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Granfluencers earning thousands on TikTok

Social media platforms like TikTok are often associated with the younger generation. While youngsters continue to earn the most from their social media activities, data shows that “Granfluencers” with an average age of 84 are also making a mint from their TikTok content.

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Granfluencers earning thousands on TikTok
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The popularity of social media has continued to accelerate in recent years, with a range of new platforms emerging. One of the younger platforms to become a global hit is TikTok, a content platform that younger generations have embraced. 

Influencers who upload video content on TikTok can earn vast amounts from advertising deals and branding. However, it seems that the older generation is keen to join in the fun, which has spawned the birth of “Granfluencers,” some of whom are making vast amounts of money, and far more than the average pension.

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Millions of followers

Data shows that the average age of the top five TikTok influencers is 18. Collectively, their annual earnings are estimated at a staggering £11 million. Charli D’Amelio is 17 and earns close to £6 million a year, making him one of TikTok’s biggest stars.

However, Granfluencers are now making their mark in the world of TikTok. Despite having an average age of 84, the top five Granfluencers on TikTok earn a fortune; some have millions of followers who love their content. Collectively, the top five earn over £300,000 a year!

Joe Allington, aged 88, is TikTok’s leading Granfluencer. He has more than four million followers and earns close to £135,000 a year. This is nearly 800% higher than the average annual pension income!

Another leading Granfluencer on the platform is Charles Mallet, 85. He has nearly five million followers and earns more than £108,000 annually, more than 630% above the average annual pension income.

Lili Hayes, 73, Lillian Droniak, 91, and Dolly Broadway, 87, make up the remainder of the top five Granfluencers. With millions of followers between them, they are raking in thousands of pounds a year and making way more than the average pension.

Embracing the digital world

Of course, there is a considerable difference between the ages and earnings of the two influencer groups on TikTok. Younger influencers are more likely to strike huge deals with brands, giving them the chance to make millions. 

However, this data shows that the older generation is also embracing modern technology, and brands are starting to realise that Granfluencers could be hugely beneficial in advertising their brands. As a result, older TikTok influencers are beginning to make their mark in the world of social media.

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