Is Older Dating Online a good dating site?

Is Older Dating Online a site worth checking out? Or should you stay clear of it? Learn about Older Dating Online’s features to help decide if it’s a good dating site to help you find love.

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Is Older Dating Online a good dating site?
  • Older Dating Online is a dating site for people over 40 who are usually looking for a long-term partner
  • Find out about the features you will encounter if you use Older Dating Online
  • Discover whether Older Dating Online is a dating site that will help you find love


  • Are there many success stories from Older Dating Online?

    They are not offering up any themselves, so if there are success stories, they can’t be found online.

  • Is Older Dating Online a matchmaking site?

    No, it’s a dating site. You use search criteria to do your own matchmaking, looking for your matches yourself by entering things like location and your desired age range.

  • Does Older Dating Online offer a personality test?

    No, you complete a basic questionnaire to set up your dating profile.

  • Does Older Dating Online offer a compatibility sheet for matches?


  • Is Older Dating Online a good site when looking for a serious relationship?

    Yes, it's a site for people looking for relationships and more serious dating instead of casual encounters. That said, no dating site will entirely exclude one or the other.

  • Is Older Dating Online available as a dating app?


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Older Dating Online is what we can only describe as a simple dating site. They don’t have some magical algorithm to connect you with your soulmate. Instead, you find your next first date by searching for nearby members, using very few search criteria.

Compared to sites like Zoosk, eHarmony, and other online dating sites, this may sound like a bit of a joke. But, on the other hand, it's not like Tinder has some magical soulmate algorithm, either. And how many people found each other that way?!

To join the site, you create a simple profile. This is free, so you can look around to see if there are potential partners in your age range with whom you'd like to connect with before you pay anything.

The site is specifically for people aged 40 and over.

Whether you're looking for love, companionship, or even something casual, our selection of dating sites has something for everyone. Find what you're looking for with Age Times!


There aren’t that many features on Older Dating Online. This may be good if you're a proud self-identifying Luddite! Let's face it; books are better when you can hold a book in your hand, a phone call is much better than a text message, and don't get me started on traditional letters received in real life compared to texts.

That said, more people are in the online dating pool than down your local pub, which is why one of the top tips from dating experts is to go online to find love. And older adults do it all the time. Gone are the days when online dating was exclusively for those under 30.

Besides, you can look for love online while sitting in your pyjamas sipping tea. Or while sitting in the garden with a glass of wine.

I always like to point out that going online for dating for any age group can be a marvellous adventure. It may take some time to get the hang of it, though. As such, sites like Older Dating Online, which only offer simple features like sending a like, or messaging others, are sometimes a more accessible starting point.

Is Older Dating a big dating site for mature singles?

Older Dating Online is not among the bigger dating websites out there. However, it belongs to a network of dating sites owned by Venntro Media, which cross-populates its websites. So, if you fit the search criteria another member uses on one of their other sites, they can find your profile.

Now, this is great if you want to be discovered, but it’s not so cool that you don’t know who can view your profile. It could be shown on dating sites you have no interest in belonging to. However, it’s all within the Venntro Media dating network, so you don't have to be scared about being seen on third-party sites.

Always read the privacy policy before signing up.

Is Older Dating a safe dating site to use?

Among the dating advice you find online, there'll be plenty of posts about safety, and there's a reason for that. Unfortunately, not all dating sites are safe. But is Older Dating Online a safe dating platform?

Well, if you look at reviews, some people are unhappy with Venntro Media as they’ve had issues terminating memberships.

On the other hand, Venntro Media has offices in London, and you can call them and speak with them, which is more than you can say for many dating sites.

In addition, Venntro Media is a trusted service provider in the online dating industry. They provide various tools and apps for thousands of dating sites. However, that doesn't mean they offer excellent customer service for their own sites.

On the other hand, being a big name in the dating industry means that Venntro Media won't try to scam you or have flimsy security on its site.

That said, scammers are everywhere and sometimes use online dating sites to find victims. So if someone asks for credit card details, your home address, or even your work address, don't tell them. Don't even give them your social media handles if you share anything there that you wouldn't in your dating profile.

Meet people in real life a good couple of times before you share any personal data. And get on a video call as soon as possible to establish that someone is who they say they are. You don't want to discover that Prince Charming has three double chins instead of one. 

I jest, but it's essential to see the real deal sooner rather than later. Double chins are one thing; finding out the love of your life has no resemblance to their dating profile at all is another. 

Always read the privacy, payment, and membership policies and online reviews before using a dating site. Of course, not everyone will be happy, but if many people complain, it's a red flag.

Is Older Dating Online a free dating service?

You can set up your profile for free and look for matches, but you can’t communicate with others properly without a full membership. So it’s not a free dating site like Tinder or Bumble where you can use the site properly with a basic membership (and only pay extra for special features).

In short, you have to pay to use the site in full, but it's free today to join and search for potential matches to see if it’s worth paying for a membership. Check their pricing to find out what it costs, as it can go up or down at any time.

The verdict—choosing a dating site that works for you

Online dating can feel a bit overwhelming at first, but there are plenty of senior dating sites and sites for mature dating that are great to use. Of course, there are also regular dating sites that cover all ages. So which site to pick? Should you join Older Dating Online?

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t recommend it as a top dating site. Sites like eHarmony, Bumble, OurTime, SilverSingles, SeniorMatch, and many other dating apps offer better features and a bigger dating pool than Older Dating Online.

That said, daters on Older Dating Online may not be on other senior singles sites or popular sites that cover all ages, like Tinder. So while I wouldn’t recommend using Older Dating Online as your only source for online dating, it doesn’t hurt to join the site and have a look around. You don’t have to go for a paid membership unless you see members you would like to connect with.

We spoke to Dating Coach and Matchmaker Abi Blears, who told Age Times: "What I would say is that if a person feels drawn to using a particular app then give it a shot for a limited time only and commit to daily use for that period. Where possible try out the free version and if you're enjoying it or like the type of profiles that are coming up for you then consider signing up for a paid membership. Every app will have its pros and cons and it's about exploring what works best for you.

"Sometimes the issue is not the app itself but how a person is using it. A few quick tips for getting the most out of any dating app include:

  1. Having a very strong profile with clear, up-to-date, flattering, but not overly edited, photos
  2. Only using the apps when you're in a good headspace and dedicating a small amount of time each day to your search
  3. Being sure to move off the app and on to a date sooner rather than later but be sure that you meet in public and tell someone where you're meeting someone new. If in ANY doubt have a video or phone call first
  4. Read the whole of a profile before making a decision about communicating with someone, rather than basing the majority of your decision on the photos alone
  5. See online dating as a tool to get connected with more people, not as the only thing you're doing to meet someone new. If online dating were a meal, it's a side dish, an accompaniment, not the only thing you're doing. This should help a you not to get too sucked into the outcomes of online dating alone and feel disheartened if things start out a little bit slow.

"There's a whole world out there full of single people of all ages and there are many other ways to still meet people offline."

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