • Various medical conditions
  • Various medications, including anti-depressants 
  • Being in a sexually active relationship and not masturbating—the more we get it on, the more we tend to want to get it on

As you can see, you can combat most of the above with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can also help prevent depression, poor sleep, and reduce your risk of developing many medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer, all of which can cause ED. 

Remember, regularly seeing your GP or a urologist can help you stay on top of your health. If something is wrong, you can catch it early. They can also provide tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, regularly checking your blood glucose and vitamin levels can help ensure you never end up with deficiencies.

If you feel a sudden drop in sexual stamina or go from being sexually active to having no interest in sex, consult your GP to ensure there's no underlying condition causing this.

Things that improve sexual stamina 

After reading about what causes a drop in sexual stamina, it may seem obvious what improves your sexual stamina and help you have more rounds of sex in a night. These tips will also help prevent ED. 

  • Eating a whole foods diet free of processed foods and high in vegetables—possibly eat a multi-vitamin a couple of times per week
  • Exercising for at least twenty minutes per day—alternating between cardio and strength training every other day
  • Spending time outdoors daily and spending a decent amount in nature at least once a week to help improve your physical and mental health 
  • Sleeping well—getting enough sleep on regular hours
  • Leading a happy lifestyle—having an active social life and living on purpose pursuing goals—so as to improve your mental health and prevent depression
  • Minimising stress, meditating, doing relaxation exercises, and partaking in activities that make you destress—be that gardening, golf, sailing, or painting
  • Keeping atop of your sexual health with regular checkups and an active sex life—masturbating if in-between partners if you are single
  • Improving sexual confidence by creating a happy and healthy sex life with your partner
  • Trying exercises to prevent premature ejaculation, if that is an issue for you
  • Letting go of the measuring stick—realising that sexual performance for older men is different than that for younger men and simply enjoying where you’re at in life
  • If you want to go all night, engage in foreplay and take breaks between sessions—ensure you're well-rested, hydrated, and fed before you start a new sex session 

Remember that as we age, the amount of time between sex sessions may need to increase as your refractory period increases. Just like you can no longer party all night without feeling the effects, you need more time to recuperate between sex sessions. And it’s not like the first time you had sex, and everything was sexually stimulating. You need a bit more to get going as you age, so you need to invest in foreplay. And thank god for that—you're less likely to get distracted by every attractive person who crosses your path and ejaculate as soon as someone touches you! That said, about 30% of men still suffer from premature ejaculation later in life due to anxiety or penis centred sex. Remember, there's more to sex than intercourse!

Furthermore, remember that it’s not about how many rounds of sex you have, but how much fun you have and how satisfying it is. 

An alternative view

Matt Valentine-Chase, the London Sex Coach, has a different approach.

He suggests that going 'all in' with the intention of doing as many rounds as possible, could be counterproductive.

Matt told Age Times: "The last thing men need is more pressure to perform.

"Take it really slowly, focus on sensuality rather than physical and sexual performance. Massage, sensual touch, kissing, and blindfold play (where one partner is blindfolded and the other slowly explores their partner's entire body, consensually) can create a powerful connection between partners, taking the pressure off the man. Paradoxically this often results in increased stamina and performance."

Natural viagra—myths and facts

Natural viagra consists of exercise, good food, great sleep habits, minimal stress, and a happy life where you strive to achieve goals and spend plenty of time outdoors. Those are the things that will keep you physically and mentally healthy. The very same things will help keep you sexually active and improve the quality of your sex sessions. 

Anyone trying to sell you a miracle pill is likely lying. That said, there are natural compounds that work to improve blood flow and improve men’s sexual health. There are also natural ways of increasing testosterone, including lifting weights and eating protein. Interestingly, the things mentioned above that will improve your overall mental and physical health can also improve your testosterone levels. 

If you want to find out more about foods that can (sometimes instantly) improve blood flow and other tips for improving your sexual health, read about foods and other things that will help get you hard

Tips for improving your libido and sex life 

Of course, to go several rounds, you need sexual stimulation. You also need to feel desired and appreciated by your partner. Things that can help are: 

  • Following the above instructions for improving your health and sexual stamina—when you feel great, your libido goes up
  • Improving your overall relationship with your partner
  • Creating physical intimacy daily (hugs, holding hands, cuddling, and massages)
  • Together with your partner deciding to compliment each other on what you find attractive, always letting the other know when they do something great in the bedroom, and so forth
  • Setting time aside for date nights and romance
  • Creating buildup before sex—such as sexting or talking about your next date night and what you’ll do at the end of it
  • Engaging in foreplay
  • Discussing with your partner what you both want to try in the bedroom and trying new things together 
  • Engaging in erotic activities, such as watching an erotic movie, reading erotic fantasies, masturbating and so forth—basically flexing your sexual muscle to build up sexual desire

You can read many more tips for how to please a man over 50—tips to get him going—in this article

Things that help improve a woman’s libido 

If your partner is a woman, it helps to know what gets her going, as her being turned on is a pre-requisite for you going many rounds. 

  • Use lube—as women age, hormones can cause their vaginas to become drier, and lube can increase their pleasure and prevent discomfort
  • Improve your emotional bond with her
  • Set the mood before you have sex—create a romantic time—and engage in foreplay
  • Compliment women on things that let them know you desire them, such as their looks—as women age, they often feel less desirable
  • Let them know whenever they do something sexy or pleasurable in the bedroom
  • Discuss what kind of sex positions work best for them
  • Encourage them to do kegel exercises and improve their pelvic floor muscles

You will find more tips on how to reinvigorate your love life in this article

It’s not all about the sex

First of all, it’s important to remember that you can satisfy someone sexually without intercourse. “Getting it up” isn’t a requirement for sex. Oral sex, masturbation, using your hands to stimulate each other, anal stimulation, sex toys, talking dirty, tickling, sexting - none of that requires a hard-on. 

Secondly, physical intimacy is about more than sex. Hand holding. Cuddling. Hugs. Kissing. Massages. All of that is just as important—and enjoyable—as sex. Some people get stuck thinking about sex, but physical intimacy is about so much more. And physical intimacy is just as important as sex. In fact, some people prefer physical intimacy at large to sex.

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