Seventies Connect—how to get the most out of the dating site

Online dating is a jungle, but as the story goes—there are ways and means to stay alive in the jungle! You can even learn how to thrive, and there are plenty of dating adventures to be had. So let’s look at the dating site Seventies Connect and learn how to best navigate it.

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Seventies Connect—how to get the most out of the dating site
  • Seventies Connect is a small niche UK dating website
  • It’s simple to use and great if you want to avoid the bells and whistles typical of modern dating sites
  • Find out if Seventies Connect is the dating site for you

Seventies Connect: FAQs

  • Is Seventies Connect a legit site?

    Indeed it is! It’s owned by Venntro Media Group, which provides services for thousands of dating sites.

  • Is Seventies Connect a large site?

    No, it is not. However, it’s connected to a network of sites owned by Venntro Media, so they reserve the right to match you with other members using their sites that fit what you’re looking for. That increases the chances of you meeting someone that’s right for you.

  • Do you have to be at least 70 to use Seventies Connect?

    No, one member on their login page was 59 when we had a browse.

  • Is Seventies Connect a free dating site?

    No. While you can sign up for free, you need to pay to unlock some features. It's not like Bumble or Tinder, which are free, albeit with premium account options.

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Seventies Connect is one of the smaller dating sites in the UK. It’s a pretty simplistic site—you upload a profile, fill in some information, and search for potential partners near you (by putting in your postcode).

The site offers no bells and whistles, but it works, and sometimes that’s more important than the bells and whistles.

Seventies Connect claims it reviews all personal ads (personal profiles) to lessen the risk of scammers and spammers.

The site is operated by Venntro Media Group, a big name in dating services.

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Seventies Connect is a small dating site created by Venntro Media using their White Label dating platform, and it's connected to other websites in their network. Unfortunately, those online dating sites aren't listed beyond a select few, which include: 

  • Smooch
  • Smooch Live
  • Dating Agency
  • The Intro
  • Just Singles 

This means that someone signed into another of their dating sites might discover your profile as a potential match. Venntro Media does this to expand the dating pool. And as the other sites aren't listed, you don't know what sites on their list may be featuring your profile.

Overall, though, I don't think you're going to have your data sold for peanuts and their payment system is used by lots of dating sites so appears solid, but who sees your profile is another question altogether.

Does Seventies Connect pose any risks?

Venntro Media is a massive and largely trusted name in the online dating industry, providing services like online payment and chatting tools for thousands of dating sites. But working with them as a service provider differs from using dating sites they manage. They can be good at one thing and not so great at another.

I say this because some of Venntro Media's sites don't have the best reputation and some folks report issues when trying to cancel their memberships. Customer service reviews for smaller dating sites are often not as good as for more prominent sites. 

That said, they provide a contact number, and it seems real people will take your call. That alone is a good thing. If you have any questions or concerns, you may want to call that number before joining Seventies Connect or another of their sites.

Do your own research and always read the reviews before deciding to join any dating site.

Is Seventies Connect for you?

If you're looking to browse through a large membership base to find people with similar interests, Seventies Connect isn't the site for you. It has few members, and your primary search tool is other members' locations.

Likewise, you've come to the wrong place if you're looking for bells and whistles like cool matching algorithms, online video calling, and fun matching games.

On the other hand, if you're looking for new relationships—friends or lovers or both—then it's a site you can join to check if there's anyone nearby to meet for a cup of tea or coffee.

In an age where social media can be overwhelming, this site for over 70s is straightforward to use and unlikely to overwhelm you.

What do I think? I think that the wider your net, the more fish you'll catch, so if you're serious about online dating, I'd put up a profile here. It's the same information you'll put on any other dating site, so you'll have the information prepared. On the other hand, I wouldn't spend much time and effort on this site as you're unlikely to form many new relationships here.

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